News tweets: Democratic National Convention edition

Joe Biden, Barack and Malia Obama, and Bill Clinton

For the week ending 7 September, here is the news making waves at the Democratic National Convention - condensed into 10 topical tweets, some more serious than others.

1. Between Tammy Duckworth, Deval Patrick, Julian Castro and Michelle Obama, our party is much better off than it was 4 hours ago

Riffing on Ronald Reagan's famous formulation (measured in years), Democrat Ben Jacobs (@benhjacobs) approves of the convention's first-night speaker line-up.

2. I'm ineligible to give a speech at a political convention bc my parents' advice was never charmingly bilingual.

Mary Katharine Ham, editor-at-large of (@mkhammer), spots a trend among the convention speeches.

3. "I'm not a political person," says person on stage at DNC

The National Review's Robert Costa (@robertcostaNRO) notes the irony in one of the introductory speeches.

4. Can mom-in-chief order rank-and-file moms into mombat? chief Jacob Weisberg (@jacobwe) wonders aloud about First Lady Michelle Obama's declaration of her "most important title".

5. Charlie Crist, explaining why he's here: "I didn't leave the Republican Party, it left me." Oh, and he couldn't win his primary.

Politico reporter Ken Vogel (@KenVogel) doesn't fall for former Republican Florida Governor Crist's explanation of his appearance at the Democratic convention.

6. Never bet against America! Except in the World Cup!

Television host Mike Trainor (@GiantComedy) takes issue with Vice-President Joe Biden's patriotic advice.

7. "Never never, literally, never ever; folks, literally, Bin Laden, folks, literally, Barack and I. Drive safe." - Shorter Joe Biden.

Breitbart News editor-at-large John Nolte (‏@NolteNC) sums up the speech by Mr Biden, who was mocked on Twitter for misusing the word "literally" and for his over-the-top folksiness.

8. Okay, so tomorrow is Election Day, right? What's that? TWO MORE MONTHS??? Sigh.

RedEye host Andy Levy (@andylevy) is distressed at how much more politics still lies ahead, more than a year into the presidential campaign.

9. Obama's job plan: call for more jobs. #themansageniusItellsya

Blogger David Burge (@iowahawkblog) sees little substance in the president's economic programme.

10. Shorter GOP: It's time to elect another Republican who we'll be too embarrassed to have at our conventions.

Liberal Michigan blogger LOLGOP (@LOLGOP) contrasts the absence of any reference to George W Bush at the Republican convention with the Democrats' over-the-moon reception of former President Bill Clinton.

Some tweets have been edited for clarity