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  1. Counting continues on Thames Valley

    Bethan Nimmo

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Oxford

    This is at Spiceball Leisure Centre in Banbury, where the announcement will be. But the count is taking place in 13 places across the region.

    Spiceball Leisure Centre
  2. Analysis: 'Pretty disastrous' result for the Tories

    Bethan Nimmo

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Oxford

    Even though Oxfordshire County Council went into this election as no overall control and comes out of it the same, that really doesn’t tell the full story.

    For the Conservatives to have lost nine seats, including leader Ian Hudspeth’s division of Woodstock, is pretty disastrous.

    On the other hand, it was undeniably a very good day for the Liberal Democrats and Greens who picked up eight and three seats, respectively.

    Going forward, it is not clear who will be running the council – there will certainly have to be a coalition of some sort to make a majority.

    It is further complicated by a legal challenge of the result in the Banbury Ruscote ward by Labour, where the party unexpectedly lost a seat to the Conservatives.

    If that is overturned, it would leave the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats with exactly 21 seats each.

  3. Oxfordshire County Council stays no overall control

    The results are in for the Oxfordshire County Council elections and it remains no overall control.

    The Conservatives remain the largest party - but only by one seat, having lost nine.

    Labour has also confirmed it is mounting a legal challenge after unexpectedly losing a seat in Banbury to the Conservatives.

    If that result is overturned, the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives would both have 21 seats.

    Here are the final results, compared to the 2017 election.

    Conservatives: 22 (-9)

    Lib Dems: 21 (+8)

    Labour: 15 (+1)

    Green: 3 (+3)

    Independent: 1 (-3)

    Henley Residents Group: 1

  4. What's happening in Oxfordshire?

    David Lynch

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Across the Oxfordshire, electors could vote for one of 63 new county councillors.

    In Oxford, they could also elect two new city councillors to join the total of 48 in a new council. In north and western Oxfordshire, half of Cherwell and West Oxfordshire’s district councillors were also up for election.

    The Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner was also up for re-election. Extra precautions were being taken at polling booths, with a one-in one-out policy and one-way system in operation at many to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    Election results are not due to be announced until the weekend at the earliest. Oxford City Council will reveal its results on Saturday, May 8.

    The other councils, including Oxfordshire County Council will follow with their results on Sunday, May 9. The PCC election results will be announced next Monday, May 10.