Broadmoor Hospital: Inside a Victorian 'lunatic asylum'

It is 150 years since Broadmoor Hospital opened its doors to patients of both sexes who were deemed mentally unfit to be tried in criminal courts. Now a new hospital is being built next door, with plans to redevelop some of the original Victorian buildings.

Take a look back at what life in the Berkshire hospital used to be like - and see what the future holds - with archivist Mark Stevens the author of Broadmoor Revealed, and Broadmoor's clinical director Dr Kevin Murray.

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Copyrighted images courtesy West London Mental Health NHS Trust, Berkshire Record Office, Wellcome Trust, Wellington College and Getty Images.

Music by KPM Music. Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 28 February 2014.


West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Berkshire Record Office

Wellcome Trust

Asylum's demolition marks end of era

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