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It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions quiz - a chance to find out how much news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.

number 7

1.) Multiple Choice Question

In a major setback for President Barack Obama, the Republicans have taken control of the lower house of Congress, with John Boehner to be at its helm as Speaker - pronounced how?

John Boehner
  1. BOW-ner
  2. BER-ner
  3. BAY-ner

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Two suspect packages were found on cargo planes. In Dubai, a printer containing explosives was packed into a box along with which 19th Century novel?

Contents of Dubai package
  1. Jude the Obscure
  2. Tale of Two Cities
  3. The Mill on the Floss
  4. Vanity Fair

3.) Multiple Choice Question

David Cameron has put his photographer Andy Parsons, who snapped this picture of Florence, on the public payroll. Wife Samantha also has a member of staff. Her job title?

David Cameron and Florence
  1. Personal assistant
  2. Stylist
  3. Nanny

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Mikki Nicholson was crowned the new British Scrabble Champion this week, clinching victory with "obeisant", which means what?

  1. Failing with humour
  2. Showing respect
  3. Taking for granted

5.) Missing Word Question

* law passed in New Zealand

  1. Dying
  2. Drinking
  3. Hobbit

6.) Multiple Choice Question

An Indian government official blamed Harry Potter fans in the country for what problem?

Harry Potter fan
  1. Truancy
  2. Falling owl population
  3. Satanic practices

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Some glittering names will be sporting birthday badges in the coming days, but whose will have the largest number?

  1. Songstress Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell
  2. Actress Sally Field
    Sally Field
  3. Singer Roy Wood
    Roy Wood


  1. It's Bayner. He gave a tearful speech as Speaker-elect of the House of Representatives, about growing up in a poor family of 14 in suburban Ohio and realising the American Dream.
  2. It was The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot. There was also a textbook on management, a few shawls and a model building. The other package was found at East Midlands Airport.
  3. Isabel Spearman is Mrs Cameron's personal assistant and works four days a week, looking after her diary, correspondence and clothes. Gordon Brown's wife Sarah had three full-time staff.
  4. It means showing respect or deference, and earned Ms Nicholson 86 points. The transsexual wore a pink wig and matching PVC dress for the final.
  5. It's Hobbit. New Zealand's parliament passed legislation that will keep the production of two Hobbit films in the country.
  6. It's the owls. Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has blamed fans of boy wizard Harry Potter for domesticating wild owls.
  7. It's Joni Mitchell, whose real name is Roberta Joan Anderson. She will be 67 while Wood and Field will both be 64. Many happy returns!

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4 - 6 : Legally Blonde

7 - 7 : Wizzard

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