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Severe accident: A14 Northamptonshire eastbound

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A14 Northamptonshire eastbound severe accident, from J6 to J7 A43.

A14 Northamptonshire - An accident on A14 eastbound from J6, Glendon to J7, A43 (Kettering). Traffic is coping well.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Patient attacks paramedic in ambulance
An ambulance worker had his hair pulled out as he was assaulted inside his ambulance in Nottingham.

New 999 centre could lead to better response times

Response times to 999 calls could be improved thanks to all three emergency services working under one roof in Lincolnshire, fire chiefs say.

Fire engines and ambulances

Fire and ambulance crews have begun moving into a £21m building on South Park in Lincoln, and police officers are due to move into the centre later this year.

It's the first combined fire, ambulance and police station in the country.

We've seen it already at Sleaford and Louth where the operational crews from fire and EMAS have been working together for sometime. You can see on the ground the improvement in operational procedures when we attend things like road traffic accidents, for example.

Tim JoyceArea Manager, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue