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  1. York bobby's 25-year career ends where it started

    BBC Radio York

    One of North Yorkshire Police's best known officers is hanging up his handcuffs after 25 years.

    Inspector Martin Metcalf

    Insp Martin Metcalfe is highly regarded by business owners, the public, colleagues and even some criminals, the North Yorkshire force said.

    He joined up as Special Constable and served for five years before becoming a regular officer in 1996.

    As he finished his last shift, Insp Metcalfe told BBC Radio York: "At 2 o'clock in the morning I got my final arrest. I was in the city centre, the place I love and adore and I went down a street I first patrolled. I'm not making this up, Spurriergate, and I came across a man tagging on the wall committing criminal damage, red handed, you could not make it up."

    The retiring officer went on to say he loves policing so much that he is seriously thinking of re-joining as a police officer in the future and starting all over again just for a few years.

  2. Friday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    This morning will be a cold with overnight frost slow to clear.

    It will be less cold than yesterday with lengthy sunny spells expected to persist well into the afternoon.

    Skies will remain clear well into the evening.

    It'll be a chilly night with areas of mist and fog developing in some areas:

    Weather graphic
  3. Thursday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    After a chilly start, today will be mostly breezy and dry with sunny spells and a few patches of cloud.

    Tonight will continue to be clear, but will be chilly with winds slightly easing:

    Weather graphic
  4. Wednesday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    This morning any cloud and showers will clear to leave dry and bright conditions in most areas.

    A few patches of cloud will develop in the afternoon, with the chance of some occasional showers.

    Tonight will be clear with some showers expected:

    Weather graphic
  5. Fog warning in place in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

    A yellow "be aware" warning for fog is in place for some parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

    Weather graphic

    The warning is in place until noon today.

    The Met Office says to expect "slower journey times and possible hazardous driving conditions".

    Delays to bus and train services are also possible.