Class calculator: How people feel about class

Stately home, whippet, stovetop coffee

There are now seven social groupings in the UK, the BBC's Great British Class Survey suggests. What has the reaction been from those who are no longer upper, middle or working class?

The Elite

Most privileged group set apart from other classes because of wealth, highest scoring economically, socially and culturally.

"My dad is wearing an old fleece and reading war gaming magazines - how on earth he got 'elite' on the Great British class calculator baffles me." - ‏@LoveeeAJ

"Elite, of course. I'm on Twitter, in Jersey and have red shoes." - @marcuswquinn

"I'm elite. I think it's mainly due to Mrs Social Contacts lifting my rating and her making me join the National Trust." - @Bloke_On_A_Bike

"According to the class calculator I am elite: according to my self-image I am precariat." - @BryanAppleyard

"I'm a member of the elite. The country's properly gubbed if that's the case. I can't even spell cavyar." - ‏@Dr_S_Davidson

Established middle class

Largest class group and second wealthiest, also score high culturally and socially.

"My grandparents were Polish peasants. I'm established middle class. At this rate, my grandchildren will be aristocrats." - @iandstone

"Disappointed they didn't ask me if I owned a whippet. Apparently I'm established middle class." - @richard_horton

"It must've been the hummus-eating that made me established middle class." - @titian_kim

"I am established middle class. Mate, I went to Asda today and couldn't even afford Pringles." - @_chaim

"I'm uneasy about taking this class calculator. If I'm middle class, I'll fill a 4x4 with organic pesto and drown myself." - @SoofiyaC

"Had they asked me whether or not I grind my own coffee, which I do, I might've been established middle class." - @realsociology

Technical middle class

Small, distinct group that aren't so social but have money and are into emerging culture like gaming, the internet and rock music.

"How can I be technical middle class, BBC, when I use 'winter' as a verb?" - @NickCohen4

"Apparently I am technical middle class. Average age 52. Note to self: must go to more gigs." - @davemccourt

"I'm technical middle class, which means I shop at Waitrose but then feel guilty." - @C_Littlebug

"According to the new classifications I am technical middle class which is hilarious given I can't wire a plug or change a tyre." - @Labourpaul

"I'm technical middle class - means I can afford wine but seldom leave the house." - @ClaireAgutter

New affluent workers

A young group that is socially and culturally active with middling levels of income.

"I'm one of the new affluent workers apparently. Affluent? I have to buy Tesco value pants!" - @mrstevenallen

"I'm a new affluent worker. I think they're technically hipper than I am, but I'll take it." - @hiitskendra

"New affluent worker cus I likes some kulcha but I own a house, I guess." - @ClareSaxon

"Not sure how to make tiny pension cover cost of latest heating oil bill, but am new affluent worker. Apparently." - @60goingon16

"Wish my bank balance knew I was affluent!" - @LondonMousie

Traditional working class

Score low economically, socially and culturally but have reasonably high house values and oldest average age.

"I'm traditional working class? Quite surprised. They should have asked about veg box deliveries." - @caffyrelf

"I am traditional working class. Probably because I didn't tick 'theatre'." - @alexklaushofer

"Changing my income from pre- to post-pension changes me from elite to traditional working class." - @sushilVelu

"Despite being public school and Oxford, I scored as traditional working class. Diamond geezer too?" - @harpervic

Emergent service workers

New, young, urban group who don't have much money but are very social and cultural - they "live for today"

"'Emergent service workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains' doesn't have the same ring to it." - @Lacky89

"It's time to get some new friends, not just postal workers and farmers." - @samsbit

"I'm in the emergent service workers group, which could translate as 'living at home with the parents'." - @PaulGConstable

"Emergent service workers is basically code for 'urban keyboard slave', isn't it?" - @WillardFoxton

"The class calculator says I'm an emergent service worker; which is a polite way of saying 'lives beyond his means'?" - @ShirazMaher


Poorest, most deprived class who score low economically, socially and culturally

"The man in my office canteen just cut my sandwich into squares. Does he think I'm a ruddy precariat or something?" - @WillPitman

"Going by my parents' household, I'm elite. By myself as a student, I'm precariat. Might just live at home forever then." - @jackrjthompson

"I'm a precariat. This is what you get for don't know how to socialise." - @Jimmy_Campo

"After 49 years I've managed to reach precariat. How chuffed am I." - @nicholaseley

" Came out as precariat, despite going to the theatre. Let nobody tell you culture is elitist." - @Groucholiz

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