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A table lamp with a blue ceramic base, a light brown cotton-covered sofa accessorised with a cushion in complementary shades, a gilt-framed oil painting and a bowl brimming with fresh apples - who lives in a house like this?


1.) Multiple Choice Question

It's US President Barack Obama. He has given the Oval Office a makeover. Which of the following items did he keep from George Bush's time in office?

The new Oval Office
  1. Coffee table
  2. The table lamps
  3. Two mahogany armchairs


This is what the Oval Office looked like after George W Bush redecorated. The rug was designed by his wife, Laura. President Obama had a new rug donated by a business in Michigan, but selected five quotes to decorate it.

Oval Office

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Ministers in Scotland have proposed a minimum price of alcohol. How much would a single bottle of Stella Artois lager cost, at the very least?

Bottle of Stella
  1. 77p
  2. 97p
  3. £1.07

3.) Multiple Choice Question

What was described this week as shaped like a snail shell?

A snail
  1. Claws on newly found dinosaur
  2. Drill to free miners in Chile
  3. A famous free-kick

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What do housebuyers value the highest in a new home?

Estate agent
  1. Being near the sea
  2. Near friends
  3. Near a good school

5.) Missing Word Question

Drinking a glass of * can stop garlic breath

  1. water
  2. milk
  3. wine

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Who did Tony Blair describe as a "manipulator" like himself?

  1. Gordon Brown
    Gordon Brown
  2. Princess Diana
    Princess Diana
  3. Peter Mandelson
    Peter Mandelson

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Roger Federer got a standing ovation at the US Open after pulling off a spectacular through-the-legs winner in his first-round match. What is this shot called?

Roger Federer
  1. Poach
  2. Hotdog
  3. Bagel
  4. Nutmeg


  1. It's the two mahogany armchairs, although he has had them reupholstered with caramel-coloured leather. The marble-tiled coffee table is new, replacing the wooden one used by Mr Bush. The two table lamps with blue ceramic bases are also new.
  2. It's 77p. The plan is for each unit of alcohol to cost at least 45p. A 330ml bottle of Stella has 1.7 units.
  3. It's Brazilian Roberto Carlos's goal-scoring free-kick in 1997, analysed by French scientists. The dinosaur fossils were found in Romania, while drilling began at the mine on Monday.
  4. It's the sea, and they are prepared to pay an extra £20,448 for the privilege, according to a Post Office survey. Being near a good school or friends was valued at a little more than £18,000.
  5. It's milk. Scientists said the fat and water in the milk deodorised the breath by reducing the level of sulphur compounds.
  6. It was Lady Di. In the autobiography entitled A Journey, Mr Blair describes the Princess of Wales as down-to-earth, charming and intelligent, but also stubborn and prone to be over-emotional. "We were both, in our own way, manipulators," he writes.
  7. It's a hotdog, also known as tweener. Federer played a similar shot last year. A bagel is a 6-0 set and a poach is when you intercept a return in doubles destined for your partner. Nutmeg is a football term for playing the ball through an opponent's legs.

Your Score

0 - 4 : Dog-eared

5 - 6 : Hotdog

7 - 7 : Top dog

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