Tweets of the week: Is Frankenstorm the real October Surprise?

Lena Dunham, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
Image caption Lena Dunham, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

For the week ending 26 October, here is the news making waves in the US - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. Hey girl, fun fact: "Horses and bayonets" is also the nickname I've given my pecs. (Bayonets is slightly bigger.)

The parody account Paul Ryan Gosling (@PaulRyanGossing) which pokes fun at the Republican vice-presidential nominee, uses Obama's most memorable line from the final debate to draw attention to Ryan's impressive physique.

2. Gallup is trying to teach a valuable lesson. The power to freak out every day was in YOU, all along.

Slate's Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) after the daily Gallup polls, usually released online at 1pm EST, were late, resulting in what could only be described as a group meltdown on Twitter.

3. I literally pose half naked for a living and you are still the biggest attention whore I know

Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen) to real estate mogul Donald Trump. Trump promised to announce a big "October Surprise" via Twitter, but it turned out instead to be a request for Obama to release his educational records and passport applications. In exchange, Trump would give the charity of Obama's choice $5m.

4. The iPad Mini will totally change the way you think about completely unnecessary devices.

New Yorker humorist Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport) after Apple announced a new, smaller iPad.

5.Gallup made 5 point swing toward POTUS post debate. If people are this fickle, I don't want them picking my ice cream, let alone president.

Twitter user Solomon Alexander (@RealBigSol) has whiplash from all the back and forth in the presidential opinion polls.

6. Caring about Ohio is exhausting, I don't see how Ohioans do it.

Twitter humorist (@pourmecoffee). All eyes are on the Buckeye state as a potential lynchpin for securing the presidency.

7. Should We Be Worried About Women Attracting Bears to Polling Stations?

Atlantic Wire writer Richard Lawson (@rilaws), after CNN reported on a study indicating that women's votes may be influenced by hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle.

8. Voting for Barack Obama is a lot like having sex. I try not to think about Joe Biden when I do it.

Gawker writer Adrian Chen (@adrianchen). The Obama campaign released a much-ridiculed ad featuring actress Lena Dunham, who spoke about "her first time" in a voting booth.

9. For one deer in Iowa tonight, there was an October surprise. A terrible October surprise. The last October surprise.

Twitter user last Badasstion(@lastbadasstion) Earlier that night, Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted about striking and killing a deer while driving through Iowa.

10. To sum up, the election is consumed w/ racism and sexual panic, horrific crimes are sweeping the city, and a storm is coming to kill us all.

Lawyer "Southpaw" (@nycsouthpaw) reacts to the week's news, which aside from the election included a New York City police officer arrested for planning to cook and eat women, a nanny arrested for stabbing two of her charges to death, and the emergence of "Frankenstorm", a potentially billion-dollar weather event set to hit the east coast. Happy weekend, America!

Some tweets have been edited for clarity