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Clair Ridge

Kevin Keane

BBC Scotland's environment correspondent

The Clair Ridge off Shetland is expected to produce hundreds of millions of barrels over the next four decades.

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Shetland's Budge Sisters

Meet the extraordinary Budge sisters, winners of the Countryfile Farming Hero award.
Two extraordinary young women who picked up the reins of the family farm when their father was killed in a tractor accident four years ago were voted the BBC's Countryfile "Farming Heroes" earlier this year.

Sisters Kirsty and Aimee Budge, who farm on the west coast of Shetland, won the accolade for their spirit and determination which the judges said were an inspiration to all farmers, young and old.  Alongside coping with personal tragedy and grief, they had to battle all the farming challenges posed by these northern isles - the frequent bad weather, distance from markets and the long dark winter months. 

The women, who are still in their early twenties, weren't satisfied with running the business the way it had always been done, and instead signed up to be one of Scotland's nine Monitor Farms which aim to share best practice in the farming community - and their picturesque farm of Bigton is now a hub for new ideas and practices. 

Nancy Nicolson hitches a lift on a quad bike with Aimee and Kirsty and heads out across the stretch of sand that links their mainland farm to the sheep grazing on stunning St Ninian's Isle.