Food photos: How to do it properly


When presented with a beautiful plate of food in a restaurant, it seems a growing number of people share the same, irresistible urge: to take a photo of it, and post it online.

So popular is this trend to photograph your food, some restaurants in New York are said to be enforcing a camera ban.

But if you are going to do it, you might as well do it properly.

Here, professional restaurant and food photographer Paul Winch-Furness gives us his top five tips, in video, for taking photos of food.

Tip one

media captionTip 1: Setting up

Tip two

media captionAmbience is all...

Tip three

media captionTip 3: Styling

Tip four

media captionTip 4: Composition

Tip five

media captionTip 5: Post production

Do you take photos of your food? Send us your best, or worst, shots. A selection will be published later.


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