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  1. Sinkhole repairs may be completed next week

    Repairs to a 4ft (1.2m) wide sinkhole in County Durham could be completed by next week

    The road - where the B6310 at Medomsley Bank joins the A694 near Lintzford - has been closed since the hole appeared on Tuesday afternoon.

    Anthea Coxon, Durham County Council’s highway services manager, said: “Engineers have completed their assessment of the situation and we have worked closely with the Coal Authority to develop a programme of appropriate repairs.

    "Our teams are working hard to excavate the sinkhole, with a view to backfilling it and making it safe. Staff will be working throughout the weekend to carry out these repairs, which are expected to be completed early next week."

    The snkhole

    A diversion has been put in place by the council

    Sinkhole and road closure