News tweets: Presidential debate edition

Mitt Romney, Big Bird and Barack Obama
Image caption Big Bird was unwillingly drawn into the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

This week, we bring you 10 tweets about the first presidential debate, which happened on 3 October in Denver, Colorado.

1. In the veddy scary "mystery round," Obama and Romney pick questions out of a plastic Halloween pumpkin while crypt music plays.

Vanity Fair writer James Wolcott (@JamesWolcott) predicted an October surprise at the first presidential debate.

2. The customary 20th anniversary gift is an awkward evening with Mitt Romney #debates

Washington Post writer Alexandra Petri (@petridishes) reflects on the fact that Michelle and Barack Obama's anniversary fell on the day of the first presidential debate.

3. New proposal: we cut PBS funding by exactly Jim Lehrer's salary. #sorry #hesdoingreallybad

Managing editor at Raw Story Kay Steiger (‏@kaysteiger). Mitt Romney proposed to cut PBS funding on the same night PBS news anchor Jim Lehrer turned in a much-criticised performance as debate moderator.

4. I like Debate Romney way better than Platform Romney.

Daily Beast/Newsweek contributor David Frum (@davidfrum) is impressed with the switch between Mitt Romney's previously stated positions and the ones he brought to the debate.

5. This was probably an example of how having a bunch of loudmouth celebrities on Twitter didn't help Obama much

Engage LLC CEO Patrick Ruffini (@patrickruffini) points out a fatal flaw in Obama's debate strategy.

6. Still wondering which presidential candidate is going to offer the best plan to correct the longtime Ryder Cup national crisis.

Golf Channel writer Jason Sobel. (@Jason Sobel) The US lost the Ryder Cup after a strong come-from-behind performance by Europe.

7. At least Big Bird is articulate and sings well. Cookie Monster's going to have a hell of a time finding work in this economy.

Washington Post Reporter Brady Dennis (@bradydennis) after Mitt Romney said he would cut funding for PBS despite liking Big Bird.

8. I think Al Gore is to blame for last night. If he hadn't invented the internet, a lot less people would have noticed Obama's performance.

Twitter account AG Conservative (@AG_Conservative). Al Gore blamed Obama's poor debate performance on the high altitude of the host city, Denver.

9. [O]bama kicking himself for having wasted hours in counterzinger prep work

Blogger Josh Fruhlinger (@joshreads), on the other hand, suspects that Obama's poor debate performance was somehow tied to reports that Romney prepared several "zingers" before the debate.

10. I made an edit of Wednesday's debate where I took out the parts that were boring, deceptive, or disappointing. Here it is: "Hello."

New Yorker editor Ben Greenman (@bengreenman). Despite high ratings, many watchers complained that the debate was dull.

Some tweets have been edited for clarity