7 questions on the cost of living


Asked how much a budget loaf of white bread cost at Tesco or Sainsbury's, Prime Minister David Cameron guessed at "well north of a pound". When told it was around 47p, he said he preferred to make his own with a breadmaker. How much do you know about everyday items?


1.) Multiple Choice Question

How much is the average price of an 800g sliced loaf of white bread, according to the Office for National Statistics?

White sliced bread
  1. 99p
  2. 1.31
  3. 1.62

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Knowing the price of milk is a classic measure of being in touch with reality. How much is a pint of pasteurised milk, according to the ONS?

Chimp drinking milk
  1. 46p
  2. 58p
  3. 75p

3.) Multiple Choice Question

You want to paint your room in a standard white - nothing fancy. How much would you pay for a 2.5-litre tin of B&Q brilliant white, matt emulsion?

White room
  1. 9.85
  2. 13.98
  3. 16.20

4.) Multiple Choice Question

If you were buying a kilo of onions, carrots, tomatoes and mushrooms, which would cost you the most?

  1. Onions
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Mushrooms
  4. Carrots

5.) Multiple Choice Question

What is the maximum a test centre can charge for a car (up to 8 passenger seats) MoT?

  1. 54.85
  2. 86.90
  3. There is no maximum

6.) Multiple Choice Question

You are feeling a bit under the weather and you need some ibuprofen from the supermarket. How much, on average, would you expect to pay for a generic box of 16 tablets (of 200mg).

  1. 29p
  2. 79p
  3. 1.04

7.) Multiple Choice Question

How much is an average pint of draught lager, according to the ONS's September figures?

  1. 2.58
  2. 2.87
  3. 3.09


  1. It's 1.31, according to figures for 2013. Some supermarkets stock budget brands which come in much cheaper, but this is not considered average.
  2. It's 46p. The ONS figures quote 75p as the top of the price range within which 80% of the prices fell.
  3. It's 13.98 for the retailer's range for "everyday living".
  4. It's mushrooms - at an average of 3.04 per kg, according to the ONS. Onions are an average of 93p, while carrots were 92p. Tomatoes were the second most expensive at 2.09.
  5. It's 54.85 - the same for an ambulance, taxi and caravan. This is set by the government.
  6. It's 29p.
  7. It's 2.87.

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