Isle of Islay

Scotland, United Kingdom

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A glass of whisky being sampled against a backdrop of bottles

Andrew Black

Business presenter, BBC Good Morning Scotland

The Bruichladdich whisky distillery plans to run itself entirely on renewable energy as part of a £20m investment.

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The Green Isle

Lindsey Chapman updates this Living World from the green isle of Islay. From 1987.
The Island of Islay is probably best known for the production of fine peaty whiskies.  Yet each winter thousands of geese and other northern birds find refuge on this Scottish island. It also has Britain's most thriving colony our rarest corvid the  choughs.  In 1987 Michael Scott headed over to Islay for Living World to see for himself why this island attracts more than its fair share of birds. Here he joined Dave Dick and Peter Moore from the RSPB.

In the 30 years since the programme was first broadcast, there have been many changes on Islay which allows wildlife presenter Lindsey Chapman to revisit this Living World and gently update the story for today's audience.

Producer Andrew Dawes
Steward who celebrated goal 'completely unprofessional'
A report has highlighted serious safety concerns at Scottish football stadiums.