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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

Number 7

1.) Multiple Choice Question

The rules Facebook uses to decide whether to censor postings has been leaked online. A picture of which of the following would be censored?

Facebook logo
  1. Deep flesh wounds
  2. Earwax
  3. Marijuana use

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Plans for the British to eat what substance were drawn up during World War II, according to secret plans that have just been published?

  1. Sewage
  2. Worms
  3. Plankton

3.) Missing Word Question

* extinction theory challenged

  1. Male
  2. Dinosaur
  3. Tiger

4.) Multiple Choice Question

While on a UK school visit, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed the name of her new puppy. Which animal is it named after?

Duchess of Cambridge
  1. Cat
  2. Wolf
  3. Bear

5.) Multiple Choice Question

American Xavier Alvarez lied about playing hockey for the Detroit Red Wings and about rescuing the US ambassador during the Iranian hostage crisis. But he broke the law when he lied about...

Liar stamp
  1. Being a woman
  2. Being related to the president
  3. Receiving a military medal

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Who or what was described this week as a "completely unthreatening and adorable creature"?

  1. The new sculpture on Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth
    Rocking horse
  2. Brit award winner Ed Sheeren
    Ed Sheeren
  3. A ctenidae spider - with a 10cm leg span - discovered in a bunch of bananas by an Asda worker

7.) Multiple Choice Question

This flower has hit the headlines - what's so special about it?

  1. A single bulb broke records by selling for more than £700
  2. It's more than 30,000 years old
  3. It was plucked from a 300-million-year-old Chinese "fossil forest"


  1. It's earwax. Facebook has been under fire for not allowing pictures of breastfeeding if they show any part of the nipple. Images of marijuana use are allowed as long as they don't show the drug being bought, sold or grown. In a section in the document on body fluids, earwax is banned. Cartoon faeces, urine and spit are allowed.
  2. It's plankton. Scientists apparently worked on the plans as German submarines threatened to starve Britain into submission. Records of attempts to harvest plankton from Scottish sea lochs were discovered by professor of marine biology Geoffrey Moore.
  3. It's male. Previous research has suggested the Y sex chromosome, which only men carry, is decaying genetically so fast that it will be extinct in five million years' time. But a new US study in Nature suggests the genetic decay has all but ended.
  4. It's wolf. The duchess told pupils the cocker spaniel, which she and Prince William have owned since Christmas, is called Lupo, Italian for wolf.
  5. It's receiving a military medal - specifically the Medal of Honor. Alvarez is in a battle with the government at The Supreme Court in Washington over what he says is his right to lie.
  6. It's the new 4.1m-high bronze sculpture of a boy on a rocking horse. Artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset say Powerless Structures, Fig 101 questions "monuments predicated on military victory or defeat". Actress Joanna Lumley unveiled the work, describing it as "unthreatening".
  7. The plant - an example of the delicate Arctic flower Silene stenophylla, commonly known as a narrow-leafed Campion - is the oldest plant material to have been brought to life, scientists believe. A snowdrop bulb recently sold for £725, and researchers unearthed a forest in northern China preserved under a layer of ash deposited 300 million years ago.

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