Stirling Prize: Renovated castle tops the vote

Readers voted for their favourite of the six buildings shortlisted for this year's Riba Stirling Prize architecture award - and the results are in.

Riba Stirling Prize
  • Awarded by Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Architects must be Riba members to be in the running, and the building anywhere in the EU
  • In partnership with Riba, BBC News is running an online vote and a series of features on the shortlisted buildings

On Thursday, judges will announce the winner of the Riba Stirling Prize for architecture.

Of the six shortlisted buildings, 27% of readers who voted said Astley Castle in Warwickshire was their favourite. More than 65,000 votes were received.

In second place, with 25% of votes cast, was the Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre in County Antrim.

Working in partnership with the Royal Institute for British Architects (Riba) for this year's awards, BBC News has cast a close eye on the half-dozen buildings shortlisted for the Riba Stirling Prize 2013. We have visited all of them, spoken to the architects, the clients, critics and the people who use them, to understand what makes the buildings worthy of being nominated for the prize.

Find out more about each, using the links below:

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