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It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions quiz - a chance to find out how much news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

A slew of celeb autobiographies hits the shops this week - well in time for the Christmas rush. Whose begins with the line: "Fame was bequeathed to me by the lips of an angel"?

Clockwise: Gok Wan, Russell Brand, Susan Boyle and Judi Dench
  1. Gok Wan
  2. Judi Dench
  3. Russell Brand
  4. Susan Boyle

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Many of Chile's rescued miners emerged from the bowels of the earth wearing the same T-shirts, bearing what slogan?

Rescued miner
  1. "In his hand are the depths of the Earth and the mountain peaks belong to him."
  2. "Pure, Chile, is your blue sky. Pure breezes cross you as well."

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Which one of these was NOT a report accepted by David Cameron's government this week?

  1. Brown
  2. Blue
  3. Green

4.) Multiple Choice Question

No 1,363 was in the news this week. Why?

Number 1363
  1. Number of minutes since Wayne Rooney last scored
  2. Whale that travelled 6,200 miles
  3. Number of axed quangos


The distinctively marked whale was known as Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue No 1363, and identified by US researchers.

Whale 1363

5.) Multiple Choice Question

The new installation in the Turbine Hall of London's Tate Modern is a "carpet" of 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds. Their symbolism?

Tate Modern
  1. Miracle of life
  2. UK population growth
  3. Famines of communist China

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Australia topped the final medals table at the Commonwealth Games with 74 golds. India was second, England third and Scotland (with Callum Johnson, left) 10th. But where would a UK team have come?

Scotland's Callum Johnson
  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The Office for National Statistics has revealed the five most popular groceries - milk, cereal, ham, chocolate and what?

Shopping basket
  1. Bacon
  2. Cheese
  3. Bread


  1. It was Russell Brand, in Booky Wook 2. The angel he refers to is Kate Moss. There were 50 hardbacks hitting bookshops on "Super Thursday", timed to cash in on the pre-Christmas sales.
  2. It's the hand and depths line - an extract from the Biblical Psalm 95, verse 4. The second phrase is the opening line of the national anthem, which was sung when the 33rd miner was rescued.
  3. It was blue. Topshop boss Sir Philip Green found the government could save billions of pounds a year if it improved "shocking" spending processes, while ex-BP chief Lord Browne's review of university funding in England recommended scrapping the current £3,290 a year limit on fees. There was no Blue Report.
  4. It's the humpback whale, which took two years to travel from Brazil to Madagascar, to find a mate. It's the longest distance recorded for any mammal. Rooney's form continues to be a concern to his supporters, after England's 0-0 draw with Montenegro, while nearly 200 quangos were culled.
  5. The seeds were the only food for millions of Chinese people during the regime of Chairman Mao, said artist Ai Weiwei.
  6. It's second. The four UK nations won 51 golds, still 23 gold medals behind Australia.
  7. It's bacon. The figures, released to mark World Statistics Day, also revealed the "average" British man is 38 and woman is 40.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Lemon

4 - 6 : Budget bubbly

7 - 7 : Big cheese

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