Tweets of the week: Obama gifts and Guy Fieri

An FBI agent removes a computer from Paula Broadwell's home (left), chef Guy Fieri (upper right), a box of Twinkies (bottom right)
Image caption An FBI agent removes a computer from Paula Broadwell's home (left), chef Guy Fieri (upper right), a box of Twinkies (bottom right)

For the week ending 16 November, here's a look at the news making waves in the US, condensed into 10 tweets - some more serious than others.

1. Applebee's says they won't build more restaurants because of the Affordable Care Act. Clearly we should have passed that thing years ago.

Baseball writer Keith Law (@keithlaw). Applebee's is one of many companies saying they'll cut employee hours, raise prices, or stop expanding due to provisions in "Obamacare". The new law requires that companies with more than 50 employees provide health insurance to those working over 30 hours a week.

2. Big debate over if Obama has mandate. If only there was a process where every citizen weighed in on his platform and results were tallied.

Internet humourist pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee) reflects on America's electoral process.

3. Well the good news is, if anyone's still looking to secede from the union, it looks like some generals are available for your army.

Mother Jones engagement editor Adam Weinstein (@AdamWeinstein). In the wake of Barack Obama's election, people in several states started secessions petitions. At the same time the Petraeus sex scandal cast doubt on the fitness of current and formal generals.

4. Once you unskew the polls, it's clear that Hu Jintao will be reelected on the strength of the white working class in Xinjiang.

Slate writer Matt Yglesias (@MattYglesias) applies the logic of American political pundits to China's resent transfer of power.

5. The real victim in this scandal: The sterling reputation of central Florida.

Slate writer David Weigel (@daveweigel) reflects on the fate of Tampa. The city at the centre of the Petraeus scandal was once known for strip clubs, humidity, soulless architecture and crowded theme parks.

6. Would be awesome if the FBI started offering suggestions based on your email. "Be nicer to your Mom, she really does love you - the FBI"

Matt Stoller (@MatthewStoller), a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, suggests a way to allay fears - brought on by the Petraeus affair - that the the FBI can too easily read private emails.

7. Area teenager insists there's an "ongoing investigation" into why she smelled like a pack of Salems when she came home Friday.

Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer), an editor-at-large of the website Hot Air, isn't impressed by President Barack Obama's description of an "ongoing investigation" into the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead.

8. Bet Romney hates Santa Claus. That guy gives gifts to *everybody*.

Bloomberg writer Joshua Green (@joshuagreen). In a call to donors, Mitt Romney said he lost the presidential election because Barack Obama gave "gifts," like health care, to young and minority voters.

9. I certainly don't enjoy Guy Fieri myself, but when you take your heavy artillery to his Barrel Of Fish restaurant, I feel a bit cheapened.

NPR blogger Linda Holms (@nprmonkeysee). The New York Times posted a scathing review of celebrity chef Fieri's restaurant, which instantly went viral.

10. What the hell IS a Twinkie?

Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) can't understand American consternation over the possible death of the Twinkie. Hostess Brands, which makes Twinkie, shut down this week.

Some tweets have been edited for clarity and style.