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  1. Weather on the fells: Dry with bright spells and patchy clouds

    • Temperature at 3000ft: Around -4C to -3C (25F to 27F).
    • Winds: Light to gentle southerly breezes in the morning, turning moderate into the afternoon with gusts up to 20mph to 25mph.
    • Cloud: Patchy clouds throughout the day, with cloud bases around 1,000ft to 1,600ft (300m to 500m).
    • Weather: Dry today, with variable cloud and bright spells across the fells. High-level cloud will begin to build in towards the evening.
    • Visibility: Generally good, very good in bright spells. Visibility will reduce slightly when high-level cloud approaches into the evening.
    • Freezing level: Around 1,000ft to 1,300ft (300m to 400m) throughout the day.
    View of Great Rigg

    Jon from the Fell Top Assessors who took the picture of Great Rigg (above) says it was heavy going in the soft snow with waist deep drifts in the hollows. He also warns that in constant wind don't rely on being able to turn back and simply retrace your footprints, as such markings quickly disappear in such conditions.

  2. Weather on the fells: Wet and cloudy with sleet and snow

    • Temperature at 3000ft: Around -3C to -2C (27F to 28F).
    • Winds: Light to gentle variable winds this morning, turning generally south-easterly and moderate this afternoon with gusts up to 25mph to 3 mph.
    • Cloud: Overcast conditions all day. Cloud bases will be around 1,600ft to 2,300 ft (500m to 700m) for much of the day.
    • Weather: A wet and cloudy day today, with rain and sleet across the fells and with snow on higher slopes. These will ease into the evening.
    • Visibility: Generally poor, very poor in areas of rain, sleet and snow.
    • Freezing level: Around 2,000 to 2,300ft (600m to 700m) in the morning, decreasing to 1,300ft to 1,600ft (400m to 500m) this afternoon.
    Helvellyn summit

    The Fell Top Assessors team who took the picture (above) of the summit of Helvellyn say snow and ice remains quite resistant with poor conditions forecast today.

  3. Cumbria Police issues 'travel as little as possible' warning

    BBC Look North

    North East and Cumbria

    People are being urged to exercise near their homes and not travel long distances while England is in lockdown.

    Cumbria Police Assistant Chief Constable Andy Slattery (pictured) says the difference between guidance and law has created a grey area and that a government definition of what is "local" would help, but admits it would be difficult.

    He told BBC Look North: "Defining in law what local means is difficult, as it's not as simple as that.

    "So if you used local authority boundaries for instance, that has some merit, but somebody might live half a mile from a local authority boundary and their nearest community might be the other side of the boundary, so it's not as simple as don't travel outside your county or don't travel five miles, because why is it five and not five-and-a-half or why isn't it four-and-a-half?

    "But the key thing is stay at home, when you do leave stay as local as possible, the key thing is travel as little as possible."

    Cumbria Assistant Chief Constable Andy Slattery
  4. Covid jab coverage set to cover Cumbria

    Neil Smith

    South Cumbria journalist, BBC Cumbria

    A milestone in the roll-out of Covid 19 vaccines in Cumbria is expected to be reached later this week when every area of the county should have a GP providing immunisations.

    A handful of Cumbria's GP surgeries began giving jabs four weeks ago, and since then more have joined the programme.

    On Thursday, Ulverston and Millom are due to join, pending delivery of the vaccine.

    As the roll-out in north Cumbria is already complete, that will mean all of Cumbria's primary care networks - local groups of surgeries - will be giving vaccinations.

    The priority remains vaccinating those in care homes and their staff, those aged 80 and over, and health and social care workers.

    Covid vaccination

    Covid vaccine: How will the UK jab millions of people?

  5. Coronavirus: 'Please don't travel to Lake District'

    BBC Radio Cumbria

    More than 550 people were spoken to over the weekend and 68 fines were issued over coronavirus guideline breaches, Cumbria Police said.

    Cumbria's Assistant Chief Constable Andy Slattery is leading the group which is coordinating the county's response to the pandemic, and told BBC Radio Cumbia the main issue was people form multiple households travelling to the Lake District for exercise.

    He said some some people came from Sheffield, Northamptonshire, Newcastle and Bradford.

    An open letter from public leaders in Cumbria is urging people to 'stay safe and stay local' during lockdown.

    Mr Slattery said: "The virus doesn't spread itself, the virus came here from the South East very quickly because it travels with people moving around the country and the government scientists are very clear that we've got to reduce the number of people travelling around the country and that's why this stay local message is very important."

    Lake District view
  6. Weather on the fells: Overcast with blustery winds and rain

    • Temperature at 3,000ft: Around 1C (34F) this morning, increasing to around 4C (39F) during the afternoon.
    • Winds: Westerly winds remain high throughout the day with gusts up to 50mph to 55 mph.
    • Cloud: Overcast conditions all day. Thick cloud persistent on the fells with cloud bases of 1,000 to 2,000ft (300m to 600m). Cloud bases will rise to around 2,000 to 2,600ft (600m to 800m) towards the evening.
    • Weather: A heavily overcast day with blustery winds. Patches of drizzly rain and some hill fog present across the fells in the morning. Rain will become heavier and more persistent during the afternoon.
    • Visibility: Generally poor with widespread cloud across the fells. Very poor in areas of rain, in patches of fog, and above the cloud bases.
    • Freezing level: Above the summits.
    Ice axe on Helvellyn

    Picture above from the Fell Top Assessors who warn it's still very much winter with microspikes required on icy paths from 1,300ft (400m) and crampons and ice axe essential for Striding Edge and Swirral Edge on Helvellyn