Explore the World Trade Center site

Take a guided tour of the World Trade Center site in New York and find out about the plans for a memorial, a museum, giant skyscrapers and a massive new station, with narration from Dara McQuillan from developer Silverstein Properties.


9/11 site: Introduction

Dara McQuillan from developer Silverstein Properties introduces the plans for the WTC site.

1 WTC - tallest tower

9/11 site: One World Trade Center

This skyscraper will be the same height as the old twin towers - 1,368 ft (427m), but the antenna will take it up to 1,776 ft (541m).

2, 3, 4 WTC

Towers two and three have been designed by Norman Foster and Richard Rogers respectively.

5 WTC - future plans

5 World Trade Center has yet to be designed.

7 WTC - site of photo

Nearly all the office space at 7 World Trade Center has already been leased.

The 9/11 memorial

The memorial for the victims of the 9/11 attacks is at the heart of the new World Trade Center site.

Giant transport hub

The new transport hub will be larger than Grand Central Station in mid-Manhattan.

Historic street

Greenwich Street is being brought back into the WTC site for the first time since the 1960s.

This picture by Mark Lennihan/AP was taken in March 2011.


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