Audio slideshow: Bombay's jazz age

When you think of jazz in the early 20th Century you may think of New Orleans, Chicago, New York or Paris. What isn't so well known is that the Indian city of Bombay - now Mumbai - had its own flourishing jazz scene in the 1930s.

Naresh Fernandes - author of Taj Mahal Foxtrot, the story of Bombay's jazz age - paints a portrait of the musicians, the fans, and the music.

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Slideshow production by Mark Bosworth.

Naresh Fernandes was speaking to the BBC World Service

Pictures courtesy of Roli Books. Other images: Raymond Albuquerque, Family of Micky Correa, Ralph D'Mello, Jehangir Dalal, the Fernand family, Thinkstock, Vinsy and Jehangir Khatau, Public Affairs Section - US Embassy, New Delhi, India, Alvino and Jenny Pacheco, Family of Chic Chocolate, Maria Saldanha Vinda and Fox Photos/Getty Images.

Music: Stampede by Leon Abbey and the Savoy Bearcats, My Blue Heaven by Teddy Weatherford, Johnny Zero by Chic Chocolate and His Music Makers, and Taj Mahal by Crickett Smith and his Symphonians.

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