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Residents welcome rural broadband turnaround

Residents of villages in Hampshire and Wiltshire have welcomed "revolutionary" new faster broadband speeds after a community campaign.

Up to 4,000 residents in 12 villages in Test Valley and Dun Valley have been able to access "ultrafast" internet since the end of last year.

Virgin Media agreed to provide the network following a local commitment to sign up a certain amount of customers.

Imogen Annan, a yoga teacher in the village of West Tytherley who previously had internet speeds as low as 1Mbps, said: "It's going to revolutionise my working life and I'm really looking forward to doing business like a normal person."

Imogen Annan
Imogen Annan said she had really struggled with sluggish internet speeds

Man who saved downing woman in 1950s has been tracked down

County wexford beach

A Wiltshire man who saved a woman from drowning in the 1950s has been tracked down by her family.

John Eldred lives in Luckington, Malmesbury, and saved Anastasia Thompstone from the sea in Ireland in 1953.

Anastasia's daughter Mary appeared on a radio show in Ireland asking for help to find the person that saved her mother, which a friend of John's heard.

She says the family had been trying to track him down for 50 years.

Mr Eldred said he "swam like mad" from county Wexford beach to reach the woman in distress.

"I looked out to sea and I could see about 300 yards out to sea, she was throwing up her arms and shouting."

Miss Thompsone's mother died in 2016.