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Border patrol: Policing patrol on the Irish border with a PSNI officer
The BBC's Ireland correspondent Chris Page joins a police officer based near the Irish border on patrol.
PSNI: Weapons hide a 'total disregard of community safety'
A senior police officer says weapons found in a boiler house caused 'significant danger' to residents.

'Concern' over narrative around Brexit draft

Foster: 'Concern about narrative' around Brexit draft
The DUP leader Arlene Foster says she has not seen the UK-EU draft Brexit text yet but is "concerned about the narrative" which has emerged around the prime ministers proposal. 
It is  understood she will meet Mrs May on Wednesday evening.
Earlier, the taoiseach (Irish prime minister) said unionists should be assured that the text would not negatively impact the integrity of the UK.
Mrs Foster responded, saying she and her party would "certainly not be led by the Irish government who have been aggressive in all of this".
Warning over Dark Hedges junctions
Sat-nav firms are to be contacted by the police over dangerous junctions near the Dark Hedges.

Warning over Dark Hedges junctions

Warning over Dark Hedges junctions
The PSNI are to contact satellite firms about dangerous junctions near the Dark Hedges in County Antrim. 
The site was made famous by the HBO series Game of Thrones. 
Concerns have been raised following a number of collisions in the area, one of which was fatal. 
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Wrong autopilot settings caused plane plummet

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The pilot of a plane that plummeted 500ft (152m) in 18 seconds had selected the wrong autopilot settings, an investigation has found.

The flight on 11 January 2018 had taken off from Belfast City Airport, and climbed to 1,350 feet before the accident happened.

A report from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch found that the course of the Devon-based aircraft was returned to "safe flight" after "prompt corrective action".


While carrying 44 passengers and four crew members, the autopilot was accidentally targeted at "altitude zero".

The AAIB report said Flybe has agreed to take three "safety actions", including an operational notice being sent to flight crews which describes the incident.

The operator will also add an extra check to their taxi procedures, and update the simulator training.

It said it "maintains a rigorous approach" to flying standards.

The safety of our passengers and crew remains our number one priority," it added.