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Quiz of the year

'Tis the season to sit back and cast an eye over 2010. But how much do you remember? Test yourself with the Magazine's four-part compilation of the best of the year's quizzes. Here it's October - December. PLUS a special bonus question each day - see below for details.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

A slew of celeb autobiographies hit the shops in October, but can you guess which opened with: "Fame was bequeathed to me by the lips of an angel"?

Gok Wan, Judi Dench, Russell Brand and Susan Boyle
  1. Gok Wan
  2. Judi Dench
  3. Russell Brand
  4. Susan Boyle

2.) Multiple Choice Question

According to an extensive survey of race, religion and sexuality by the Office for National Statistics in October, which of the following groups is the largest in the UK?

  1. Hindu
  2. Mixed race
  3. Lesbian, gay and bisexual

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Who did Commonwealth Games chief Suresh Kalmadi mistakenly credit for attending the opening ceremony in October?

Commonwealth Games chief Suresh Kalmadi
  1. Princess Diana
  2. Robert Mugabe
  3. Usain Bolt

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which one of these was NOT a report accepted by David Cameron's government in October?

  1. Brown
    Brown shape
  2. Blue
    Blue shape
  3. Green
    Green shape

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Thirty-three miners trapped in Chile finally emerged in October, after two months trapped underground. But what was the capsule used to rescue them called?

Miner Luis Urzua and Chile's President Sebastian Pinera
  1. Alpha One
  2. Phoenix Two
  3. Herculean three

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Facebook trademarked a common word in November, claiming sole use of it in the fields of telecommunications and online chatrooms. Which one?

Mark Zuckerberg
  1. Face
  2. Like
  3. Book

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Prince William and Kate Middleton announced in November they are to tie the knot next year. Afterwards she will be known by her full name, but what is it?

Kate Middleton mug
  1. Katherine
  2. Kathryn
  3. Catherine

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Just over a year since their yacht was seized by Somali pirates, Paul and Rachel Chandler were released in November. What was their yacht called?

The Chandlers
  1. Rachel Reveille
  2. The Wayfarer
  3. Lynn Rival
  4. Tunbridge Queen

9.) Multiple Choice Question

A group of hackers carried out a spate of cyber-attacks in December against companies they saw as anti-Wikileaks. They are known as...

Home page of the Wikileaks
  1. Dissemin8
  2. Anonymous
  3. Hackwizards
  4. Masters of Deception

10.) Multiple Choice Question

All these celebrities backed a cause. But who was the odd one out in December?

  1. Jemima Khan
    Jemima Khan
  2. Sting
  3. Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber
  4. Colin Firth
    Colin Firth

11.) Missing Word Question

Vicar defends local * clubs

  1. sex
  2. fight
  3. Satanic

12.) Multiple Choice Question

And finally, television viewing figures for the year revealed the X Factor final was the UK's most watched show of 2010, but what did it beat to claim the top spot?

Matt Cardle CDs
  1. Britain's Got Talent final
  2. Coronation Street
  3. EastEnders
  4. England vs Germany 2010 World Cup


  1. It was Russell Brand, in Booky Wook 2. No less than 50 hardbacks came out on "Super Thursday", 14 October.
  2. It's lesbian, gay and bisexual people - who together account for 1.5% of the UK population, much lower than the oft-quoted 6%. However, some have cast doubt on the figure. Hindus account for 1.4%; mixed race for 1.2%.
  3. It was Princess Diana. Mr Kalmadi told a news conference "yes, Princess Diana was there" before correcting himself to say "Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall". The run-up to the games in Delhi was dogged by construction delays, but it was eventually hailed a success despite the troubled start.
  4. It was blue. Topshop boss Sir Philip Green investigated government waste, while ex-BP chief Lord Browne reviewed university funding in England. There was no Blue Report. Maybe next year?
  5. It's Phoenix Two. The miners were trapped by a rock fall on 5 August at the San Jose gold and copper mine. It took months for rescuers to reach them. The drama made news around the world and the miners are now global celebrities.
  6. It's "face". Reports suggest it is trying to do the same with "book" and with "like". It was a big year for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The 26-year-old billionaire was the subject of a successful film, The Social Network, charting Facebook's rise. He was also named Time Magazine's Person of the Year.
  7. It's Catherine. After years of speculation, the couple announced they will marry on 29 April next year. William popped the question while they were on holiday in Kenya in October. The wedding will be at Westminster Abbey and it has been declared a bank holiday.
  8. It was Lynn Rival. The couple from Tunbridge Wells in Kent were seized at gunpoint in October 2009 as they sailed their yacht in the Indian Ocean. They were freed after 388 days in return for a secret £625,000 ransom.
  9. It's Anonymous. During 2010, Wikileaks released thousands of secret documents on its website, the latest being confidential US diplomatic communiques which included frank comments by American diplomats on a number of allies. The US Government accused Wikileaks founder Julian Assange of putting lives at risk, something he denied.
  10. It's Colin Firth, who withdrew his support for the Lib Dems over its backing of a rise in university tutition fees. He called the party's U-turn "profoundly disillusioning". The rise in fees resulted in student demonstrations across the country. The others added their support to causes - Khan to Wikileaks, Sting to the freedom of Iranian woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, while Bieber joined animal rights group Peta.
  11. It's sex. The Reverend Paul Turp made the headlines in December after he told his local council that it was wrongly trying to impose its own moral code on people by banning such establishments.
  12. It was England's World Cup match against Germany on 27 June, which was seen by 17.4m on the BBC, according to figures released in December by the ratings research board Barb. It says 17.7m tuned in to see Matt Cardle named the winner of X Factor on 11 December on ITV.

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And now for that all-important bonus question. In addition to the 12 questions above, we also posed a bonus question for each of the four parts of this quiz. That's how we reach the magic total of 52 questions.

The bonus question... answered

Mystery pictures

With each part of the quiz we published photographs - one a day - and asked readers to let us know what links them.

Some of your wrong answers included: MI5 recruitment, theatres, the Orange prize, York, the global financial crisis, the 2012 Olympics and the student tuition fees row.

But the correct answer is... people who left their jobs in 2010 after a controversy.

  1. Mark Papermaster who left Apple for IBM. His departure was believed to be linked to problems with the antenna on the iPhone 4
  2. Gen Stanley McChrystal's resignation as US forces chief in Afghanistan (the pictures are comic Lee Mack and singer Crystal Gayle)
  3. Tony Hayward, who stepped down as chief executive of BP (picture is of London's Hayward gallery)
  4. John Terry who lost the England football captaincy (picture is a Terry's Chocolate Orange)

Thanks to all those who took part and a merry Christmas and happy new year from the Magazine.

You can find part one of the quiz of the year here and part two is here, with find part three here.

For a complete archive of past quizzes and our weekly news quiz, 7 days 7 questions, visit the Magazine page and scroll down.


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