Readers' best passive-aggressive wi-fi names

Surveillance wifi: MI5 Surveillance Van, Police Surveillance Van, DSS_surveillance_vehicle
Image caption This joke came in many guises

A recent feature on the rise of passive-aggressive wi-fi names prompted a huge response from readers.

This week, the Magazine asked why some wireless internet users have been setting their network names to send snide messages to their neighbours. Examples sent by readers indicate just how imaginative some people can be, and just how similar sentiments can be re-used in different ways.

Here are a few of them.

My friend Lola from Waddinxveen in The Netherlands is an ex US marine and finds it funny to scare her friends down her street with Surveillance Van #2. She says there is a lot of curtain twitching since she renamed her wi-fi - understandably. Nicholas Webster, Dorchester

I've seen this network name at two different apartments I've lived at, definitely my personal favourite: F.B.I. Surveillance Van.Jacob Bernal

Until recently, our wi-fi connection showed up as PoliceSurveillanceVan, as we thought it would put the wind up the students next door. Now we go by Eric and Ernie - my husband being the one with the short, fat, hairy legs. Rachael Christie, Liverpool

My router used to be called M15 surveillance van #42, but now to annoy my 14-year-old, manufactured boy-band loving daughter, it's called One Direction Are Rubbish. Having it emblazoned on her wi-fi enabled Blackberry is my little payback for agreeing to take her to see 1D next year. Ed Partridge

Image caption Many made a religious comment

I got fed up with seeing my neighbour's religious network name, so I went to the dark side with mine.... (but Satan rules the Earth - above.)Julian Charles Roberts

Passive-aggressive wi-fi: You Can Be Good Without God.Beth Elderkin, Kerrville, Texas

When I was flying to St Lucia from Gatwick in July on British Airways flight 2159, there was a serious delay on the flight departure. I picked up my iPhone to check my e-mail and found that someone had set up the following mobile wifi network: FlightBA2159BombAlert, which was clearly designed to make other people waiting for the flight very uncomfortable indeed. I'm not sure that even counts as passive... Rachel Jardine

I think the best passive aggressive network name in our area of rural East Yorkshire is GerOffMyLAN! Tom Taylor, East Yorkshire

Get off my LAN said in a Gloucestershire accent sounds like get off my land. A great passive aggressive wi-fi name. Andrew McConnochie, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The best one we came across was a neighbour's Get orf my LAN. It's great said in a West Country farmer's accent. Mark Campodonic, West Country

Last week I was at work in the west of Edinburgh near Dalry Road when my laptop picked up a secured private wi-fi network named Jim Morrisons crazy nipple. This was weird, but weirder still because I first saw this as a wi-fi name when searching my friend's address on Forest Road, central Edinburgh in around 2001. Are there lots of crazy nipples? Is it some pop culture reference that I am not aware of? We should be informed. Dr B Ward, Edinburgh

Recently, after a particularly acrimonious exchange with her neighbour over loud music at night, my friend had her own passive-aggressive wi-fi moment - renaming her network, The Arsonist Upstairs. Calum McGregor

I set my wi-fi to Hack this if you can. In the morning it was called Challenge Accepted. Joe Thomson

My housemate never paid for the wireless, so instead of cutting her off from the network I simply changed the firewall setting to stop her accessing Facebook. She complained about it a lot but I showed her mine worked fine. You can't get any more passive aggressive than that. Never upset IT support technicians. Martin Davies

I have to say, I am guilty of using a passive aggressive wi-fi name. Some new neighbours moved in, and I pretty soon caught on that they were smoking weed on the balcony. So I changed my wi-fi to Drugs Suv Van. About a week later, my new neighbours, a bit twitchy knock on my door asking if I've seen a suspicious van watching the building. They soon stopped smoking on the balcony. Michelle, Worthing

I've noticed the snarky network names popping up more and more as the years go by. The first (and most clever) network title I ever witnessed stated quite simply: Youwillgoblind. Still makes me chuckle when I turn tricks for wi-fi on the road. Mathieu Horula

The wi-fi network that our neighbours have is ObiWanKenobi and the signal is the strongest within our surrounding. Arturas Gudavicius

My home network is called I hate the people next door and I also have a wi-fi repeater that I turn on and off as I need it called TV Licence Detector. I have heard twice in my local post office when I have been waiting to be served, that the TV licence van was in the village again last night. It makes me chuckle but I bet everyone in range has a licence. I should be on commission. Craig Messenger

Image caption They range from the very aggressive, to the friendly

HiDeHoNeighbour (above). This is my wi-fi name. It's a greeting used by Tim Allen (Tim the toolman Taylor) in Home Improvement to his Neighbour (Wilson). I thought Hi De Ho Neighbour was better than the boring offerings by all around me. Nick Miles

How about oi get out? not sure if it's secured or not but it does make me laugh in there among the terribly mundane names…my own included. No idea whose network it is. Zena H Fisher, Norfolk

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