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  1. BreakingLib Dems hold Orkney


    The first result of the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections sees the Lib Dems' Liam McArthur hold Orkney.

    The constituency seat was one of just four that the Lib Dems won in 2016.

    Full result here

  2. Orkney's internal and external issues

    Huw Williams

    BBC Radio Orkney

    wall in orkney

    It’s a glorious day in Orkney and we’re expecting the ballot boxes to arrive under police escort shortly.

    The main issues in Orkney, like across the rest of the country, have been recovery from the Covid pandemic, the future for business and tourism and making sure young people don’t suffer because of the disruption to their education.

    And, of course, the continuing impact of Brexit – remember Brexit? – with special concerns in the country for agriculture, shellfish and food business.

    Some island-specific issues too, which you could sum up in a word as connectivity.

    That’s things like our internal and lifeline external ferry links. The Orkney Ferries fleet needs to be replaced and we don’t yet have the cheaper fares that the road-equivalent tariff has brought to the Hebrides and Clyde network. Connectivity too for broadband speeds and digital connections

    And like everywhere else across Scotland, the big issue of do you think those things need to be tackled first with constitutional change put on the back burner – or do you think independence is the key to sorting all those challenges out.

    Election count in Orkney