Collaboration seven: Making a comic book

David Shrigley

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Media captionDavid Shrigley

Some people call him a cartoonist, others call him an illustrator, but Glasgow-based David Shrigley calls himself an artist, and his work is among the most recognisable around.

He is most famous for his funny very simple line drawings, which tell stories about the absurdities of daily life and the curiosities of human relationships.

Shrigley recently had a major retrospective at the Hayward Gallery in London, at which he showed sculpture, painting, photography and animated films alongside his drawings, but it are his witty drawings that have made him such a hugely popular figure in the UK's cultural scene.

His work, with its distinctive combination of jokes and insightful commentary, can be found on greetings cards, in books and magazines, as well as in galleries.

Teresa Chiba

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Media captionMeet the collaborators: Teresa Chiba

Teresa Chiba is an illustrator and graphic artist working in Tokyo.

Best known for her powerful watercolour depictions of women inspired by the traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre tradition, her work explores the mystery and beauty associated with being a woman.

Teresa's illustrations have been exhibited nationally and internationally and this year will be included in the competitive annual Sakura Exhibition, a touring exhibition introducing Japanese artists to a worldwide audience.

She also creates illustrations and digital graphic designs under her brand name, Production_Genmu, which frequently grace the pages of books and websites, as well as fronting advertising campaigns. She has produced series of customized painted wooden sculptures, and creates designs for Yukata - light, summertime kimonos.