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'Garden intruder' found to be Muntjac deer in shed

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

Armed police responding to a report of a garden intruder in Belper found the suspect was actually a Muntjac deer trapped in a shed.

Muntjac deer
Derbyshire Police

Derbyshire's armed response unit said on Tuesday an officer was "head butted" by the animal during their attempts to set it free from the shed.

The post on Twitter quipped: "No offences, assaulting us we'd usually throw the 'buck' at you."

Derbyshire driver clocked at 108mph on 40mph M1 stretch

Danny Shaw

BBC Home Affairs Correspondent

Twenty police forces across England, Scotland and Wales caught people driving in excess of 100mph during the first three weeks of the coronavirus lockdown, an investigation has found.

The findings, by the RAC on 30 police forces, included a motorist in Derbyshire who was travelling at 108mph on a section of the M1 where the limit was 40mph.

Speed checking in Derbyshire
Derbyshire Police

The RAC said the data is "truly shocking".

Road safety spokesman Simon Williams said: "Some drivers have taken advantage of quieter roads to speed excessively, putting the lives of others at risk at the worst possible time."

Department for Transport figures show that road traffic was about two-thirds lower than normal for the first few weeks after the lockdown, when people were urged to stay at home and avoid non-essential travel.

Today's weather for the East Midlands

BBC Weather Watchers

The warm and sunny weather will continue today, though more cloud is expected this afternoon.

Here's how today's sunrise - captured by Weather Watcher Scrappy - looked in Kegworth.


'You can't tell a kid not to play with their friends'

Rob England

BBC News

Darren Styne said he and his partner changed their minds and decided to not send their son back to school due to concerns about social distancing guidelines.

"Part of the problem, for me, was that he couldn't play with the other children, and would be expected to sit by himself, two metres apart from another child," Mr Styne, from Derbyshire, said.

"You can’t tell a kid not to go play with their friends."

Darren Styne and family
Darren Styne

Mr Styne said he considered the school's advice to be "spot on", but a letter saying that children breaking social distancing measures repeatedly could be excluded made him "uncomfortable".

"We would feel better if we had inclusive groups of four or five kids that they could interact with. I feel like it will be [like that] after the summer holidays, so in September we will review sending him back to school."

Mother was in 'two minds' about school return

David Pittam

BBC News Online

After a long day of mixed emotions, Chellaston Junior School pupils are leaving for the day.

Jude Smith, 42, mother of Frankie, in Year 6, and Tallulah, in Year 4, both at the school, said: "I was in two minds about sending them back, I was worried about the social distancing.

"But the school has been brilliant, they've addressed all my concerns."

Jude Smith, Frankie, Tallulah at Chellaston Junior School

Her daughter Frankie added: "It was really exciting going back. I was a bit nervous at first but happy now I'm here."

Children wash hands after lunch

David Pittam

BBC News Online

After lunch, assistant head Stephen Beeston was making sure every child leaving the hall washed their hands and received a squirt of hand gel.

He had been particularly worried about lunch as it was when most of the kids would be moving.

Stephen Beeston

He said there were still some "teething problems" such as how long it took the kids to all wash their hands, but it was "not bad for a first day".

"It has gone smoother than I thought. It's nice to know our plans worked," he said.

The school has a field, a large courtyard and a number of outdoor areas which allowed them to have the children outside during lunch and safely distance from each other.

But head teacher Alex Smythe said schools with smaller spaces would struggle and he "does not know" what they would do without theirs.

'Surreal' lunch time 'couldn't have gone better'

David Pittam

BBC News Online

The last few children have finished off their lunches in a hall with 10 tables, each with chairs for only four pupils.

Lunch started at 12 and it has taken one-and-a-half hours - the same amount of time to serve the roughly 150 pupils in today as it does the usual 500.

Carol Townsend

Carol Townsend, who has worked on the catering team for 20 years, said the children had behaved well but it had been "surreal".

"But then again everything is at the moment," she added.

Carol Townsend

Ms Townsend said: "I was nervous, we've gone from serving only key worker kids for the past weeks to all of a sudden having more than 100.

"But it couldn't have gone better. The kids have been good, I only had to remind one or two about staying 2m away."

Children get used to new classroom rules

David Pittam

BBC News Online

Pupils enter classrooms by outside doors, rather than through the corridors.

Inside the desks have been put two metres apart.

There’s a maximum limit of 15 children in each class and there's a one-in, one-out policy in the toilets.

Inside the classroom

Woman breaks leg after 'boxer dog attack'

Alex Regan

BBC News

A woman broke her leg in four places after a boxer dog attacked her pet, police have said.

Derbyshire Police said at about 09:20 on 30 April, a man and a woman were walking their dog across the park on Greenwich Drive South, Mackworth, in Derby.

The pair reported seeing another man and woman talking on the park, and were then aware of a boxer dog that appeared to be with the woman, which chased their dog and attacked it.

The force added the animal then chased their dog towards where they were standing, causing it to knock the 52-year-old over and break her leg.

Greenwich Drive South

Police want to trace the owner of the boxer dog, who is thought to be local to Mackworth or Mickleover.

She is described as about 5ft 8in tall, with shoulder-length blonde hair.

The dog is male, tan-coloured with a white patch under his muzzle, and was wearing a red-coloured harness.

Year 6 pupils reflect on school return

David Pittam

BBC News Online

Two Year 6 pupils at Chellaston Junior School have been sharing their thoughts on returning to school after more than 10 weeks away.

Amelie, 11, said: "It's been really difficult. When you see your friends you want to go up and hug them but you have to pull back.

"It's good to be back. Learning from home was tough without the teachers there. It was really nice to see everyone, I've not seen that many people in so long.

"I think it will feel more normal as we spend more time here though."

Amelie, pupil at Chellaston Junior School

Connah, 10, said: "It feels great to be back. We've never had as long off school before and we won't again.

"But it's hard to stay two metres apart - we've not seen friends in so long. And some friends might not know how to deal with it and it's hard to tell them to keep away from you.

"It's different but it's still school. We want to get to know each other again. Maybe I can make some new friends, at a distance."

Connah at school

Changes to school day as Year 6 pupils return

David Pittam

BBC News Online

Chellaston Junior School in Derby has been welcoming back pupils this morning for the first time in months.

The school said 108 of the 129 Year 6 pupils eligible to return have done so.

The children arrived through two entrances over four staggered start times, 15 minutes apart.

Alex Smythe

Head teacher Alex Smythe said: "We had cones out to show where two metres was but we didn't need to enforce it - everyone did it naturally. I think they're so used to it now.

"Most of the work in the classroom, at least for the first few days, is going to focus on mental health, self-esteem and coping with change.

"It's been extremely calm so far, although we'll see what happens at lunch and break."

School to remain closed after positive coronavirus test

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

A school in Derby will not be reopening today after a member of staff tested positive for coronavirus.

Cavendish Close Infant and Nursery School said the worker was at the school on Friday 22 May but the following day started to feel unwell and later tested positive for Covid-19.

Cavendish Close Infant and Nursery School

Anyone who was at the school on the Friday has been advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

The school's acting head teacher said deep cleaning is planned for 8 June and that the school is "working towards" a reopening date of 10 June.

Today's weather for the East Midlands

BBC Weather Watchers

Another fine morning with plenty of sunshine but slightly more cloud is expected this afternoon.

Weather Watcher Mark Hallam uploaded this splendid shot of today's sunrise in Church Broughton, Derbyshire.

Church Broughton sunrise
Mark Hallam

'Urgent' Peak District plea as wild fire risk 'high'

People who plan on going to the countryside this weekend are being asked to leave barbecues at home in a bid to avoid wild fires.

A fire in 2018
Tom Marshall

The Peak District National Park says it urgently needs help spreading the message to people who might be venturing out this weekend.

It said: "The risk of wild fire is increasingly high across our many National Parks, including the Peak District, due to the current weather conditions.

"Any incident can put huge pressure on key workers, local rangers and landowners, and take services away from areas where they might otherwise be needed.

"So please, if you are looking to enjoy the good weather and have a BBQ, keep it for the backyard at home and don’t bring them into national parks or open countryside."

Measures to stop tourists at toxic blue lagoon

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

Measures are being put into place to deter people from visiting a former quarry in Harpur Hill, known locally as the Blue Lagoon.

High Peak Borough Council said it follows issues with parking, littering and anti-social behaviour last weekend when people travelled to the area to spend leisure time at the former quarry.

The authority said: “Far from being a visitor attraction, the water is toxic and contains other hazards such as abandoned vehicles.

“The quarry is also on privately-owned land and members of the public should not access the site.”

Litter and black water
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

Cones have been placed along roads around Harpur Hill to deter parking in the area.

Derbyshire Police said officers would be on patrol.

The water has also been dyed black to make it less attractive.

New signs are also due to be put up next week, warning visitors of the dangers of the water.

Paul Hawker, from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, said: "The quarry is not a place to swim and it is certainly not a tourist attraction anyone should be visiting. Our message is quite clear: stay away and stay safe."

Derbyshire Police

Fish 'distressed' after canal drained

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

Water has been completely drained from a section of Erewash Canal, leaving fish "distressed because of lack of water".

Erewash Borough Council said the drainage occurred on Sunday 24 May between Long Eaton Lock and Dockholme Lock.

Water drained
Erewash Borough Council

The authority added: "It is believed that the culprits knew the canal network as it was done to cause [maximum] damage."

The council said anyone witnessing vandalism should report it to Derbyshire Police on 101.

Today's weather for the East Midlands

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

It's going to be another warm and sunny day with high UV levels and pollen count.

We can expect highs of 23C and lows of 9C overnight.

Weather 29 May

Boy, 17, dies after falling ill while cycling

Neil Heath

BBC News Online

A 17-year-old boy has died after he became ill while riding his bicycle in Derbyshire.

Emergency services were called to Nottingham Road, Somercotes, at about 13:00 BST on Wednesday, following reports a young man had fallen ill while cycling.

A force spokesperson said he was taken to hospital by air ambulance but sadly died.

Derbyshire Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death and preparing a file for the coroner.

Police scene
Natalie Rice

Medical stock stolen from ambulance at hospital

David Pittam

BBC News Online

Police have launched an appeal for information after medical stock was taken from an ambulance at King's Mill Hospital.

Nottinghamshire Police said theft is thought to have happened between 22:00 and 22:30 on 28 April.

Officers are "keen" to hear from a white man of slim build, who was wearing dark tracksuit bottoms with a stripe down each leg, dark trainers and a dark hoody with white or light grey sleeves.

He was carrying a large black bag over his shoulder and his face was covered with a mask.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the force on 101.


Today's weather for the East Midlands

Kaye Forster

Weather Presenter

There's a bit of morning cloud brought in from the North Sea, but that will burn off to leave sunshine for the rest of the day.

We can expect highs of 23C and lows of 9C overnight.

Weather: 28 May 2020

Warning after barbecue found in the Peak District

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

The Peak District National Park has reminded visitors to "respect" and "protect" the area following the discovery of a used disposable barbecue and litter earlier.

Barbecue and litter
Peak District National Park

The national park posted on Facebook: "The dry conditions significantly increase the wild fire risk."

Barbecues are only permitted in dedicated areas of the Peak District with the permission of the landowner.

Bombardier asks for delay penalties to be waived

Mike O'Sullivan

Reporter, East Midlands Today

After a three-week shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic, Bombardier in Derby has resumed production with half of its shop floor staff.

However, it is now behind on delivery times for train operators and is being docked £20m a month for delays.

Bombardier says it has to ensure it has enough cash to offset the short-term costs of the virus and has asked the government to waive the penalties, saying production could cease altogether if that doesn't happen.

Bombardier staff

"At the moment we are just getting back on our feet and getting back in terms of our delivery times to our customers and our customers are working with us at the moment on them," said Mark Foxall, operations director.

The manufacturer says it is not looking for a taxpayer loan or a bailout.

The Treasury said it would not penalise Bombardier for the late delivery as a result of the pandemic and support would not be at a cost to the taxpayer.

A statement from them said: "In exceptional circumstances, where a viable company has exhausted all options and its failure would disproportionately harm the economy, we may consider support on a 'last resort' basis."

Man in court over break-in and stabbing

Liam Barnes

BBC News

A man has appeared in court in connection with a break-in at a Sikh temple in Normanton and a stabbing at a corner shop.

Derbyshire Police said they were called to reports the Guru Arjan Dev Sikh Gurdwara in Stanhope Street had been broken into on Monday morning, before they were contacted about an alleged stabbing in the Polanica shop in Normanton Road.

A 31-year-old Derby man attended Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court this morning charged with wounding with intent and burglary.

He was remanded into custody ahead of a scheduled appearance at Derby Crown Court on 23 June.

Derbyshire Police is investigating the incident, which it says is "being treated as a hate crime".

Derby Sikh gurdwara stabbing

City prepares for bridge installation

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

"One of the largest cranes️ in the country" has started to arrive in Derby to help with the installation of a foot and cycle bridge.

The 82m long bridge will be put into place over the A52 at the weekend linking Chaddesden to the Wyvern and Pride Park area.

Crane arrived in Derby
Derby City Council

Derby City Council said: "It will create a fully accessible link between residential and commercial areas and will offer many improvements over the previous bridge."

The A52 will be closed between Pentagon Island and Raynesway junctions in both directions from 20:00 on Friday 29 May until 06:00 on Monday 1 June.

The authority is expecting the bridge to open to the public by late summer/early autumn.

Coronavirus: Toyota resumes car production

BBC Radio Derby

More than two months after it halted production at its Burnaston factory, the production lines at Toyota have been restarting today.

The Japanese company stopped making their cars on 18 March as the pandemic worsened.

Derby City Council Chris Poulter said the manufacturer won't be back at full capacity straight away, with new measures being put in place to ensure safe distancing.

Toyota Derby
Getty Images

Eight dogs recovered after being stolen

Alex Regan

BBC News

Eight "high value" dogs have been recovered after being stolen from an address in Burton-upon-Trent in Staffordshire.

Derbyshire's armed response unit said they stopped a car on Monday night near junction 28 of the M1.

The dogs were returned to their owner safely, and four men and a woman have been arrested on suspicion of theft.


Woman arrested after police 'kicked and spat at'

Liam Barnes

BBC News

A woman has been arrested after police in Derby reported being kicked in the head and spat at.

Officers were sent to Joseph Street at about 20:00 on Monday after receiving reports about a woman being "aggressive".

A 29-year-old woman, from Derby, was arrested on suspicion of three assaults of emergency workers.

Joseph Street Derby

Man charged over Sikh temple break-in and stabbing

Alex Regan

BBC News

A man has been charged after a break-in at a Sikh temple in Normanton and a stabbing at a corner shop.

Derbyshire Police said they were called to reports the Guru Arjan Dev Sikh Gurdwara in Stanhope Street had been broken into on Monday morning.

Minutes later, the force said they received a call to say a man had been stabbed inside the Polanica shop in Normanton Road.

Normanton stabbing

When officers arrived, a 41-year-old man was found with injuries. He was taken to hospital before later being discharged.

A 31-year-old man is due to appear at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court this morning charged with wounding with intent and burglary.

Today's weather for the East Midlands

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Today there will be lots of cloud around, but there will be some sunny breaks as well.

It will be another warm day with highs of 21C and lows of 9C overnight.

Weather 26 May

Severe disruption: A52 Derbyshire westbound

BBC News Travel

A52 Derbyshire westbound severe disruption, from Ashbourne Road to Uttoxeter Old Road.

A52 Derbyshire - One lane closed on A52 Friar Gate westbound in Derby from the Ashbourne Road junction to the Uttoxeter Old Road junction, because of smoke blowing across the road.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Severe disruption: A52 Derbyshire westbound

BBC News Travel

A52 Derbyshire westbound severe disruption, from A601 Ford Street to Bridge Street.

A52 Derbyshire - A52 Bridge Street in Derby closed westbound from the A601 Ford Street junction to the Bridge Street junction, because of smoke blowing across the road.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Severe disruption: A516 Derbyshire both ways

BBC News Travel

A516 Derbyshire both ways severe disruption, from A601 Stafford Street to Great Northern Road.

A516 Derbyshire - A516 Uttoxeter New Road in Derby closed in both directions from the A601 Stafford Street junction to the Great Northern Road junction, because of a fire at a building.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Severe disruption: A601 Derbyshire both ways

BBC News Travel

A601 Derbyshire both ways severe disruption, from A52 Friar Gate to A516 Uttoxeter New Road.

A601 Derbyshire - A601 Stafford Street in Derby closed in both directions from the A52 Friar Gate junction to the A516 Uttoxeter New Road junction, because of a fire at a building.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time