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Environment Agency monitors situation as tides remain high

The Environment Agency said the risk of flooding from the North Sea had reduced, but that it would continue to monitor the forecast throughout the day, as Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning tides would remain high.

It follows an evacuation warning in place from 07:00 to 10:00 for Heacham, Snettisham and Hunstanton, which has now been lifted.


Its incident response staff were checking the condition of defences, it said.

Flood warnings downgraded to flood alerts

There are currently no severe flood warnings or flood warnings along the Norfolk coast, with the earlier flood warnings for Snettisham, Heacham and Hunstanton, downgraded to flood alerts.

There are also flood alerts between Old Hunstanton and Cley; from East Cley to Kelling Hard; and on the tidal River Yare from Thorpe St Andrew to Breydon Water and on the tidal River Waveney from Ellingham to Breydon Water.

Hunstanton Tide

High water passes at Gorleston

Andrew Turner

BBC Radio Norfolk

High tide has been and gone at Gorleston with the water levels just a little higher than normal, but no problems.

A flood alert remains in place for the tidal River Yare, but this was the scene just after high water at Gorleston Lifeboat Station.

Gorleston Lifeboat Station

Relief after high tide passes

Martin Barber

BBC News

Val Lasenby moved to the Hunstanton area recently, so this was the first full flood warning that she had been through.

She walks her dog, Freddie, every morning along the seafront and was relieved to see the water was calmer than yesterday.

She was pleased when things did not appear as bad as they could have been.

Val Lasenby and Freddie

Teas and coffees on hand

Martin Barber

BBC News

Volunteers at Hunstanton Community Centre have been praised for their work looking after people evacuated from their homes.

Janet Wrubel and Kathleen Huggins turned up after they were advised to do so by their caravan owner as they wanted to be on "the safe side."

The helpers had provided "a very good service", they said.

Janet and Kathleen

They have now been told it is safe to return to their caravan, but only after having coffee and biscuits.

All-clear in Hunstanton

Martin Barber

BBC News

Good news has just been shared in Hunstanton.

The Environment Agency has confirmed that the all-clear has been given.

It seems like everyone can return home, but with more high tides to come, expect further updates and more information from the agency.


Evacuation decision 'not taken lightly'

The Environment Agency has defended its decision to evacuate about 3,000 homes ahead of the high tide at Hunstanton this morning.

David Young said the agency's plans "seemed to have worked". The water levels were lower than expected, due to a change in wind direction, he said.

Flood alerts will remain in place due to further tides, and levels will be looked at closely tomorrow with more updates to come, he said.

Hunstanton tide

"We have to be careful with the messages we sent out. This warning was based on a lot of experience; those decisions aren't taken lightly," he said.

"We have robust plans in place to make sure that we are not leaving anything to chance. We do plan for the worst but do hope for the best and we don't want to take a risk with people's lives."

Wind not as 'severe as planned for'

Martin Barber

BBC News

The high tide has arrived in Hunstanton but Paul Burrows, flood and coastal risk manager at the Environment Agency, told me things were not as bad as predicted.

"The forecast tide levels have come in as anticipated. The wind hasn't quite tracked in the directed expected, hence the wave action is not quite as severe as we had planned for," he said.


"It's good that we have taken action to enact prepared plans that have been tried and tested over the last 10 to 15 years to protect vulnerable communities from a range of variables that the sea throws at us."

He explained the shingle defences were still vulnerable and is asking everyone to stay out of their homes until 10:00, when the tide has receded.

Then the agency will take stock of the tides tonight and tomorrow and see if any other action is needed.

'We may have got away with it'

Jill Bennett

BBC Radio Norfolk

It looks like the high tide surge has not happened in Hunstanton.

It seems like the wind has not switched round to the north, so we may have got away with it.

It is, of course, early days and we await further information from the Environment Agency.

Hunstanton sea front

'The power of the sea'

Martin Barber

BBC News

Nigel Croasdale, general manager of Sealife Hunstanton, said: "We’ve lived and breathed what the power of the sea can do in these circumstances, so when we heard of the flood warning the first thing that enters your head is 'This happened before in 2013'.

Nigel Croasdale

"Having experienced a tidal surge which breached the sea defences and flooded the centre, which led to the evacuation of the animals and 10 months closed, it makes you highly nervous every time there’s a flood alert; it does seem ever so real.

"Luckily this morning the wind seems to have dropped, but if the wind speed had picked up in the right direction there could have been a much more serious situation that I think we’re going to end up with."

Sea at Hunstanton

'The wind has picked up in Hunstanton'

Alex Dunlop

BBC Look East

In the last half-hour the wind has really picked up here in Hunstanton.

The waves are lashing against the sea wall and high tide is due at about 08:40.

The Environment Agency says when that has come and gone, the danger will not have passed and there could still be a risk of flooding.

They will be keeping a close eye on what happens, and further down the coast towards Snettisham, over the next two hours.


Quiet so far at Hunstanton Community Centre

Jill Bennett

BBC Radio Norfolk

There are only two people here at the Hunstanton Community Centre, where a rest centre has been set up for people evacuated from their homes.

Ruth is here with her daughter Phoebe. She told me she came here early this morning, just in case the roads were closed.

She is "well prepared", she said, and has already moved everything to a safe place, out of the way of any possible floodwater.

Waves crash on beach at Hunstanton

'I'm up and ready'

Martin Barber

BBC News

Peter Gillard lives inside the flood zone in Hunstanton, but he's not worried.

He says he has lived here for many years and flooding has never been a concern.

"I never thought it would over-top today - it's not going to happen," he told me.

He is a bit annoyed that he had to get up early to prepare, but said there had been a reasonable amount of warning, so he made sure he had a cup of tea.

"People were warned. I'm up and ready if it does go over the top, which I doubt it will."

Peter Gillard

Hunstanton quiet ahead of high tide

Martin Barber

BBC News

It’s just getting light in Hunstanton under a grey and heavily clouded sky. The prom is quiet and we’ve seen fewer than half a dozen people in the last hour.

A dog walker was asking what all the fuss was about, and another early walker said she’d seen it much worse at the point before high tide.

On South Beach Road one of the amusement arcades has sandbags outside, just in case.


Weather: Severe weather warning in place

Kate Kinsella

BBC Weather

There is a yellow weather warning in place from 06:00 to 20:00.

The day will start dry in places but showers will move in, some heavy and prolonged, with the risk of lightning and locally torrential downpours.

There will be some sunny intervals in between the showers.

Maximum temperature: 13 to 16°C (55 to 61°F).

This content only works in the UK.

Kate Kinsella has the outlook for the East of England on Tuesday, 1 October 2019.

'The risk is real'

BBC Radio Norfolk

The message from David Young from the Environment Agency is simple this morning. "The risk is real," he said.

The agency is advising people to leave their homes and caravans from 07:00 BST, as the high tide is expected at about 08:40.

"We do have staff out and about, and patrolling the coast at the moment," he said.

People should remain vigilant and take care, he added.

If anyone has any concerns they should call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or check the Flood Risk website.

Risk of flooding still unchanged

Tim Addicott

BBC Radio Norfolk

This morning the Environment Agency has said that the risk of flooding has not changed since last night.

Winds are expected to be around the same as their predictions and therefore three flood warnings are still in place.

Flood warning sign
Hunstanton is one of the places that has been warned to expect flooding

Stay tuned to BBC Radio Norfolk

BBC reporters are out in west Norfolk to bring us the latest on the flood threat.

You can listen to BBC Radio Norfolk via BBC Sounds.

It's available on your FM/AM radio on 104.4 MHz/873 kHz in west Norfolk, 95.6 in north Norfolk and 95.1 MHz/855kHz in east Norfolk ... and also on your DAB radio/TV.

Flood alerts issued on north and east Norfolk coasts

Flood alerts have also been issued by the Environment Agency in north and east Norfolk, warning that flooding is possible and people should "be prepared".

These are less serious than the flood warning covered by red triangles.

They have been issued for low-lying areas on the north Norfolk coast from Old Hunstanton to Salthouse, taking in Brancaster, Holkham, Wells-next-the-Sea and Blakeney.

Flood warnings in north Norfolk
Environment Agency

Similar warnings are in place for The Broads, covering the tidal River Yare and River Waveney areas.

Flood warnings for the Broads
Environment Agency

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