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Weather: Wet and windy tomorrow

BBC Weather

Tonight will be cold with clear periods and patchy cloud. Gentle winds at first but more of a breeze developing later in the night.

After a cold start tomorrow, cloud will soon thicken and winds will strengthen. Rain will spread from the west, perhaps preceded by a little sleet or even snow. Wet and windy into the evening.

Malinois puppy in police training

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

Isn't Leicestershire Police's new recruit beautiful?

Leicestershire Police

Six-month-old Aysha is a Malinois - the force dog section has said: "She certainly has plenty of charisma already".

She's teamed up with police dog Elvis so he can show her the ropes.

Aysha and Elvis
Leicestershire Police

Weekend weather 'not winter wonderland'

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Stay tuned to tomorrow's forecast - it's going to be wet and windy mixed in with the rain there's a chance of snow, sleet and freezing rain.

Not everyone will see the icy weather but there's enough of a risk that yellow and amber weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office.

Weather map showing rain

It won't be winter wonderland weather though. The sleet and snow will be mixed in with or followed by so much rain that it probably won't settle but it could cause sheet ice and very hazardous driving conditions. It'll be windy too.

The good news is it should clear on Saturday night and Sunday looks drier, brighter and milder. This is a developing situation and the fine detail could change.

Watch: Today's weather for the East Midlands

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Don't let the sun fool you today - it's going to be chilly.

Weather: Cold and dry

BBC Weather

Tonight will be cold with clear periods and patchy cloud, with a south-easterly wind which will ease a little later in the night.

Tomorrow we can expect another chilly day, although the wind will be slightly lighter than it was today.

There will be sunny periods and some cloud around.


Huge increase in reported stalking

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

Reports of stalking almost quadrupled in Leicestershire in 2018, compared to the year before.

So far this year there have been 162 reports of the offence. In 2017 there were 43.

Woman being followed by a man
Getty Images

Stalking become a specific criminal offence in England in 2012. There are now two different types of staking a person can be convicted of - stalking and stalking involving a fear of violence.

The first carries a maximum six-month sentence and the latter carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Alice Ruggles from Leicestershire was killed after being stalked by her former boyfriend in 2016. She had reported his behaviour to police in Gateshead where she was living at the time.

Earlier this year her mother said she still didn't think stalking was being taken seriously in society.

When Leicestershire Police were asked how they dealt with reports of stalking, the force said: "There is an evidential threshold to be met before a person can be charged with an offence and officers work closely with Crown Prosecution Service colleagues to achieve successful prosecutions."

The force said it believed the rise in reports of stalking was down to an increase in awareness and training. It also said victims now have more confidence to come forward.

Watch: Today's weather for the East Midlands

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

We're set for some chilly sunshine today.

Ambulance vandalism: Bins and scooters used in attacks
More than 200 acts of vandalism have been recorded over the last three years, the BBC has learned.

Weather: Cold and breezy

BBC Weather

Tonight will be dry with some clear spells but there will also be large areas of cloud drifting in from the east.

It'll feel cold and be rather breezy.

Thursday will be a cold and blustery day but it will stay dry with spells of sunshine and some patchy cloud.

Police officers assaulted on a daily basis

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

The boss of Leicestershire Police has said on average one of his officers is assaulted on duty every day.

In the last five days there have been six assaults - Chief Constable Simon Cole said this "can't be acceptable".

Jon Carter-Lang from the Leicestershire Police Federation posted images of the injuries a former colleague received over the weekend.

Injured arm
Leicestershire Police Federation

It's not just officers being targeted by criminals but vehicles as well. Two police cars have been damaged so far this week - one had a window smashed and someone tried to torch another

Smashed window on police car
Leicestershire Police

Mr Cole said: "There is an element, which is if you are in the police you must understand that you take risks and you deal with risky things.

"That doesn't of course make it right."

He said officers are protected with body-worn cameras that can be used as evidence if an assault ends up in court. They are also equipped with body armour and electronic stun weapons to protect themselves.

Constituents' Brexit letters read out in PMQs

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

It's not very often Oadby, Saddington and Great Glen get a mention in the House of Commons - they did today as the Harborough MP stood up during Prime Minister's Questions.

Neil O’Brien quoted three of his constituents who had written to him urging him to back Theresa May's deal.

Neil O’Brien

He said one wrote: "The prime minister has done a terrific job in trying circumstances. The head-bangers from all sides and the supine attitude of the Labour Party has meant she’s had an impossible job but she’s done so well.

Another said: "I’m an employer of 30 people in the Harborough constituency. To vote against the deal will cause political chaos and open the door to the worst possible scenario for this country - a far left Labour government."

Theresa May

He asked the prime minister if she agreed "my constituents have got a lot more common sense than the members opposite who want to stop Brexit".

The PM's response was a very short: "Yes".

One of Leicester's two Labour MPs Jonathan Ashworth has a very different opinion.

The shadow health secretary tweeted earlier that the government was "paralysed by Brexit shambles" and has previously called Theresa May’s Brexit deal "hopeless".

Watch: Today's weather for the East Midlands

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It's looking cloudy and chilly today.

Weather: Staying dry with some sunshine

BBC Weather

Tonight will be dry and chilly with some clear spells although cloud will tend to increase as the night goes on.

A mostly cloudy start tomorrow but it should be dry.

The cloud will become more broken as the day progresses to give some spells of sunshine.

Today's weather: Overcast but dry

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

It's going to be very cloudy in the early part of the day but we could see a few bright spells later.

Weather: A cloudy night with some drizzle

BBC Weather

The first half of tonight will be often cloudy but dry with a few clear intervals developing at times. After midnight it will be mostly cloudy with the odd patch of drizzle.

A murky start to Tuesday with plenty of low cloud. Through the day, the cloud may thin to allow for some brighter interludes. Mostly dry, but the odd spot of drizzle is possible again.

Watch: Today's weather for the East Midlands

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

It looks set to be a decent day with bright spells but the chance of a shower.

Weather: Some scattered showers overnight

BBC Weather

Tonight will be a blustery night with a fresh to strong south-westerly wind. There will be clear spells too, but with the chance of a scattering of showers later in the night.

Tomorrow will be a breezy day with bright spells together with some showers. The showers will be most widespread later in the afternoon. Brisk westerly winds.

Mum warns of button battery danger

BBC Radio Leicester

A Leicestershire mum has warned about the dangers of button batteries in the run up to Christmas.

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch is currently looking in to the death of a child who swallowed one and interviewed Kerrie Heath about her experience..

Her daughter Kelsie still has to have medical treatment, 5 years after she got one of the batteries stuck up her nose.

Mum Kerrie wants people to be more aware of the damage they can cause, telling the BBC "I would hate for anybody to have to go through what Kelsie is going through now just because they didn't realise".

Kerrie hugs daughter Kelsie

Weather: A wet and windy Friday

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It's a miserable morning at the moment but it will clear up and some of us will see some sunshine later.

Weather: Rainy and mild night

BBC Weather

Tonight may start off dry, although it looks like further outbreaks of rain and drizzle will push in from the south-west, especially after midnight.

Temperatures will be very mild.

Rain will quickly ease to the east tomorrow morning, to leave a windy day with sunny spells and occasional blustery showers moving in from the west.


Leicestershire cricket boss gets international role

Nick Smith

BBC News Online

Leicestershire Cricket Club's chief executive Wasim Khan is to leave the club as early as February to become the new managing director of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

In a statement, the club reflected on Mr Khan's "four successful years at the helm of Leicestershire CCC", saying the club made "significant progress" during his tenure.

Mr Khan said: “It is with sadness that I am bringing my time with Leicestershire County Cricket Club to an end.

"However, this is an extremely exciting opportunity to lead Pakistan cricket in the international game. It is something that I couldn’t turn down."

Wasim Khan
Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Social worker blasted for 'woeful' family court evidence

Gavin Bevis

BBC News

A social worker appointed to represent the interests of two children at the centre of complex family court litigation has come under fire from a senior judge.

Mr Justice Keehan had been asked by Leicestershire County Council to make decisions about the cause of injuries suffered by the two under-fives at home and their future.

The judge criticised Kailash Chudasma, who was appointed as the children's "guardian" by the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), in a written ruling after analysing evidence at a private family court hearing in London.

He described her written report as "inadequate" and said her oral evidence was "woeful".

Leicestershire County Hall

He said he had decided to "attach no weight" to either.

"This guardian has 25 years' experience as a social worker but just 14 months' experience as a guardian," the judge added.

"Why local Cafcass managers thought it appropriate to appoint so inexperienced a guardian to such a complex case, I do not know."

Calls for thousands more affordable homes

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

The National Housing Federation has said 6,000 affordable homes need to be built in the East Midlands every year to help with the "dire housing shortage".

House building
Getty Images

The federation, which represents housing associations, said developers are forced to build more expensive homes because of the high price of building land in this region.

The charity Crisis said the shortage of affordable properties means people are having to live on the streets, stay in tents, live in hostels, and experience other forms of homelessness.

Police search golf course for missing woman

East Midlands Today

Police have been searching part of a Leicestershire golf course for a missing 65-year-old woman.

Glenda Poole was last seen at her home in Glenfield on Monday afternoon. A search team has been out on Braunstone Frith Golf Course.

Her family say it's out of character for her to go missing and they are growing increasingly concerned about her welfare.

Glenda Poole
Leicestershire Police

Weather: A grey, mild Thursday

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It is going to be very mild today for this time of year. Here's the full forecast...

Weather: Rainy start to the evening

BBC Weather

We can expect a rainy start to the evening, which will clear to the east leaving it mostly dry overnight with a few clear spells, but also large areas of cloud.

Temperatures are expected to be milder, compared with last night.

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy with the chance of a little light rain, particularly early and late, though a few brighter spells are quite possible.

It will be breezy but very mild.


Broken down vehicle removed from M1

Nick Smith

BBC News Online

Delays on the M1 are now expected to ease, after a broken down vehicle was moved to the hard shoulder.

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New ambulance transport service 'reducing waiting times'

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

East Midlands Ambulance Service has said there's been a huge improvement in response times for urgent call-outs made by GPs.

Urgent Care Transport Service ambulance

The Urgent Care Transport Service launched in April to reduce the pressure on emergency ambulance crews responding to 999 calls.

Since then, the average wait for an urgent hospital transfer has reduced by about six hours, the trust said.

The vehicles are operated by the 100 staff members recruited as Urgent Care Assistants. Drivers can't use blue lights but they do have life saving skills and can help out at the scene of a car crash or perform CPR on someone in cardiac arrest.

Your comments: Botox party warning


Our story of a woman, who had filler injected into her lips at a Botox party, has got a lot of you talking on Facebook.

Rachael Knappier's lips swelled up so much they touched her nose.

Rachael Knappier
Rachael Knappier

Chloe Bibby said: "Why would she do this anyway she's beautiful? Girls just love yourselves for who you are."

Florian Wulfert said: "What world are we in where young women feel pressurised into this nonsense and taking these risks?"

Sam McDonald said: "Serves her right for pumping that crap in her face in the first place."

Motorway closed as police chase drugs suspects

David Pittam

BBC News Online

Police closed the M69 northbound for around half an hour this morning as they pursued and arrested two men.

Leicestershire Police were called to a multi-vehicle crash on the motorway near J2 at around 8:20 but when they got there two occupants of one of the cars had run off in to the fields.

According to the Road Policing Unit they chased the men with dogs and recovered £5,000 of cash and drugs paraphernalia from the scene.

Two men, aged 21 and 23, were arrested on suspicion of failing to remain at the scene of a collision and being in possession of criminal property.

A smashed up car on the M69
Leicestershire Police

Hundreds of children homeless for Christmas

East Midlands Today

More than 500 children in the East Midlands will be waking up on Christmas Day in temporary accommodation, according to new figures.

The Office for National Statistics reports there are 515 children living in hostels or bed and breakfasts because they don't have a permanent home. That's a rise of more than a quarter compared with this time last year.

The homeless charity Shelter says temporary accommodation is often poor and not suitable for children.

The number of children hidden away in hostels and BnBs is enough to make anyone's heart sink."

Greg BealesDirector at Shelter
A sad girl on the floor.

Weather: A wet Wednesday ahead

Rich Davis

BBC Weather presenter

It's going to be raining for most of Wednesday but feeling a bit milder.

Weather: Chilly and cloudy with outbreaks of rain

BBC Weather

We can expect a chilly evening in places but cloud will soon thicken from the south-west.

Outbreaks of rain are moving in from the south overnight, some of which could be on the heavy side later.

Tomorrow will be cloudy with further outbreaks of rain, which could be heavy at times, with mist and fog possible over high ground.

There will be more of a breeze compared with today too, but it will feel a bit milder.


New scheme for people unsafe on dates

Sandish Shoker

BBC News

Pubs and bars across Leicestershire and Rutland have launched a new project to help people who feel in danger on a date or night out over the festive period.

The Ask for Angela campaign means people who feel unsafe and uncomfortable with who they're with can ask a member of staff to 'speak to Angela' and get discreet help.

Ask Angela
Leicestershire County Council

Venues supporting the scheme will display this poster which shows staff will help the person to call a friend or a taxi, or to sit in a quiet room away from other customers.

It has been supported by Leicestershire Police and charities Crimestoppers and Victim First.

Rail work warning ahead of festive period

East Midlands Today

East Midlands Trains is urging passengers planning to travel on their services over Christmas and New Year to check their journey beforehand.

The company says engineering works by Network Rail over the festive period means there will be significantly fewer services to and from London St Pancras International.

An express rail replacement coach service will run between Corby and Bedford to connect with Thameslink trains into London.

East Midlands Trains

Representatives to discuss spice problem

Sandish Shoker

BBC News

Emergency services, charities and healthcare professionals from across the East Midlands will be debating today the problems caused by the so-called zombie drug, known as spice or mamba.

They will be heading to the UK's first national conference in Sheffield to talk about how to tackle the problem of the illegal drug.

spice users

John Yarrien, minister of Bridge Street Methodist Church in Mansfield, told BBC Radio Nottingham about the shocking price of spice in the town.

"Mamba and spice is so cheaply available that you can get a hit of it for about 70p in Mansfield," he said.

"It's ridiculously low so we need to find ways of making that less readily available."

Did you see Venus this morning?

BBC Weather Watchers

If you were up early enough this morning, you might have seen a crescent moon and Venus shining bright over the East Midlands.

With a clear sky the two could be easily seen and was captured beautifully by one of our Weather Watchers in Church Broughton, Derbyshire.

Church Broughton sunrise
Mark Hallam

And there was this one as the sun came up in Kirkby-in-Ashfiled, Nottinghamshire.

Kirkby-in-Ashfield sunrise
Shell G

Not forgetting Leicestershire, this was the scene in Loughborough.

Moon and venus in Loughborough

Weather: A frosty start to the day

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

You might have noticed a bit more frost around this morning but it will get sunnier.

Here's the full forecast

Weather: Chilly and dry

BBC Weather

We can expect a chilly night under long clear spells and just a little patchy cloud, which will remain dry with gentle winds.

Tomorrow is expected to be mostly dry with patchy cloud but also some sunny spells, which will turn hazy through the afternoon.

It will be rather chilly but with light winds.


Almost half of asylum-seeking children are adults

Amy Orton

Local Democracy Reporter

Almost half of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children who have arrived in Leicestershire over the last three years have actually been adults.

The figures were revealed by Leicestershire County Council in response to a freedom of information request.

Refugees at a camp in France
Getty Images

In 2016/17, 52 unaccompanied asylum seekers arrived in the county claiming to be under 18. Of these 27 were deemed to be adults, seven went missing before their age could be determined and two were reunited with family in this country and their cases were then closed.

The remaining 16 went on to receive support from the county council as looked after children. Of the 16, two were under the age of 16 and the others were 16-17 years old.

There were 27 new arrivals in 2017/18. Of the 27, 12 were deemed to be adults and two went missing before their age was determined. The rest were accommodated by the county council.

The high figure for 2016/17 was due to the arrival of the 20 Vietnamese unaccompanied asylum seeking children arriving in the area on one day.