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  1. Dealer is jailed after police break county lines gangs

    The man at the top of a county lines network that channeled heroin and cocaine into Barrow has been detained for nine years, rounding up a police operation that brought 33 people from a number of gangs to justice and imposed jail terms totalling more than a century.

    Michael Emeofa

    Michael Emeofa, 22, of Benjamin Court, Bromley Road, London, started as a runner for two other drug dealers based at the University of central Lancashire, but set up on his own, installing dealers in Barrow from London and also recruited drug addicts in the town to work on his behalf, Preston Crown Court was told.

    Among his recruits were two 17-year-old boys and two 15-year-old boys, one of whom had been reported missing from local authority accommodation in London.

    The jailing of Emeofa rounds off a series of trials that began after 14 drug addicts died in Barrow, prompting police to set up one of the biggest operations ever mounted by Cumbria constabulary, smashing a number of county lines drug dealing gangs.

  2. A&E patients asked to call ahead of visit for appointment

    People in south Cumbria are being asked to book appointments at Accident and Emergency units from today, unless their injury or illness is life-threatening.

    The new approach is part of efforts to reduce long waiting times, but health officials stress that anyone with a critical emergency should still call 999.

    RLI A&E

    Those who want to attend A&E in South Cumbria are being asked to contact NHS 111 in the first instance, where they would be offered an appointment, which could be at a hospital or a local medical service or pharmacy instead if that's thought more suitable.

    The Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group says the system, which is already in use in East Lancashire, will reduce waiting times, and help with social distancing.