What's the best post-war building?

There are about half a million listed buildings in England - but only a tiny fraction were built since 1945. Normally, a building has to be 30 years old to be considered for listing and it was actually 1987 before the first post-war building gained protection.

From large public buildings to sprawling private homes of concrete and glass, English Heritage is celebrating post-war era architecture with its exhibition Brutal and Beautiful: Saving the 20th Century. Take a look at some of the striking images featured, with curator Elain Harwood.

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Brutal and Beautiful: Saving the 20th Century is open until 24 November 2013 at Wellington Arch in central London.

Photography by James O Davies. All images copyright James O Davies/English Heritage. Archive images courtesy Getty Images.

Music by Cream, Thunderclap Newman and KPM Music.

Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 28 October 2013.


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