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    Video caption: PMQs: Starmer and Johnson on Manchester Covid payments

    Sir Keir Stammer says the PM has "crossed the Rubicon" with the "miserly" way he has treated Greater Manchester.

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    Video caption: Covid-19: The moment Manchester's Mayor found out about £22m funding

    As onlookers yelled "disgrace," Andy Burnham says the £22m is 'grinding people down'.

  3. Tier 3 restrictions in Greater Manchester: What you think

    People in Greater Manchester have been reacting to the news that the area will be put under tier three restrictions from Friday on Facebook:

    Quote Message: Given the figures that were discussed at today's briefing, I'd say that the government's decision to raise us to tier three are very much within the interests of the people of our region. from Jean Phillips
    Jean Phillips
    Quote Message: Would appreciate Andy Burnham's views if he said one way or the other he either agreed with the plans or not, but to try to blackmail and say I'll agree if you give me x amount of money and won't agree if you don't, just shows he's playing politics and not looking at the actual situation, in my view. from Karen Naylor
    Karen Naylor
    Quote Message: So, according to [Jonathan] Van-Tam, the biggest rise in Covid cases, is 75-85-year-olds, then 65-75-year-olds. So where is the sense of closing pubs, bars, play centres and casinos? from Simon Norton
    Simon Norton
  4. PM says extra funding available to Greater Manchester

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    As the city prepares to enter tier three, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was vague on exactly how much financial support it will get.

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    Video caption: Covid-19: PM says 'huge sums' are being invested to help local authorities
  5. 'It's going to be a tough winter - I'm frustrated and upset'

    The managing director of a bar in Burnage said it was going to be a "tough winter" as the hospitality industry adjusted to the new three-tier system.

    Elena Rowe, pictured right with her colleague Sean Gregson

    "It's really sad. We have done everything we can to keep safe," said Elena Rowe, from Reasons to be Cheerful which will be among the pubs to close under tier three.

    She added:

    Quote Message: We have regulars and a lot of them drink on their own, and the space we provide is their bubble and it's sad that this is going to end for people.
    Quote Message: It's going to be a tough winter. I'm frustrated and upset.
  6. What are the Tier 3 rules in Greater Manchester?

    The highest tier of coronavirus restrictions will be imposed on Greater Manchester from 00:01 on Friday, after talks over financial support broke down.

    Woman walking past boarded up shop

    It means the area will be moved from tier two - ''high risk'', to tier three - ''very high risk", joining the Liverpool City Region and Lancashire.

    Other parts of the UK have also introduced additional coronavirus restrictions.

    But how does the three-tier system work and what will change for people in Greater Manchester?

  7. Figures show increase in infection rate across Greater Manchester

    The latest government figures have shown an increase in Covid-19 infections in the majority of Greater Manchester's boroughs.

    Infection rates in Greater Manchester
  8. 'I am decimated - we have nothing'

    The owner of a bar in the heart of Manchester's Gay Village said tier three restrictions will force him to close.

    John Hamilton

    John Hamilton, who runs Bar Pop and employees 60 members of staff, said he was "upset" and the city centre "will be like a deserted island".

    He said tier two restrictions were "bad enough" as his weekly takings had plummeted from £35,000 to £11,500 and he was struggling to pay the bills.

    Quote Message: We need help. We are independent businesses but slowly and surely we are fading away.
    Quote Message: I am decimated - we have nothing.
  9. Wigan MP calls government's way of announcing restrictions 'just disgraceful'

    Labour's Lisa Nandy, who represents Wigan, says the way Greater Manchester's leaders found out about the restrictions was "just disgraceful".

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  10. 'We have been simply forgotten and it's heartbreaking'

    The managing director of Wythenshawe-based Whitehouse Event Crockery said the situation was "heartbreaking".

    Marc Gough

    The business, which supplies goods including plates and glassware for weddings and events, will not be forced to close down in tier three.

    However, the move to the toughest tier of measures will have a direct effect on the number of bookings.

    Marc Gough said he had a viable business but has "been forgotten by government".

    Quote Message: Weddings cannot take place in a tier three environment, so effectively they are stopping us from working with no financial support.
    Quote Message: This is a viable business - a very successful, viable business - and we have just had no support from the government.
    Quote Message: We have been simply forgotten and it's heartbreaking.
  11. What is being offered to Greater Manchester?

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson explains what support is being offered to the Greater Manchester region.

    He says the £22m is additional to other support.

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  12. Consumer confidence already 'knocked' by confusing restrictions

    The owner of Menagerie Restaurant and Bar, on the outskirts of Manchester city centre, said consumer confidence has been knocked by the confusion over coronavirus restrictions.

    Karina Jadhav said she was allowed to stay open, but will have to close anyway as people stay away.

    Karina Jadhav
    Quote Message: We have been operating under restrictions, which are close to tier three, for three months now.
    Quote Message: While we are allowed to stay open, the restrictions, the confusion and the communication coming from the government has really reduced consumer confidence.
    Quote Message: This has resulted - for us - in a lot of cancellations, people not booking, people wanting refunds.
    Quote Message: So while we are allowed to stay open, we are being restricted to the point where it is difficult to keep the business open in the current circumstances.
  13. Rate of Covid-19 infections across Greater Manchester

    According to the latest government figures, the rates of Covid-19 infection per 100,000 people in each Greater Manchester area on 17 October were as follows:

    • Rochdale 480.2
    • Salford 452
    • Wigan 451.2
    • Oldham 439
    • Bolton 429.8
    • Manchester 420.4
    • Bury 409.4
    • Tameside 363.8
    • Trafford 318.5
    • Stockport 293.8

    Those rates mostly reflected a rise in the rate compared to the figures from seven days before - although Manchester and Trafford have all seen a drop in the rate in the last week.

    The average rate for England on the same day was 168.8.