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  1. Friday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    Today will start dry with sunny spells. Thicker cloud will soon build, bringing some occasional light rain.

    The cloud will clear later, giving way to afternoon spells of sunshine.

    This evening will see spells of late sunshine leading to a dry night, but cooler than of late:

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  2. Featherstone brawl sparks police appeal for information

    Police are appealing for information after a large crowd gathered around a fight in a West Yorkshire town at the weekend.

    Crowds in Featherstone

    It broke out on Post Office Road in Featherstone shortly before 18:00 on Sunday 6 June, police say.

    Officers called to the scene broke up a large crowd which had gathered around the incident, according to West Yorkshire Police.

    Crowds in Featherstone

    A spokesperson for the force said: "A report was received of damage being caused to a parked car as part of this incident and an offence of criminal damage has also been recorded."

    Crowds in Featherstone

    Anyone who witnessed the incident is being asked to contact police.

  3. Police warn of increase in violence as restrictions ease

    A warning of an increase in violent crime and drink-driving has been issued ahead of further easing of Covid restrictions and the start of the delayed Euro 2020 football tournament.

    Community Support Officer

    A campaign to raise awareness of crimes such as domestic abuse, drink driving, one-punch manslaughter and sexual assault has been launched by the Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) of West Yorkshire Police.

    ACC Hankinson said: "After months of restrictions we want people to be able to go out and enjoy themselves, we also want people to get home safely.

    "With trips to the pub to watch the football and having friends over for barbecues in the garden, we do see increases in offences such as drink driving and domestic abuse.

    "We have had instances in West Yorkshire of one-punch manslaughter and people need to be aware of the potentially very serious consequences of a disagreement turning violent."

    Campaign graphic

    People should consider their own personal safety, such as how much they drink and how they are going to get home, ACC Hankinson said.

    She added: "A good night can quickly turn bad if you find yourself in the back of a police van, hungover in a police cell or waking up in a hospital bed.

    "We want everyone to look out for themselves and each other and ensure that summer 2021 is a summer that we can all remember for the right reasons."

  4. Wednesday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forercast

    BBC Weather

    Today it will start dry, bright and sunny for most. However, in the afternoon, areas of cloud will form bringing the chance of some occasional showers.

    Tonight is expected to remain mostly dry under cloudy skies with gentle winds:

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    Video caption: A video shows a man being arrested by police in Leeds city centre.
  6. Tuesday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    This morning any areas of low cloud and mist will lift early, leaving a mix of patchy cloud and some sunny spells. It will turn a little breezier in the afternoon.

    Tonight it should remain largely dry for many. There will be some patches of cloud around at times, however widespread clear spells will develop by dawn:

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