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A British invasion of American television, already apparent with presenters, judges and talent shows coming from the UK, goes up a gear this month with the export of gritty dramas Skins and Shameless, each given a US makeover. Test your knowledge of other American TV remakes.

Shameless UK and US

1.) Multiple Choice Question

The UK Shameless is set on Manchester's Chatsworth estate. The US Shameless is set in Chicago's Homan Square. Which is fictional?

Fiona from the US and UK versions
  1. Chatsworth estate
  2. Homan Square
  3. Both are real
  4. Neither are real

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Are You Being Served? might have seemed a uniquely British sitcom, but there was an effort to remake it for US television. What was it called?

Are You Being Served?
  1. Dillard's of Nashville
  2. Beanes of Boston
  3. Belk of Monroe
  4. Carson's of Milwaukee

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The Office was a successful British export, with Steve Carell in the role of the wince-inducing boss made famous by Ricky Gervais. What was David Brent called, stateside?

Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais
  1. Michael Scott
  2. Jim Halpert
  3. David Brent
  4. Dwight Schrute

4.) Multiple Choice Question

There were three efforts to remake Fawlty Towers for a US audience, but which of these was not one of them?

Fawlty Towers
  1. Chateau Snavely
  2. Amanda's
  3. Rancho Real
  4. Payne

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Cosby, a sitcom starring Bill Cosby, ran for four years on US television. But on what British sitcom was it based?

Bill Cosby
  1. The Vicar of Dibley
  2. Desmond's
  3. Keeping up Appearances
  4. One Foot in the Grave

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The quiz or game show is a format one associates more with the US than UK, but which one of these went from UK to US?

Gameshow host
  1. University Challenge
  2. Family Fortunes
  3. Blockbusters
  4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Life on Mars was remade for a US audience with Harvey Keitel playing the antediluvian policeman Gene Hunt. But a different actor took the role in the US pilot. Who?

Harvey Keitel and Philip Glenister
  1. Brendan Gleeson
  2. Colm Meaney
  3. Philip Glenister
  4. Mickey Rourke


  1. The Chatsworth estate is fictional, a figment of creator Paul Abbott's imagination but located in the real area of Stretford. Homan Square is real, a redevelopment of the old site of the Sears headquarters.
  2. It was Beanes of Boston. The other three are all the names, or part of the names, of US department store chains.
  3. He was Michael Scott. Jim Halpert was based on Tim and Dwight Schrute was based on Gareth. The paper firm was Dunder Mifflin instead of Wernham Hogg, and the town was Scranton, Pennsylvania, instead of Slough, Berkshire.
  4. It was Rancho Real. Chateau Snavely never got off the ground, while Amanda's managed 10 aired episodes and Payne - set in the Whispering Pines Inn in California - just eight.
  5. It was One Foot in the Grave. Bill Cosby played Hilton Lucas, a grouchy retired man, loosely based on Victor Meldrew.
  6. It was Millionaire. Family Fortunes was originally the US show Family Feud. Blockbusters also started there and University Challenge was originally College Bowl.
  7. It was Colm Meaney. Philip Glenister turned down the chance to take part.

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