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'Tis the season to sit back and cast an eye over 2010. But how much do you remember? Test yourself with the Magazine's four-part compilation of the best of the year's quizzes. Here it's April - June. PLUS a special bonus question each day - see below for details.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

The word on everyone's lips in April was Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano in Iceland that disrupted flights across northern Europe due to ash. What does the name mean?

  1. Islands mountain glacier
  2. Cold fire tower
  3. Angry witch

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Gillian Duffy's encounter with Gordon Brown became known as Bigotgate. But who did she say she would vote for afterwards?

Gillian Duffy
  1. Conservative
  2. Labour
  3. Lib Dem
  4. No-one

3.) Multiple Choice Question

China and Nepal ended a dispute over the height of Mount Everest in April. Why was there a four-metre difference between their measurements?

  1. Use of different measuring equipment
  2. Only one side counted snow depth
  3. They started from different heights

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Scrabble's rules changed to allow proper nouns, such as celebrities' names. Excluding double or triple scores, which scores the highest?

  1. Beatles
  2. Beckham
  3. Beyonce


Later on in the year, Scrabble's rather conservative reputation was challenged when the UK Championships was won by Mikki Nicholson, from Carlisle. She took the crown with the word "obeisant", which scored 86 points.

Mikki Nicholson

5.) Multiple Choice Question

In May, David Cameron became the youngest prime minister since 1812. What was the age gap with Tony Blair, previous holder of that title?

Samantha and David Cameron
  1. One month
  2. Five months
  3. A year
  4. Two years

6.) Multiple Choice Question

In May, pushchair maker Maclaren said it would compensate parents of children injured by the hinge mechanism of its buggies. What was the collapsible design's inspiration?

Maclaren pushchair
  1. Spitfire undercarriage
  2. Formula One car suspension
  3. Typical ironing board

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The mascots for London 2012 were unveiled in May. Can you remember which is Wenlock and which is Mandeville?

The Olympic mascots
  1. Wenlock left, Mandeville right
  2. Mandeville left, Wenlock right

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Sarah Ferguson was caught in a newspaper sting in May, offering to sell a businessman access to her former husband. What is Prince Andrew's role?

Sarah Ferguson
  1. Ambassador-at-Large for International Trade
  2. Special Representative for International Trade and Investment

9.) Missing Word Question

* in Queen birthday blunder

  1. Milkman
  2. Philip
  3. Clinton


Milkman Tony Fowler had planned to collect his gong - for services above and beyond delivering pints, such as reporting crime and helping pensioners remove stubborn pickle lids - dressed as a cow. He rowed back from this plan somewhat after advice from the Palace, forgoing the facepaint.

Milkman Tony Fowler

10.) Multiple Choice Question

A spat at the Glamour Awards between comedian James Corden and actor Sir Patrick Stewart started when Sir Patrick criticised the host for what?

James Corden and Sir Patrick Stewart
  1. Showing his stomach
  2. Having his hands in his pocket
  3. Swearing

11.) Multiple Choice Question

The Glastonbury Festival was 40 in June, but that name didn't come about until 1971. What was the first Glastonbury called?

  1. A West Country Woodstock
  2. Worthy Farm Fayre
  3. Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival

12.) Multiple Choice Question

There were tears as England were thrashed by Germany 4-1 in the last 16 of the World Cup in South Africa in June. Which team had the most shots on target?

England fans
  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Both the same


  1. It is "islands mountain glacier". The volcano still smoulders today and has become a major tourist attraction.
  2. It was no-one. The life-long Labour supporter, called a bigot by Gordon Brown, said recently the incident probably lost Mr Brown the election. David Miliband and his brother Ed, the new Labour leader, have both met her in person in the last few months.
  3. It's the snow. The broadly accepted height of 8,848m (29,029 feet) was first recorded by an Indian survey in 1955. It measured the mountain's snow cap, rather than the rock beneath it. Nepal had continued with this practice.
  4. It's Beckham, which racks up 20 points. Beyonce gets 14 and Beatles nine. Until the rule change, a few proper nouns had been allowed, if in a word list based on the Collins dictionary.
  5. It was five months. Mr Cameron was 43 and Mr Blair four days short of 44. And for no bonus points, who has the 1812 record? It's Lord Liverpool, who was 42, but William Pitt the Younger is the youngest ever, aged 24 in 1783.
  6. It was the Spitfire undercarriage. Maclaren had been a member of the Spitfire design team. The compensation was not an admission of liability, it said.
  7. It's option 1 - Wenlock the Olympic mascot, on the left and Mandeville, the Paralympics mascot, on the right. If any football fans were considering what England's World Cup 2018 mascot would be, they were getting ahead of themselves...
  8. He's known as the UK's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment. The Duchess of York said her ex-husband knew nothing of her cash-for-access attempt.
  9. It was Hillary Clinton. The US Secretary of State sent birthday greetings to the Queen a week early. Her official birthday was 12 June, although she turned 84 in April.
  10. He criticised Corden for having his hands in his pockets. The pair traded insults for a few minutes, with Sir Patrick saying he could see Corden's belly from his seat. Cue a Corden belly flash.
  11. It was called the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival in its first year, after the Somerset village nearby. Muse, Gorillaz and Stevie Wonder headlined this year's event.
  12. It was England, who had seven shots on target to Germany's six. England also enjoyed more possession, and had a valid goal disallowed. But most onlookers would agree they were outclassed.

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