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  1. Weather: Turning cloudy with rain later

    BBC Weather

    It'll be bright at times this morning but will turn mainly cloudy for most parts of the West Midlands later on. It will be mostly dry and breezy with a high of 7C (45F).

    This morning in Leek, Staffordshire
    Image caption: This morning in Leek, Staffordshire

    This evening it should stay cloudy and breezy with some showers moving in from the south west. The rain will turn persistent in the first half of tonight before easing. Low: 6C (43F).

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  2. Call for police officers to get next priority for vaccine

    Police officers should be next in line for the coronavirus vaccine, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has said.

    David Jamieson said he recognised health workers should be given first priority, but pointed out: "police officers have constant contact with the public" and also needed the jab.

    David Jamieson

    "I think there is a risk to the effectiveness of the police if we don't get some of them vaccinated and we don't reduce the number of people who are ill and sick," he said.

    Mr Jamieson said he had written to the vaccines minister and the policing minister, along with the West Midlands Chief Constable and the local chair of the police federation, to ask for police officers and staff to get priority.

  3. Warning of more flooding as rain forecast

    A flood warning remains in place for the River Blithe near Blithbury in Staffordshire.

    But there are a number of flood alerts in place around Staffordshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire.

    This photo was taken in Penkridge earlier and the Environment Agency is warning there could be more flooding, with rain forecast for the weekend

  4. Weather: Rain, with some sleet in places

    BBC Weather

    Today we're going to see more rain, some of it heavy, and maybe sleet too.

    And it's going to be colder than yesterday, with temperatures only just above freezing.

  5. Weather: Light rain forecast

    BBC Weather

    We're forecasting some light rain today, but it should be a bit warmer than yesterday with temperatures up to 8C (46F).

    Tomorrow we're expecting more of the same, but Friday should be drier.