Royal Wootton Bassett and the fallen


The coffins of 355 fallen military personnel passed through Wootton Bassett between spring 2007 and summer 2011. Close to RAF Lyneham where the bodies were repatriated, the High Street became a focal point for families and friends of the deceased.

The town has since been renamed Royal Wootton Bassett, in recognition of the respect and support it gave to the lost military personnel and their families.

As one of the guest editors of BBC Radio 4's Today programme, comedian Al Murray went to Wiltshire to meet some of those who played a part in the repatriation ceremonies - including 96-year-old Ken Scott.

The former Desert Rat collected dozens of the personal tributes left by service families. He says the moving scenes he witnessed in his town have left a lasting impression on how he views war.

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