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  1. Conservative majority slashed in west London

    The first result from the London Assembly election is in, with the Conservative candidate Tony Devenish holding the West Central seat by 2,225 votes from Labour - much reduced from a 14,000 majority in 2016.

    The West Central seat includes two Tory run councils - Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea, as well as the Labour Hammersmith and Fulham - and has been held by the Tories since the creation of the Assembly in 2000.

    The result may be a blow to the hopes of Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey. The last time a Conservative won the London mayoralty, Boris Johnson in 2012, West Central was won by more than 29,000 votes.

  2. What is the picture in London?

    City Hall

    In London, Labour's Sadiq Khan had been widely expected to win in the race to be mayor.

    There has been some speculation that the Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey is performing better than expected.

    However BBC Radio London's political reporter Susana Mendonça warns that it is "early days" and that only a small number of constituencies have so far been counted.

    "Both Bexley and Bromely and West Central have verified around 78% of their votes - they are both Conservative leaning areas," she says.

    "The picture will changes as we go through today and tomorrow."