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Weather forecast: Turning dry tonight

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

We're in for a mainly dry night with more clear spells, here's the full forecast for the West Midlands for the next 24 hours:

Rich Davis

You can stay up-to-date with your local weather by heading to the BBC Weather website.

Praise as ambulance service rated 'outstanding'

Allen Cook

BBC News

West Midlands Ambulance Service has been praised for bringing in new treatments and its training of staff as it was rated "outstanding" by the Care Quality Commission watchdog for the second year running.

It is the only ambulance service in the country to get the highest rating, following the inspections in April and June.

A row of ambulances
West Midlands Ambulance Service

The trust looks after 5.6 million people in the region and the CQC praised it for its innovations, patient transport services and its work with universities to train paramedics.

It also commended the ambulance service for training staff to deal with childbirth emergencies

The trust was however told to make improvements in 15 areas including the temperature at which medicines are stored at and making sure vehicles are consistently kept clean.

River Severn 'one of dirtiest in England'

BBC News England

The River Severn is one of the dirtiest in England, the Environment Agency's revealed.

The River Severn in Worcester earlier this year
Environment Agency

Just 5% of the Severn area, which runs through Shropshire and Worcestershire, was in good health at the last reported check.

It comes as the World Wide Fund for Nature says rivers in England are "used as open sewers" and warns targets to get 75% of them to be healthy by 2027 are "very unlikely" to be met.

The Environment Agency is planning an autumn consultation on the challenges of cleaning them and said it would review the target based on "what can realistically be achieved".

Why you might want to take an umbrella today

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

We could be in for a spot of rain this morning with a cloudy start, here's the full forecast:

Rich Davis

You can get a latest forecast for your area at any other time by going to the BBC Weather website.

Weather: Some fine bank holiday weather on the way

Alexandra Hamilton

BBC weather presenter

We've got some warm weather on the way for the bank holiday weekend and the next few days are looking cloudy, but dry.

Weather forecast for the West Midlands

Female farmers moving into the spotlight

A Shropshire dairy farmer has said women shouldn't be put off the industry by the physical labour involved.

Liz Haines studied English at Oxford University and had started a career in publishing before she and her husband decided to take up farming instead.

Liz Haines
David Bagnal/Alamy Stock Photo

Liz said: "I'm a bookworm, so it's been a massive shift for me. I've surprised myself by what I'm able to do."

She has combined milking cows with bringing up two small children and carried them around the farm in a sling when they were small.

She said: "I don't know if I could have done that with an office job."

Weather look ahead: Sunshine and showers

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

There will be plenty of sunshine around this morning but variable amounts of cloud building up over the course of the day, with the odd scattered shower as well.

West Midlands weather 21 August 2019

Stray tennis ball causes fire engine call out

Andrew Hewkin

Newsreader, BBC Shropshire

Firefighters were called to the Telford Tennis Centre at Wrockwardine Wood earlier, only to discover the fire alarm had been set off by a freak accident.

A badly aimed shot had caused a tennis ball to hit one of the fire alarms, setting it off.

Tennis ball
Getty Images

Crews returned to their station in Telford town centre within 20 minutes and the fire service said it was satisfied it was an unfortunate accident.

Your weather forecast for the next 24 hours

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

A dry night ahead for the West Midlands with some clear spells, here's the full forecast including for the start of Wednesday:

Alex Hamilton

You can keep up-to-date on the weather in your area at any other time by heading to the BBC Weather website.

Ambulance service to take over non-emergency 111 calls

From November, the non-emergency 111 medical helpline is going to be run across the West Midlands by the region's ambulance service, with the exception of Staffordshire.

West Midlands Ambulance Service said it plans to integrate the service with its 999 call-handling and that this would mean "patients can be better directed to the most appropriate care".

WMAS call centre

WMAS also said that when it takes over from Care UK, there would be fewer 111 patients being sent an ambulance and fewer being sent to accident and emergency departments.

It added it would look to transfer across staff already working for Care UK.

Car crash couple welcome new baby

A couple on their way to hospital when they were involved in a car crash have welcomed a baby daughter into their family.

Ginny Magrath and Mike Roberts both suffered broken ankles while they were travelling to the Princess Royal Hospital from their home in Oswestry and baby Amber Harriet Roberts was delivered four weeks early by emergency Caesarean.

Ginny Magrath and Mike Roberts

They'd driven to Telford so the couple's unborn baby could be monitored as Ginny had experienced some "reduced movement".

Ginny, who works at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, said the experience had been "really scary", but praised staff at the hospital and added: "Amber is doing really well. She seems to be doing everything at 100mph. It’s almost like she knows Mike and I need her."

Mike was initially taken to Shrewsbury for treatment, but was taken back to Telford to be reunited with Ginny and their baby.

Will you need a brolly later?

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

We're set for a mainly fine, dry day with sunny spells, here's the full forecast.

Alex Hamilton

You can get the latest forecast for your area at any other time from the BBC Weather website.

Turning dry and clear tonight

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

The showers we've seen today in the West Midlands should fade as we head into tonight which is expected to be mainly dry and clear:

Alex Hamilton

You can get a latest forecast for your area at any other time by heading to the BBC Weather website.

Will you need your umbrella again?

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

A mix of sunny spells with some heavy showers - here's the full weather forecast.

Alex Hamilton

Stay up to date with the latest weather for you area by heading to the BBC Weather website at any other time.

Concerns over GP surgery closure plan

Concerns have been raised about the planned closure of three GP surgeries across Telford.

Telford and Wrekin councillor, Derek White said patients who aren't able to drive may find it difficult to go to alternative sites when the Aqueduct surgery, Highfield clinic and Lightmoor health centre close.

Aqueduct surgery

The closures are being proposed by the Teldoc group, which currently includes nine GP practices across Telford.

It says some of the practices aren't heavily used and it plans to free up rooms in the remaining surgeries by moving some office work to a call centre.

Wet day turning to dry night

Rebecca Wood

BBC Midlands Today

After all the rain we should be in for a largely dry night - here's the full forecast, including for the start of your weekend:

Rebecca Wood

Keep up-to-date with the weather where you are at any other time by heading to the BBC Weather website.

Drugs gangs 'changed business model' in Shropshire

Drugs gangs have changed their tactics to recruit more local children, the head of safeguarding at Shropshire Council has said.

Sonya Jones said dealers used to send young people from Liverpool to sell their drugs, but that changed in 2016 after a violent clash between two Merseyside gangs in the Meole Brace area of Shrewsbury.

Getty Images

Since then, any child with a Liverpool accent would probably be stopped by police, she said.

So criminals started grooming Shropshire children to do their dealing, she added.

She also warned all children are at risk of being recruited by the so-called "county lines" gangs.

Wheelie good news for bin manufacturer

A wheelie bin manufacturer in Telford is spending £25m on a second production site.

Craemer, based on the Hortonwood industrial estate, supplies half of the wheelie bins used in the UK and also exports to Europe, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.


The company says the new site will allow it to boost output by 40% and create 45 new jobs.

Flooding warning with heavy rain forecast

Allen Cook

BBC News

Drivers and homeowners are being warned of potential flooding today from heavy rain in parts of the West Midlands.

Area covered by the warning
Met Office

A yellow weather warning's been issued by the Met Office, from 08:00 until 22:00.

The alert covers parts of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire and states there could be spray and flooding on roads and homes and businesses could also be affected.

Wet day ahead

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It's going to be a wet one today with rain due to spread across the West Midlands throughout the day - here's the full forecast:

Alex Hamilton

You can get a latest forecast for your area at any other time by going to the BBC Weather website.

Weather set to change from tonight

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Dry and clear to start tonight but it's then going to soon turn cloudy - here's the full forecast for the West Midlands.

Alex Hamilton

You can get a latest forecast at any other time for your area from the BBC Weather website.

Hundreds man the phones to help students through clearing

Hundreds of university staff and students are manning phones today, to help young people who didn't get the grades they wanted.

They're also helping students find accommodation for September.

And they've been sharing inspirational stories from past students who came to them through clearing and ended up having a really positive experience.

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Steam railway accused of running too many trains

Telford Steam Railway is being accused of running too many trains, by people living near the track.

The heritage railway, which is volunteer-run and operates on Sundays and bank holidays, said it operated within "numerous" planning permissions, along the length of its track and would be checking its records.

Telford Steam Railway

The railway is looking to extend its line, after financial success of its Christmas Polar Express services.

It says it is working with Telford and Wrekin Council to see if it has breached any of the conditions.

The length of the track is covered by three permissions, all of which have conditions restricting the number of days per year and the times during which the steam trains can operate.”

Telford and Wrekin Council

Big differences in A-level maths results

Maths proved the most popular subject at A-levels this year.

Across the country, 41.4% of 18-year-olds got A or A* grades, but there was a big variation across the country and across exam boards.

Documents first reported by the Daily Telegraph revealed that students taking papers set by both Pearson/Edexcel and OCR needed just 55% and 54% respectively to get an A grade.


The results cover ceremonial counties, so Stoke-on-Trent figures are included with Staffordshire and Telford ones as part of Shropshire.

The number of students taking the subject in each county also differs significantly with just 255 in Herefordshire and 3,410 in the West Midlands.

Shropshire and Worcestershire students set bar at A-levels

Shropshire A-level students had the highest percentage of As and A*s in Economics in the country, figures from Ofqual have revealed.

And Worcestershire students came out top in Physical Education, with 23.3% getting a grade of A or A*.

A-level results
Getty Images

Out of the 195 students taking economics in Shropshire, 46.7% got a grade of A or A* - well above the national average of 30.1%.

The figures also show that Staffordshire students got the lowest percentage of A or A*s in maths - 28%.

Water company to pay for 1.3 million trees

Severn Trent Water says it will pay for 1.3 million trees to be planted in the Midlands over the next five years.

The water company is supplying them to the Woodland Trust, which is working with farmers and landowners to find suitable locations.

Tree planting
Severn Trent

The firm has paid for 700,000 of them since 2015, mostly in Derbyshire, but now wants to widen the scheme out to cover Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

It said the trees, which will all be native species, can improve drainage, reduce the amount of chemicals leaking into rivers, and improve air quality.

Some showers to start the day

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Some scattered showers around this morning in the West Midlands, here's the full forecast for the region:

Alex Hamilton

You can get a latest forecast at any other time for your area by heading to the BBC Weather website.

What's the weather got in store?

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

Well it's going to be a very wet day today so make sure you pack an umbrella.

There's also a weather warning in place for possible heavy thundery showers across the region.

West Midlands weather 14 August 2019

Tonight and tomorrow's weather forecast

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

There's just the chance of the odd shower this evening but it should then be mainly dry overnight.

Here's the full weather forecast, including for tomorrow:

Alex Hamilton

You can get a latest forecast at any other time from the BBC Weather website.

Thousands of cigarettes seized in raids

More than 53,000 illegal cigarettes, 364.65 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco and 12 litres of alcohol have been seized after raids on 20 shops in Telford and a home in West Bromwich.

HM Revenue and Customs said it carried out the searches between 5 and 10 August.

And it calculated more than £100,000 duty and VAT had been evaded.

Thunderstorms warning for Wednesday

Allen Cook

BBC News

Thunderstorms could cause flooding and disrupt transport in parts of the West Midlands tomorrow, the Met Office has said.

Area covered by warning
Met Office

A yellow weather warning's been issued covering most of the region from 14:00 until 22:00.

Fine, sunny day ahead for Tuesday

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Today looks like being a generally fine day for most of the West Midlands, here's the full weather forecast:

Alex Hamilton

You can get a latest forecast for your area by going to the BBC Weather website.

Chance of showers tonight

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

After a mostly dry day, there's a chance of some scattered showers overnight.

Here's the full weather forecast for the West Midlands, including for tomorrow:

Alex Hamilton with Monday night's West Midlands weather

You can get a latest forecast for your area at any other time by heading to the BBC Weather website.

Student side-hustles to help pay for university

BBC Business News

Studying sociology and criminology at university is a hard, and sometimes stressful, task for Dana Bott.

Dana Bott
Dana Bott

So the 20-year-old from Telford turns to a creative passion to relax - making and selling T-shirts and jewellery.

Given that her student loan fails to cover the rent, and despite some financial assistance from her parents, the money she makes from her venture helps to pay her living costs too.

It is a nice break, because I stress a lot about university work. It definitely helps me to chill out. I'd say I make an average of about £50 profit a month. I would love to make it into a proper business and career one day."

Dana BottStudent

Dana is typical of a host of students who are making money from self-employment or part-time jobs which are moving beyond stereotypical bar work.

You can read more of how they try to make ends meet and the impact on their mental health here.

Dry start to Monday's weather

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

The week's set to start mainly dry and pretty cloudy across the West Midlands, here's the forecast for the whole of Monday:

Alex Hamilton

You can keep up-to-date with the weather where you are at any other time by going to the BBC Weather website.

Warning of heavy rain and high winds

The Met Office is warning of heavy rain for the rest of the day and has issued a yellow warning, meaning there is a warning of thunderstorms and flooding across the West Midlands.

And it has issued another yellow warning for tomorrow, saying it's expecting high winds.