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  1. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire go to the polls

    People in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire go to the polls today to cast their vote and decide who runs services which affect their area.

    Polling station sign

    Local council elections, police and crime commissioner roles and West Yorkshire's first elected mayor will all be decided by voters.

    Some polling stations are different this year because of the Covid pandemic and people are being asked to check where to go to cast their ballot.

    You can find out more here about which elections are taking place in your area.

  2. Wars of Roses battle scene stamps released

    Eight special stamps marking the Wars of the Roses have been released.

    Battle of Wakefield stamp

    The Wars of the Roses, some of the most notorious battles to have taken place in British history, were a series of civil wars for the throne of England between the House of York and the House of Lancaster, both members of the royal Plantagenet family.

    Between 1455 and 1487 England was torn apart by a series of violent struggles for the throne.

    The period witnessed the deposition of three kings, and the violent death of two of them, in a series of bloody battles which became known as the Wars of the Roses.

    Battle of Towton stamp

    The conflicts are thought to be named after the emblems of the contending parties: the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster

    The Battle of Towton in North Yorkshire in 1461 and The Battle of Wakefield in 1460 are among those featured in the collection which were illustrated by Graham Turner, a leading medieval and military artist.

  3. Wednesday's Yorkshire and Lincolnshire weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    After a dry and sunny start this morning it will turn cloudier this afternoon, with occasional showers in some places and a moderate breeze.

    Showers will continue this evening, some of these will be heavy and wintry over high ground.

    Overnight it will become dry with clear spells developing:

    Weather graphic
  4. Survey asks 'What is Yorkshireness'?

    An online survey is asking questions about what gives Yorkshire its identity and how people define 'Yorkshireness'?

    Ribblehead viaduct

    The Yorkshire Society's Big Yorkshire Conversation is asking these thorny questions with the aid of the University of Hull.

    It is the largest county in the UK and has more than 5,000,000 inhabitants.

    Stewart Arnold, of the university, said: "It's like a country in miniature, such is the diversity."

    The Yorkshire Society, a non political and not-for-profit organisation, said it hoped the survey would start "a wide-ranging discussion about the future of the region".

    It includes questions on Yorkshire identity, use of the Yorkshire name by companies and devolution.

  5. Football joined by sporting bodies in four-day boycott

    BBC Sport

    Leading football clubs and players will be joined by a number of sporting bodies in a four-day boycott of social media platforms from Friday in a move to tackle abuse and discrimination.

    Social media icons

    Rugby union, cricket and rugby league will join football in the boycott which runs from 15:00 on Friday, and end at 23:59 on Monday.

    "This boycott signifies our collective anger," said Sanjay Bhandari, the chairman of anti-discrimination charity Kick it Out.

    "By removing ourselves from the platforms, we are making a symbolic gesture to those with power. We need you to act. We need you to create change."

    Sheffield Wednesday captain Barry Bannan said he hoped the action would help bring about a change.

    “There is no room or reason for any form of abuse on social media," he said.

    "Footballers are human beings like everybody else and no one should be subjected to some of the terrible abuse that we see week in, week out."

    Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa added: "Everything that helps to combat discrimination, the possibility to cause harm anonymously, to damage or cause harm to someone unjustly and the possibility to do this without the consequences, they are realities which should be combatted."