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Swim clubs may be forced to close due to pool fee increase

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Cornish swimming clubs say they could be forced to close after revealing they are facing an almost 80% increase in pool hire costs.

A number of swimming clubs across the county have been contacting Cornwall councilllors for help after finding that the cost of hiring lanes in council-owned pools is set to rocket over the next two years.

GLL, the charity which runs Cornwall’s leisure centres under a contract with Cornwall Council, said it was increasing charges to keep them in line with “market prices”.

GLL is planning the first price hike in September when a lane will cost £13.50 an hour with plans to go to £16.50 in 2020 and £18.50 in 2021. Swimming clubs say the plans to increase lane hire costs could put them out of business.

Concerns about the price hike were raised at an all-member briefing at Cornwall Council on Friday when councillors were able to quiz GLL bosses, who said prices were going up and would be “more than the market position” when they increase in September.

Dragon Centre, Bodmin

Tim Webb, head of facilities in Cornwall for GLL, said: “We are currently subsidising the contract quite heavily as an organisation”

He added: “It is not in our interests to put swimming clubs out of business. We have tried to support them but we need to get it closer to the going rate to what clubs pay across the country.”

However, councillors highlighted that for some areas in Cornwall the GLL pool is the only option they have.

Amanda Pennington, who is involved in North Cornwall Dragons who use the Dragon Centre in Bodmin (pictured) and has a daughter who swims competitively, said: "They (GLL) are from London and don’t understand if they put the prices up so much clubs will not be able to afford it.

"There is nowhere else we can go, we are constrained by our geography in Cornwall. It is not London or Hampshire where you can just go to a different leisure centre."

Weather: Showers and rain pushing in before drier spells

BBC Weather

Further spells of showery rain will push in through the course of Tuesday night, some spells could be on the heavy side.

A few mist patches may develop too.

Minimum temperature: 9 to 12C (48 to 54F).


A rather dull start to Wednesday with areas of rain and mostly cloudy skies.

However, an improving picture into the afternoon as it turns drier and brighter.

Maximum temperature: 15 to 18C (59 to 64F).

Love Island: Praise over 'possessive behaviour' criticism


A women's support charity has issued a statement in response to Joe Garratt’s behaviour on Love Island in relation to his partner, Lucie Donlan from Cornwall.

Garratt’s treatment of Donlan came under fire in Sunday night’s episode of the ITV2 reality TV show, in which he criticised her friendship with boxer Tommy Fury, calling it “strange” and "disrespectful", adding: “I think it’s time for you to get close with the girls”.

Following the episode, 302 viewers complained to broadcasting watchdogs Ofcom about the treatment of Donlan so far on the series.

Now domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid has criticised Garratt’s “controlling" and "possessive" behaviour, saying it is "never acceptable".

Heathrow plans include joining Great Western rail links

BBC News

Heathrow Airport has published details of its plans to construct a third runway by 2026 and complete its expansion by 2050.

The proposals, which include diverting rivers and rerouting the M25 through a tunnel under the runway, will be open to public consultation until mid-September.

It also wants to join existing rail links to the Great Western network.

The controversial scheme to expand Heathrow won government backing last year.

The expansion has faced fierce opposition, but the airport said it had engaged with local communities and other stakeholders.

The proposals are now open to public consultation until 13 September.

Architects' visualisation of expanded Heathrow
Grimshaw Architects
An architects' visualisation of Heathrow's planned expansion shows the third runway, new terminals and car parks

Love Island: Why so many Ofcom complaints?

BBC Entertainment and Arts

Ofcom has received 794 complaints about Love Island since Friday, largely based on two issues.

Maura Higgins' advances towards Tommy Fury during Friday night's episode have received 486 complaints.

There were also 302 complaints about the treatment of Cornish contestant Lucie Donlan by some of her fellow contestants, including partner Joe Garratt.

Some viewers on social media accused Joe of being controlling, after he asked her to spend more time being friendly with the female contestants.

Joe Garratt and Lucie Donlan on ITV's Love Island

Lucie has been seen crying at various points during the series so far, after struggling over her friendships with some of the female islanders following a couple of spats with Amy Hart.

Several contestants have commented on how Lucie had been spending more time socially with the male contestants than the females.

An Ofcom spokeswoman said: "We will assess these complaints against our broadcasting rules, but are yet to decide whether or not to investigate."

Council encourages residents to complete 10 green pledges

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Cornwall Council is encouraging people to sign up to complete 10 green pledges which will help in the battle against climate change.

With the council having declared a climate emergency earlier this year and also appointing a cabinet member with responsibility for climate change, the authority is now calling on the public to help.

Leaflets with the 10 pledges are being distributed to people at events where the council is encouraging people to talk about climate change. They were also handed out at the Royal Cornwall Show at the Cornwall Council stand.

The council is currently in the process of drawing up a climate change action plan which is due to go to the cabinet next month.

Cornwall Council pledges and a wind turbine
Cornwall Council/PA

The pledges are:

  • I pledge to ring my electricity supplier over the next 24 hours and see if I can switch to green energy (if not I will find one)
  • I pledge to buy local seasonal produce as much as possible starting with at least two meals a week
  • I pledge to educate myself about the science and impacts of climate change
  • I pledge to contact my MP and my friends to make these pledges too
  • I pledge to walk, cycle, use public transport or register with carsharecornwall.com to travel to work or regular journey at least once a week
  • I pledge to work out my own carbon footpring using one of the many easy carbon calculators
  • I pledge to do a home energy check to find out how I can save energy in my home
  • I pledge to turn my thermostat down or use a thermometer to reach the lowest comfortable temperature, typically between 18-21C, and think about putting on a jumper instead
  • I pledge to reduce my holiday air miles by 50%
  • I pledge to research driving in a greener way by Google/research or by ringing up a driving instructor and booking a lesson to learn eco-drive ideas

More details can be found on Cornwall Council's website.

Weather: Cloudy with chance of showers

Alex Osborne

BBC Weather

A rather cloudy day with a chance of some spells of showery rain at times.

There will still be some drier interludes with gentle winds.

Maximum temperature: 17C (63F).

weather map

Weather: Mainly dry but getting cloudier

Emily Wood

BBC Weather

Largely dry on Monday night, with some clear spells and mist and fog patches.

However, cloud will thicken in the early hours.

Minimum temperature: 8 to 11C (46 to 52F).


Rather cloudy on Tuesday, with a chance of some spells of showery rain at times throughout the day. Gentle winds.

Maximum temperature: 13 to 16C (55 to 61F).

Police forensics service faces a major shake-up

Ed Oldfield

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Jobs could be at risk in the Devon & Cornwall Police forensics service under a major shake-up.

Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer has revealed the force’s science support service is undergoing modernisation to take into account new digital processes.

But concerns have been raised about the impact of changes on the service in Plymouth, which has already seen the effect of cutbacks with fewer crimes being investigated by forensics staff.

Under the restructuring plan, fingerprint and chemical laboratories would be based with Avon & Somerset Police and Devon & Cornwall would host a digital centre. The force would also have a series of forensic hubs where staff would collect material from crime scenes for analysis.

Devon & Cornwall Police

The plan follows a decision in March to drop a plan to transfer employment of the Devon & Cornwall team to Dorset Police.

Mr Sawyer told members of the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel that the changes could take between six months and a year, adding he hoped any staff who might lose their job could be retrained and redeployed, but redundancies could not be ruled out.

Discussions would be taking place with staff and the GMB union.

He said there were concerns about a backlog in forensics work which was having an impact on the progress of sexual offence cases.

Mr Sawyer said: “Digital fingerprints can be looked at as easily from Scotland as Saltash. We have to work in the real world.”

The chief constable was responding to a question about the changes from Plymouth Labour councillor Sally Haydon, who commented: “We don’t want to lose any of our highly skilled staff from here.”

Knee op prep reveals prostate cancer

Jenny Walrond

Health Correspondent, BBC Spotlight

Lesle Burden and Paul Gidley

A Plymouth man's life was saved by having a pre-operative assessment for a knee replacement, he says.

Nurse Lesle Burden checked on earlier blood tests Paul Gidley had had and picked up the signs of an aggressive prostate cancer after seeing a high PSA [prostate-specific antigen] level.

She told him to go straight back to his GP and to have this followed up, which led to him being treated with radiotherapy, surgery and hormone therapy.

About 3,000 men a year in the South West are diagnosed with the disease, with one in six men nationwide developing it.

In the meantime, Paul said he hoped to get his new knee soon and he was urging other men to go to their doctor if they had concerns.

Paul Gidley

If you notice anything different, if anything changes, if you get up to go to the loo a couple of times a night, just go and see your GP. No one wants to go, but, believe you me, if you don't you may well end up paying the ultimate price."

Paul GidleyProstate cancer patient

Police use informal punishments for sex offenders

Ben Woolvin

BBC South West Home Affairs correspondent

Devon and Cornwall Police has handed more than 100 informal punishments to sex offenders in four years despite guidance restricting their use.

Community resolutions are intended to be used outside of the court service to resolve low level offences or anti-social behaviour incidents. Offenders agree to apologise and perhaps repair damages.

The offender does not get a criminal record and it does not show up on a DBS criminal records check, which is why using them to deal with reported sex offences is controversial.

New figures from the BBC's Shared Data Unit show community resolution orders have been used in more than 102 reported sex offences in the force area since 2014.

That is a very small proportion of the total number of reported sex offences - just under 1% of the 12,000 sex offences reported to Devon and Cornwall Police in that time. But, of course, sex offences are serious by definition.

The charity Victim Support said it was "very concerning and completely inappropriate for community resolutions to be used in cases where a sexual offence has been committed" and that the public "could be put at risk if sexual offenders are not receiving criminal records".

Devon and Cornwall Police said the resolutions were only used for sex offences in very rare instances - for example, "peer-on-peer" offences where young people in relationships were having sex before reaching the age of consent, or "sibling on sibling" offences within a family.

It added they were also only employed for such offences "when the victim, or their parent or guardian, has been consulted, and the offender accepts responsibility".

Devon and Cornwall Police car

Love Island: Cornwall's Lucie 'suffers emotional abuse'


Love island vewers have criticised contestant Joe Garratt's behaviour on the show, with many accusing the 22-year-old of "gaslighting".

During Sunday night’s episode of the ITV reality television show, tensions between sandwich salesman Joe and Cornish contestant Lucie Donlan mounted after he questioned why she was spending so much time with a fellow contestant.

Weather: Cloudy start, sunshine later

Emily Wood

BBC Weather

A fairly cloudy morning with some scattered showers.

More in the way of sunshine in the afternoon, with most areas remaining dry, and it will be breezy.

Maximum temperature: 18C (64F).

weather map

Weather: heavy rain tonight

BBC Weather

It is a mainly cloudy afternoon with some bright or sunny spells. There will also be some showery outbreaks of rain. Winds will be moderate gusting fresh south westerly, but strong later in the west.

TONIGHT: Cloud will lower and thicken from the west with occasionally heavy rain spreading eastwards overnight. Winds will be fresh southerly, gusting near gale at times.

Minimum: 9°C

weather map

Cornwall has highest drowning figures in UK

BBC Radio Cornwall

New figures show more people drown in Cornwall than anywhere else in the UK or Ireland.

A survey carried out by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) also says that one in eight people in the South West has nearly died in the water.

Seventy people have accidentally drowned in Cornwall in the last five years, including six in 2018, making it the highest-ranking county for drowning tragedies.


Saturday marks the start of Drowning Prevention Week, which highlights drowning and how to prevent it.

The RLSS UK is running events around the county to highlight the dangers of open water.

It says six percent of people surveyed in the South West knew someone who had died through drowning.

Cornwall Council to invest £500,000 in creative projects

Richard Whitehouse

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Cornwall Council looks set to invest more than half a million pounds in creative industries which will lead to an additional £5m coming into the county.

By approving the funds extra money will be available through national and European funding programmes.

As part of the plans, grants will be paid to a number of individual projects across Cornwall:

  • Creative Kernow will get £340,000, allowing them to extend their project which provides support for businesses in the creative sector, including film and TV.
  • Newlyn Art Gallery will receive £50,000 towards an "innovative participation, employment and audience diversity project" called New Voices in deprived areas in Cornwall.
  • A grant of £20,000 is earmarked for IntoBodmin, which is planning an engagement and inclusive participation project.
  • The Ordinalia Nessa Project has been allocated £100,000 to stage three Medieval mystery plays in Cornwall in 2020.
  • £30,000 is to be given to "maximise the opportunities presented by the Mayflower 400 celebrations".
Charlestown Harbour
Charlestown Harbour: TV projects such as Poldark bring about £60m per year to the Cornish economy (Visit Cornwall)

The council's Cabinet will be asked to approve the funding when it meets next week.

By doing so, Cornwall Council will help unlock £5,051,291 from the EU and national funding schemes for the various projects, including promoting Cornwall for use in TV and film.

App used to support people with learning disabilities

Jenny Walrond

Health Correspondent, BBC Spotlight

Cornwall Council is investing in technology that can help people with autism and learning disabilities to live independently.

The Brain in Hand app is one of a number of initiatives to help people live more independently.

It prompts people to carry out tasks such as preparing food and gives them suggestions for when things do not go to plan and allows them to contact a carer directly when they feel anxious.

Rob Rotchell

The council says it is giving people more confidence and independence and is helping with a chronic shortage of care workers.

Councillor for Camelford Rob Rotchell said there were currently 2,000 vacancies across the health and care sector in Cornwall.

"We don't have the people to supply the one-to-one care that we want to," he said.

"It is about making sure that the staff we do have are focused on those people that need personal care and those people that can be supported using technology - that's what we do."

Weather: A cloudy and rainy day ahead

BBC Weather

A cloudy day ahead with outbreaks of rain which will be widespread and locally heavy.

The rain should start to ease and become more intermittent during the afternoon.

Maximum temperature: 14C (57F).

weather map

Weather: Persistent and thundery showers

BBC Weather

weather map

Showers will continue on Wednesday evening and through the night.

They should ease and become more isolated, but a few will persist through the night. Some clearer intervals later.

Minimum temperature: 7 to 10C (45 to 50F).

There may be some bright or sunny intervals on Thursday, but there will be showers and perhaps some longer spells of rain too.

The showers may become heavy and thundery locally.

Maximum temperature: 11 to 14C (52 to 57F).

MP in bid to raise profile of Cornish wrestling

Johanna Carr

BBC News Online

A Cornish MP has said he may challenge a colleague to a wrestling match during a debate in the House of Commons later.

Tory MP Scott Mann is holding an adjournment debate calling on the government to recognise Cornish Wrestling - or "wrasslin'" - and to look at whether the sport could be part of the Commonwealth Games.

"We are proud of a lot of things in Cornwall," he said.

"We have a lot of things like gig rowing, but Cornish wrestling goes back to Agincourt, where two Cornishmen were carrying the banner with Cornish wrestlers on it."

Mr Mann said it was quite a "niche" sport in Cornwall and Sport England had not helped to raise its profile.


He added: "I might challenge the minister to a wrestle. I'll have to make sure I get that into my speech. It is going to be a fun debate."

Scott Mann
"We are proud of a lot of things in Cornwall," Scott Mann MP said

Weather: Dry for some but showers expected

BBC Weather

A dry Wednesday morning in some places with some bright or sunny intervals.

However, showers and longer spells of rain are expected during the day.

Some thundery downpours are also possible.

Maximum temperature: 16C (61F).

weather map

Unemployment in South West lowest in country

Unemployment in the South West was 2.7% in the three months ending in April, down from 3.3% last year.

This is the lowest rate of all the regions in the UK. The highest unemployment rate in the UK was the North East at 5.7%.

The UK’s unemployment rate has stayed at 3.8%, its lowest since late 1974.

Unemployment chart

UK wage growth faster than expected

South West weather: More rain on the way

BBC Weather

There will be low cloud around the coasts and across the moors this afternoon. Winds will be fresh or strong northerly, gusting near gale in exposed locations.

Maximum: 13C

It will be overcast overnight with outbreaks of rain that could still be heavy at times. It will ease through the night to be very light and patchy by dawn, but with some low cloud and hill fog over the moors. Winds will ease to be fresh reducing moderate north easterly.

Minimum Temperature: 8C

Weather map

Very wet with heavy rain throughout

Lucy Martin

BBC Weather

It's a wet start to the day with a flood alert around the River Exe near Cullompton.


For the rest of the day it will be very wet and breezy, with prolonged spells of frontal rain spreading from the east throughout, these often heavy and persistent.

High rainfall totals possible, but some uncertainty still.

Maximum temperature: 11 to 14°C (52 to 57°F)

Weather warning in place for Devon and Cornwall

Miles Davis

BBC News Online

The Met Office has issued a weather warning with more heavy rain expected this afternoon across Devon and Cornwall.

Here is what the Met Office said to watch out for:

  • Bus and train services affected with journey times taking longer
  • Spray and flooding on roads will make journey times longer
  • A few homes and businesses flooded
  • Some interruption to power supplies and other services

The warning is in place until 19:00.

Weather map

Sills wins first World Cup medal

Brent Pilnick

BBC Sport

Cornish windsufer Saskia Sills has won her first World Cup medal.

The 22-year-old from Launceston, who is a former youth world champion, got a silver medal at the World Cup series event in Marseille.

Saskia Sills
Sailing Energy/World Sailing

It was the first time she had progressed to the medal race at a World Sailing event.

"It's amazing, I'm so happy," she told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"I've been working really hard with my coach and my training partners so it's been amazing to convert all the hard work into a medal."

Weather: A cloudy and showery start before cloud breaks

BBC Weather

A cloudy start to Monday, with scattered showers spreading north across the area.


Cloud breaking to allow more in the way of sunshine during the afternoon, but the odd shower still possible.

Maximum temperature: 13 to 16C (55 to 61F).

Thunderstorm warning in South West

It's on its way- here's what to expect says the Met Office:

  • Heavy thundery showers may cause some travel disruption
  • Some flooding of a few homes and businesses likely, leading to some damage to buildings or structures
  • Spray and flooding on roads probably making journey times longer
  • Bus and train services probably affected with journey times taking longer
  • Some interruption to power supplies and other services likely

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Bikers caught at up to 116mph by police operation

BBC Radio Devon

Bikers were caught riding at up to 116mph after a speeding clampdown by Devon and Cornwall Police.


The operation on 22, 23 and 29 May and 1 June also caught bikers doing 99mph and 96mph on the 70mph-limited A30 and A38.

Another biker was recorded doing 81mph in a 40mph zone of the A386, among a total of 500 speeding offences over the four-day action.

PC Ralph Delbridge said the figures were "disappointing" because motorcyclists were "undoubtedly some of the most vulnerable road users".

Gig rowers appeal for elm amid boom in demand for boats

BBC Radio Cornwall

Pilot gig racing has become so popular in Cornwall that there's now a shortage of home grown wood to build the boats.

Gavin Saunders

So gig rowers in Cornwall are appealing to landowners to donate elm and oak if they're chopping trees down, especially elm which has been blighted by dutch elm disease.

Shaun Sullivan, chairman of the Cornish Pilot Gig Association, said: "It needs to be a mature tree and the longer the better.

"The boats are about 32ft long, about 10m, but the less joins they have to do the better so if they can get elm that's 10ft or 12ft or longer that's the kind of lengths that they want."

Thunderstorm forecast for Devon and Cornwall

Get your umbrellas ready because there's an official warning of heavy rain later.

Met Office

The yellow warning from the Met Office from 14:00 to 23:00 comes amid a forecast of thundery showers across much of the South West.

The heaviest showers will clear to the north east, leaving an increasingly windy and cloudy night, with patchy rain at times. Minimum Temperature: 7 to 10°C (45 to 50°F)

Schools celebrate World Ocean Day

BBC Spotlight


Children across the south west will be celebrating our oceans today as part of Schools Ocean Day.

The event, organised by the National Marine Aquarium as part of World Ocean Day on 8 June, aims to help primary schools teach pupils about the marine environment and the habitats and different species within it.

Children will be taking part in activities including rock-pooling on the region's beaches and fancy dress in the classroom.

What the day should be is a celebration of the ocean. I think we're all well aware now that the ocean is facing some quite serious problems, but World Ocean Day should be about celebration of the habitats, the animals, what the ocean does for us and what we can do to help it."

Nicola BridgeNational Marine Aquarium

Weather: A very wet day with odd sunny spells

Alex Osborne

BBC Weather

A very wet start with persistent rain across the region.

Through the afternoon, some sunny spells will develop, but there will also be a good scattering of heavy showers - some of which will turn thundery.

Maximum temperature: 16C (61F).

weather map