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Plastic pollution: Bangor divers cleaning up the seabed
A group of divers are taking beach clean ups to the next level by diving for litter under water.
CCTV of bombers' cars' before bomb attack on police officer released
Police believe a device found under an off-duty police officer's car at a golf club was planted at his east Belfast home.
The transformation of a Belfast wasteland
A multi-million pound project to regenerate the former Sirocco Works site in Belfast gets the go-ahead.

The art of selling songs

The art of selling songs
Some of the most iconic album covers of all time are going on display at the Ulster Museum. 
They're part of an eye-catching exhibition on the art of selling songs. 
The exhibition, which is on loan from the Victoria and Albert museum, will be open in Belfast until September.

'Catholic police numbers could start to dip'

PSNI Catholic police numbers could start to dip, says Hamilton
Nationalist politicians must encourage Catholics to join the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), the outgoing chief constable has said.
Appearing on the BBC's The View, George Hamilton said the number of Catholic recruits was "well below" what it should be.
He said that while 32% of PSNI officers are from the Catholic community, that figure is likely to fall "if nothing changes".
Saying that the organisation was more representative than it had ever been, Mr Hamilton called for "civic leadership" from the nationalist community to advocate for careers in policing.
Trevor Birney talks of relief after investigation dropped
Journalist Trevor Birney, who was arrested over the suspected theft of confidential documents, talks to the BBC after the investigation is dropped.
'He wasn't alone' - hotel crush victim's parents want answers
The family of Morgan Barnard, who was fatally injured in a queue for a disco at the Greenvale Hotel want answers.