NaNoWriMo extract: Her Temporary Boss

Every November, writers around the world take part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), in which they are expected to write 50,000 words in just 30 days.

The BBC News Magazine is publishing extracts from participants. Here is an unedited excerpt from Laura Roozendaal's Prologue for Her Temporary Boss.

Luca Barcenas stood looking at the woman currently sleeping in his bed. This wasn't an unusual occurrence in itself but this time the woman was his best friend's wife.

Kirsty had turned up at his Central London apartment two hours ago, completely hysterical and mumbling about her husband Jared leaving her for some hussy. Apparently she had found dirty emails and texts from one Amelia Harrowby on her husband's phone. Kirsty had fallen asleep on his couch after begging for his help.

Watching the woman sleep now, Luca vowed to get rid of this woman. Kirsty was the best thing that had ever happened to Jared and Luca would not allow their marriage to been thrown away like rubbish.

He and Jared had been firm friends since they had met at boarding school. Jared had supported for him during the founding of his business and his disastrous marriage. Now it was Luca's turn to be there for Jared.

Thumbing through his phone, Luca found the number of his brother, a private investigator and security specialist that his company had used many times.

"Marco, come estas?" Luca went through the required pleasantries before coming to the point. "I need your help with a delicate matter. I need to know everything you can find on a Amelia Harrowby. All I have is the name but I know she has been in contact with Jared for some time. That should help narrow down your search."

"What's wrong, Luca. Don't tell me you've actually found a woman who can resist your abundant charms? Has the world stopped spinning? Have pigs started to fly?"

"When has a woman ever been able to resist the Barcenas charm? No, Jared has got himself into a bit of trouble and I'm helping him out."

Two days later, Luca looked at the file his brother had emailed him. Amelia Harrowby was of average height and weight, with curly brown hair and brown eyes. Pretty enough, he supposed, but not the type he went for and she certainly didn't look like the type who could break up a marriage.

Reading through the rest of the information, he noted that her parents were both in their mid-50s, and had recently moved to a farm in the Australian outback after 30 years of suburban living.

A young Amelia had grown up in a Melbourne suburb, attending an exclusive all-girls school before going on to study at the University of Melbourne. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, she had worked in various minor-level jobs before moving to London three years ago. Since then she had survived by temping for various agencies and travelling around Europe in her spare time.

Luca smirked. Obviously she had seen Jared's money and thought she had won the lottery. Her luck was over.

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