The ice cream van cometh

The distant sound of approaching chimes, the promise of a soft gloopy cornet, and reaching the front of the queue by the sliding window - there is little doubt that the ice cream van has charmed its way into modern British cultural life.

For BBC Radio 4, sound designer Jim Carey jumped into the colourful world of all things ice cream - and on his journey met some well-known van fans - comedian Johnny Vegas, Status Quo's Francis Rossi, and elusive artist Banksy.

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The Ice Cream Van Cometh can be heard on BBC Radio 4 at 1030 BST on Saturday 30 July - and on the BBC iPlayer.

Audio by Loftus Audio/Inventive Audio. Images courtesy Whitby Morrison, Jim Carey, Emelia Brindisi, Getty Images, PA and Christie Goodwin.

Includes music by Henry Reser and Status Quo. Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 29 July 2011.


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