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Lincolnshire's weather

It will be a dry but cool night in Lincolnshire. Here's the latest forecast:


Lincolnshire expected to miss smoking target

Lincolnshire is expected to miss ambitious plans set out by the government to be smoke free by 2030, according to a new report.


At the moment, figures show just over 17% of the county's population regularly light up.

The report by Frontier Economics predicts Lincolnshire won't reach the target to stop everyone smoking in 11 years.

Lincolnshire's weather

There could be some sunshine around this afternoon. Here's the latest forecast:


Increase in people carrying knives in Lincolnshire

The number of people caught carrying knives in Lincolnshire has risen by 44% in the last year.


Lincolnshire Police say offences rose from 183 per 100,000 people in 2017/18 to 263 in 2018/19 .

The force released the figures at the start of a national week of action named Operation Sceptre, which aims to increase awareness about the dangers of carrying knives

Det Ch Insp Amy Whiffen, force lead for knife crime, said: "People carry knives either for their own protection, to try and gain respect, out of pure anger or because they are intent on committing crime.

“Whatever the reason, carrying a knife means even the smallest situation can escalate into something much more serious or life-changing."

Watch: Monday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It will be a dry and fine day today with temperatures up to 18C in places.

This evening there will be clear skies and lots of sunshine and it should stay dry overnight.

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Severe accident: A52 Lincolnshire both ways

BBC News Travel

A52 Lincolnshire both ways severe accident, from B6403 High Dyke to Turn-off for Ropsley Heath.

A52 Lincolnshire - A52 in Grantham closed and it's very slow in both directions from the B6403 High Dyke junction to the Turn-off for Ropsley Heath junction, because of an accident involving a motorbike.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Severe accident: A1 Lincolnshire northbound

BBC News Travel

A1 Lincolnshire northbound severe accident, from B6403 Bridge End Woolsthorpe to A607 Harlaxton.

A1 Lincolnshire - One lane closed and it's slow on A1 northbound from Woolsthorpe to Harlaxton, because of an accident.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Watch: Friday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

There's going to plenty of sunshine around today with temperatures up to 19C in places.

Overnight it should stay dry with temperatures getting down to about 7C.

Severe disruption: A52 Lincolnshire westbound

BBC News Travel

A52 Lincolnshire westbound severe disruption, from A1 Grantham North to Denton Lane.

A52 Lincolnshire - A52 in Barrowby closed and it's very slow westbound from Grantham North to the Denton Lane junction, because of an overturned tractor.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Severe disruption: A52 Lincolnshire westbound

BBC News Travel

A52 Lincolnshire westbound severe disruption, from A1 Grantham North to Denton Lane.

A52 Lincolnshire - A52 in Barrowby closed westbound from Grantham North to the Denton Lane junction, because of an overturned tractor.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Severe disruption: A52 Lincolnshire both ways

BBC News Travel

A52 Lincolnshire both ways severe disruption, from A1 Grantham North to Denton Lane.

A52 Lincolnshire - A52 in Barrowby partially blocked in both directions from Grantham North to the Denton Lane junction, because of an overturned tractor. Police directing traffic.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

RAF Waddington prepares for arrival of 'Protector'

The MOD has signed a £100m contract to test an unpiloted aircraft which will be based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

MOD sign
Tim Ireland/PA Media

The remotely controlled "Protector" aircraft, which is capable of flying in civilian airspace, is expected to be delivered to Waddington in 2021 and in service by 2024.

A total of £93m is being spent on constructing a new purpose-built hangar at RAF Waddington for the Protector, as well new facilities and accommodation.

Defence Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan said: "This contract represents a welcome step towards our world-beating Protector aircraft reaching the frontline, giving us the upper-hand against our adversaries.

"Protector will be able to fly consistently for up to 40 hours and will be deployed across the full spectrum of operations, including search and rescue, flood prevention or disaster response missions."

Hundreds travelling out of county for A&E treatment

Local Democracy Reporting Service

An increasing number of patients from Lincolnshire are using Peterborough's A&E following the overnight closure of the emergency unit in Grantham three years ago.

Grantham Hospital
Julian P Guffogg/Geograph

The trust which runs Peterborough City Hospital says its staff are seeing a significant rise in the number of emergency patients in the evenings.

However, managers say measures are in place to cope with demand.

In 2017-18 a total of 385 patients arrived at Peterborough by ambulance from the Grantham area, but in 2018-19 that number rose to 475.

Grantham Hospital restricted its A&E opening hours in August 2016 due to a shortage of doctors.

'Pop-up' bridge built in Grantham town centre

A "pop-up" bridge has been built in Grantham's Market Place ahead of three days of live performances.

The bridge being erected in Grantham
Grantham Bridge 2019

Starting later today, the bridge will be used as a stage for local schools and theatre groups to perform.

On Saturday night, a gala show is being staged which will include dance, drama and circus acrobatics.

Artistic director Orit Azaz, from Coventry-based Imagineer Productions, said: "'Bridge' has been imagined by artists, created by designers and engineers and inspired by people’s stories.

"It really is a project for our time and will, and already has, brought people together in unexpected and joyful ways."

Sir Isaac Newton tree cutting to be planted in Lincoln

A cutting from Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire will be planted at the University of Lincoln today.

Apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor
Hamish Griffin/Geograph

An apple falling from the tree in 1666 is thought to have inspired Newton to speculate on the nature of gravity.

The university was gifted the cutting from the 400 year old tree more than three years ago.

Since then it's been nurtured by experts and will be planted in front of the Sir Isaac Newton Building this afternoon.

Newton was born at Woolsthorpe Manor near Grantham in 1642.

Firefighters to begin training on new fire engines

Firefighters in Lincolnshire are getting their first taste of the county's fleet of new fire engines this morning.

A new fire engine
BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is spending £8m on 33 new appliances over the next three years.

The vehicles include new equipment including portable winches to recover damaged cars and LED lighting to help at the scene of road collisions when there are no street lights.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue spokesman, Dave Hopkinson, said: "We're not just a fire service, we're Fire and Rescue. It's right for us to have the right equipment."

Crews are being introduced to the new engines at a training centre in Waddington, near Lincoln.

Watch: Thursday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

There should be some decent sunny spells today for most of us though there may be a few showers on higher ground.

Temperatures could get up to about 23C in places:

Community takes over at Market Deeping Town Hall

Market Deeping Council has taken ownership of the Town Hall so the district council doesn't have to pay for repairs.

Market Deeping Town Hall

South Kesteven District Council says it doesn't need the building and handing it over will save the authority £50,000.

Market Deeping Town Council has occupied the building since 1977.

The move means it will have to pay for repair and maintenance costs.

Red Arrows suffer 'greenhouse' conditions on US tour

It seems the heat and humidity are proving a challenge for the world famous Lincolnshire-based Red Arrows as they continue their North American tour.

Red Arrows at Niagara FAlls
Cpl Adam Fletcher/RAF/PA Wire

Members of the team are halfway through their 11-week deployment and have performed displays and fly-pasts over several iconic landmarks, including Niagara Falls (pictured) and the Statue of Liberty.

Red 3, Sqn Ldr Mike Bowden, says: "The heat has a massive effect on the performance of the aeroplane...Taking off to the way the aircraft feels when we're doing manoeuvres.

"Even on the ground, when you're pulling over the canopy, it's like a greenhouse," he said.

The team is currently in Texas, with displays also due to take place in Seattle, Vancouver and Los Angeles to follow in the coming weeks.

Police appeal over woman missing for three weeks

Have you seen Leigh-Anne Hanson? Police in Lincolnshire are appealing for help finding the 25-year-old who went missing about three weeks ago.

Leigh-Anne Hanson
Lincolnshire Police

She was last seen near the Witch and Wardrobe pub in Lincoln, near the River Witham, according to police.

Leigh-Anne was wearing navy jogging bottoms, a short-sleeved green top and black trainers.

Anyone who has seen her, or knows her whereabouts, is being asked to contact Lincolnshire Police.

Union supports axing of Fireman Sam as fire service mascot

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in Lincolnshire has welcomed news that Fireman Sam is being axed as the county's fire service mascot.

Fireman sam
PA Media

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service has decided to ditch the popular BBC television character saying it's outdated and could put people off joining the service.

The FBU's Lincolnshire representative, Ben Selby, says: "Our concerns are about the subconscious messages that the term 'fireman' only refers to males in that workforce.

"That's simply not the case. We've got brave women firefighters right up and down the country."

Earlier in the year, the creator of Fireman Sam said he couldn't understand how the programme put women off joining the service.

Horncastle bypass plans shelved

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Plans for a £50m bypass in Horncastle have been shelved, with Lincolnshire County Council saying it's struggling to get funding for the project.

Horncastle town centre

The authority says the benefits of the project aren't significant enough to attract financial backing and is "currently not being progressed".

However, it is "included in the council's pipeline of projects to consider in the future", it adds.

Executive member for highways, Councillor Richard Davies, says: "This doesn’t mean Horncastle will never have a bypass, but it does mean we’ll need to look at other funding options."

The project was aimed at solving delays on the A158 through the town centre during peak times.

Lincolnshire MP backs road safety campaign

Campaigners fighting to cut the speed limit outside a Gainsborough Primary School say they've received the backing of their local MP.

Outside Castle Wood Academy

Parents want a 20mph speed limit introduced outside Castle Wood Academy to keep children safe.

Mum Kelly Geeson says: "Sir Edward is really nice. He says he's fully committed to helping and supporting us."

Parents also want extra pedestrian crossings and a school crossing patrol.

Fireman Sam axed as fire service mascot in inclusivity row

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has decided to axe Fireman Sam as its mascot as he "does not reflect what we do" and could put people off joining the service.

Fireman Sam
PA Media

Lincolnshire's Fire Chief Officer, Les Britzman, says: "There’s been a lot of research that says that images that young people have about what careers they want to do are formed when they are about four or five.

“If you are promoting that image we might be stopping people wanting to apply for the fire service 20 years down the line.

"We've got other images that better reflect what we do; no one is called fireman these days, they're firefighters."

The firefighter from Pontypandy will be replaced with fire extinguisher mascots Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.

Earlier this year, the creator of Fireman Sam said he couldn't see how the children's show puts women off joining the service.

The Fire Brigades Union is supporting the decision.

Watch: Wednesday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It's a very mild start to the day with a few outbreaks of rain in places.

This afternoon there could be one or two isolated showers but for most of us it'll be dry with temperatures up to 21C.

Lincolnshire's evening weather forecast

A dry end to the day in Lincolnshire.

Here's the latest forecast:

Weather forecast

New company set to take over Lincolnshire road repairs

A new company's set to take over road repairs in Lincolnshire under an estimated £638m contract.


Balfour Beatty will take over from April next year, under a 12-year deal drawn up by Lincolnshire County Council.

About 250 staff employed by current contractor Kier will transfer to Balfour Beatty under the agreement.

Councillors are expected to approve the plan next month.

Lincolnshire's afternoon weather forecast

It should be a cloudy but dry afternoon in Lincolnshire.

Here's the latest forecast:


Watch: Tuesday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

It will be a fairly pleasant day today with highs of about 19C.

However, overnight the cloud will thicken and rain will move in from the west.

Focus on protecting motorcyclists in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Police are taking part in a fortnight-long campaign aimed at protecting motorcyclists on the county's roads.

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

From today you'll notice more officers on the roads offering safety advice to riders, as well as looking out for people driving under the influence, using mobile phones or speeding.

Of the 39 people killed on the county's roads this year ten were motorcyclists.

Lincolnshire attracts motorcyclists from near and far as they come to experience our rural roads, attend organised 'bike night' events, the racing at Cadwell Park or visit the coast, particularly during the evenings or weekends. We welcome them but want to make sure they and others around them ride safely.”

Insp Ewan GellLincolnshire Roads Policing Unit

Councils in Lincolnshire resettle 34 Syrian refugees

Councils in Lincolnshire have resettled just 34 Syrian refugees in the past five years, according to data analysed by the BBC.

Boston skyline

Nationally more than 17,000 refugees who fled the Syrian war have settled in Britain since March 2014, with the largest proportion - 2,937 - finding homes in Scotland.

The East Midlands has taken in the fewest number - 774 - in the whole of the country.

refugee data

Lincolnshire's afternoon weather forecast

There could be some rain around this afternoon in Lincolnshire.

Here's the latest forecast:


Health visitors begin week-long strike over pay

Health visitors in Lincolnshire are staging a week-long strike in a dispute over pay.


Unite Union say its 58 health visitor members have lost more than £2,000 a year compared with NHS staff after their contracts were switched to Lincolnshire County Council.

The authority says it has a "competitive pay structure in place" and valued the health visitors' work.

The week-long strike runs until Friday and comes on top of the 17 days already taken or scheduled.

Watch: Monday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It's a mild and cloudy start to the day with some outbreaks of rain.

That rain will be heavy in places to begin with but should fade through the afternoon.

Temperatures of about 13C to 15C:

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Lincolnshire school boy told not to return after first day

A four-year-old boy was told he couldn't return to school after his first day because they didn't have a place for him.

Tiffany Clarkson took her son Teddy to William Alvey School in Sleaford on Wednesday. When she picked him up, the headteacher said he "wasn't on their school system."

Tiffany Clarkson and son Teddy
BBC Radio Lincolnshire

The family say they declined their first school offer and their appeal to send him to William Alvey was successful. This was confirmed in a telephone conversation.

Teddy's father Wesley Netherton says they have to wait a fortnight to see if he can return to the school: "Teddy loved his first day at school and telling him he couldn't go back brought tears. He was heartbroken."

Lincolnshire County Council have been approached for a comment.

New home for threatened crayfish in Lincolnshire

Hundreds of crayfish are being moved to a secret location in the Lincolnshire Wolds today in a bid to boost breeding and species numbers.

Crayfish photo
Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is moving them from the River Witham in Grantham.

Numbers of the white clawed variety have been in decline since the 1970s. They've been killed off by a tougher, invasive American species.

Richard Chadd, from the Environment Agency, says the crustaceans have been given a rough time.

"They're rather small and weedier than the brash and big ones. That's the reason why they brought them in - because they're bigger, they're worth eating," says Mr Chadd.

Arrest after slow speed tractor chase in Lincolnshire

A man's been arrested following an unconventional slow speed police chase involving a stolen tractor in Lincolnshire.

police jacket
BBC News

The vehicle was spotted by police being driven "erratically" near Market Rasen late last night.

Specially trained armed response officers eventually blocked the road, forcing the tractor to stop.

Officers say they were unable to use a "stinger" device because of the size of the tractor's wheels.

Supt Paul Timmins says it was a "distinctive Lincolnshire incident".

"We have lots of farm traffic which is attractive to thieves. Last night we had a positive outcome and were able to put someone in custody," he added.

Waste incinerator helps power 29,000 homes

More than a million tonnes of rubbish has been processed at Lincolnshire's Energy from Waste plant since it opened in 2013.

Energy from Waste plant
Lincolnshire County Council

Waste burned at the facility near Teal Park, in Lincoln, has generated power for 29,000 homes, according to Lincolnshire County Council, and reduced the amount of rubbish to landfill by around 92%.

All the stuff that comes from all of our households and bins - only 4% goes to landfill. The rest either comes here if it can't be recycled, if it can it goes to other plants in the county and re-used again. It's a very efficient process and we've probably got one of the best systems in the country."

Councillor Martin HillLeader of Lincolnshire County Council

Police funding boost not enough says Chief Constable

Lincolnshire's Chief Constable says the county still needs more money - despite the Chancellor announcing extra cash for law enforcement yesterday.

Sajid Javid told the Commons the police in England were in line for a £750m funding boost.

Sajid Javid

But Chf Con Bill Skelly says that doesn't address an underlying problem which has faced Lincolnshire for years:

Everyone is going to see a rise but it does mean that we remain at the bottom of the pile. So will we continue our arguments with government... they still need to address the underlying problems with the distribution and Lincolnshire should, in fact, get more.

Bill SkellyLincolnshire Police