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Staying mainly cloudy for next 24 hours

BBC Weather

The cloudy skies are set to continue tonight with patches of fog forming. Low: 6C (43F).


Then staying cloudy tomorrow with mist and fog around and a few spots of drizzle later in the day. High 8C (46F).

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Grey and murky to start today

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Cloudy and misty to start today with fog patches around. It'll then become a cloudy day with the odd bright spell and there could be drizzle this afternoon. High: 10C/50F.

Alex Hamilton with Wednesday's West Midlands' weather

Then some clearer spells this evening but it'll be mainly cloudy tonight with the chance of drizzle and mist spreading across most areas. Low: 6C/43F.

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Your weather: A cloudy and misty night expected

BBC Weather

There will be a few clear spells overnight but mainly it will be cloudy and misty with lows of 3C (37F).

BBC Weather Watchers/Postman Les

Tomorrow is set to be a mainly cloudy and misty day with a few bright spells.

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Video: Your 30-second weather forecast

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

Early patches of fog will clear to leave a cloudy day with some bright spells and highs of 7C (45F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

After a cold start it will be a dry day with sunny spells and highs of 6C (43F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Closing ambulance base would 'put lives at risk'

BBC Radio Stoke

Lives will be lost if a town's community ambulance hub is shut, a former paramedic's told the BBC.

West Midlands Ambulance Service wants to remove the response base in Cheadle, Staffordshire, by the end of March.

Ambulance base in Cheadle

Instead, it wants to convert the rapid response vehicle there into an ambulance as it says the current vehicle only attends 2.2% of calls in the area.

But former paramedic Carole Winning told BBC Radio Stoke she believes lives are at stake: "They're saying they'll have an ambulance here but they won't because they're so busy, they'll never get here."

Cheadle Town Councillor Dave Sargeant said it would take longer for ambulances to respond: "You've got areas like Whiston, Ipstones, Foxt. These are difficult places to get to and, if you think of somebody coming from Newcastle to Cheadle, a minimum time to get here, it's going to be 25 minutes."

The ambulance service said it believed the move would save money and would not change the level of ambulance cover in the area, "if anything, this will increase over the coming months".

Your weather: Much colder and clearer than of late

BBC Weather

It will be a cold night with clear periods and lows of -1C (30F).

A mostly dry and fine day can be expected tomorrow with lengthy periods of sunshine.

BBC Weather Watchers/Steve Blackman

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Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

It will be a windy day with some heavy rain at times with highs of 8C (46F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Data used to justify minor injury unit closure 'unhelpful'

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Data used to justify the temporary closure of two Herefordshire minor injury units was "unhelpful", the managing director of the Wye Valley NHS Trust has accepted.

The units in Ross-on-Wye and Leominster were closed at the start of November, so that staff could be diverted to Hereford County Hospital over the winter months and the trust produced statistics to say the units were only being visited by 1.6 patients an hour.

Ross community hospital

But, appearing before Herefordshire councillors, Jane Ives confirmed that figure had been reached by taking the annual attendances and then dividing them up on the basis the units were open for 52 weeks a year, when in reality it is less than that.

Ms Ives said she would be happy to send accurate figures to councillors.

This is, I’m a afraid, pretty shoddy maths. To divide the number of attendants by 52 weeks when the MIU are manifestly not open for 52 weeks, probably more like 38 or 40, creates a completely false statistic."

Kevin TillettHerefordshire Council

Dry weather tonight but will change tomorrow

BBC Weather

The dry weather's set to continue tonight which will also see long, clear spells and a light breeze. Low: 3C (37F).

Dawley, Shropshire
Liam Ball

Tomorrow will start dry and bright but it'll then turn cloudy and windy through the morning with some rain later in the day. High: 11C (52F).

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Flood alerts remain as more rain forecast

River levels across the West Midlands are expected to stay high over the next few days, the Environment Agency has said.

It's still got flood alerts affecting the rivers Severn, Avon, Teme, Lugg, Dene, Leam, Swift, Sow, Penk, Worfe, Tern and Perry.

flood map
Environment Agency

More rain is forecast tomorrow and the Environment Agency warned that people in towns and cities may see floodwater rise up through drains.

Council to look at spending £39m on electric buses

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Herefordshire Council is considering spending £39m on electric buses.

The plan is being suggested as a way to improve transport links in the county in an environmentally friendly way.

Electric bus
Getty Images

The proposals are being discussed next month and the council will also look at spending £35.7m on superfast broadband and £5.5m on city centre improvements in Hereford.

No need for a brolly today

Sara Blizzard

BBC Weather

It's set to be a dry day with sunny spells and, while breezy, not as windy as yesterday. High: 9C/48F.

Sara Blizzard

The dry weather's set to continue tonight with a lot of clear sky. Low: 3C/37F.

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Grants for building improvements available

Businesses in Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire are being invited to bid for grants of up to £150,000.

The money is partly from the European Regional Development Fund and companies can ask for money to pay for new buildings, extensions, renovations or repairs, as long as they pay half the costs themselves.

Getty Images

Shops and farming companies are exempt, however, and companies can't apply for retrospective funding for work they've already carried out.

Successful applicants will also have to prove the investment creates at least one full-time job within four months of the work's completion.

Funding is not affected by Brexit.

Flood alerts as more rain is forecast

We're seeing a number of flood alerts in the West Midlands, affecting the rivers Severn, Tern, Perry, Sow, Penk, Lugg, Avon, Swift, Leam and Frome.

This photo was taken by a West Mercia Police officer on the A4110 between Wigmore and Adforton this morning. The Environment Agency has warned about flash flooding on roads.

flooded road
West Mercia Police

Gusty winds and heavy rain are forecast for parts of the region tonight and the Environment Agency says it expects river levels to remain high.

Storm Brendan: Flash flooding 'inevitable'

Flash flooding is "inevitable" with heavy rain and winds forecast across the West Midlands later, the Environment Agency has said.

A yellow warning for wind is in place from 12:00 until midnight.

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Warning of strong winds issued

Strong winds could cause travel problems and there's the possibility of power loss in some areas, the Met Office is warning.

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The yellow warning, affecting the whole of the West Midlands, is in place from 12:00 until midnight.

Storm Brendan is set to be followed by icy patches, wintry showers and more gales in other parts of the country which could lead to further travel disruption.

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It's going to get windy today with rain from late morning and highs of 10C (50F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Weather warning for wind issued

Strong winds on Tuesday could cause disruption to transport and loss of power across the West Midlands, the Met Office is warning.

Weather warning
Met Office

A yellow warning for wind has been issued from 12:00 to midnight.

The storm was named Brendan on Saturday by Irish weather service, Met Éireann.

Video: Your 50-second weather forecast

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

After a dry and windy morning a band of heavy rain will spread eastwards across the region with highs of 9C (48F).

Latest weather for the West Midlands

Your weather: A cloudy night with strong winds

It will be a cloudy night with strengthening winds and lows of 3C (37F).

Tomorrow will be cloudy for much of the day with occasional showers and strong winds.

Lower Broadheath
BBC Weather Watchers/Mike Snapper

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Flood warning in place as properties affected

A flood warning has been issued for the River Dene at Walton near Wellesbourne in Warwickshire.

Flood alerts are also in place for the Avon in Worcestershire, the Frome in Herefordshire, the Lugg south of Leominster and Leam and Itchen in Warwickshire.

Warwickshire Fire Service said it had received calls overnight to flooding in properties in Stretton on Fosse and Darlingscott.

Crews had been called to six incidents overnight, it added.

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Hospitals across West Midlands fall short of A&E target

A number of hospital trusts in the West Midlands have seen falls in the number of A&E patients they managed to see within four hours last month, compared with December 2018.

The hospitals in Shrewsbury and Telford saw the lowest percentage within this timescale, just 60.5%, but they were closely followed by the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust, which reported a figure of 62.8% last month - down from 73.5% the previous December.

The government asks for 95% of patients at A&E departments to be seen within four hours, but the average for England is 79.8%.

A&E department

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, and the Wye Valley NHS Trust also saw the percentage of patients seen within four hours fall, to 66.7% and 67.3% respectively.

The Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust reported a fall from 86.7% in December 2018 to 74.2% last month.

Ambulance bosses have ordered crews to avoid taking care home residents in Worcestershire and Shropshire to local hospitals unless it is an absolute emergency because of the "extreme difficulties" being experienced.

More rain and showers in next 24 hours

BBC Weather

There's going to be more rain to start tonight but it should clear from about midnight. Low: 6C/43F.

Southam, Warwickshire

Tomorrow's then set to start breezy and cloudy with some blustery showers through the day. High: 10C/50F.

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Homicides fall for first time in five years


The number of people killed in most parts of the West Midlands fell in 2019, BBC research suggests.

Flowers for a stabbing victim in Birmingham in 2019

It's in line with a trend across the UK as, in total, 650 people were killed in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland last year.

That's down from the 774 homicides in 2018, police figures show.

West Midlands Police said the number fell from 51 in 2018 to 39 last year; while homicides in Greater Manchester were down from 64 to 39.

West Mercia and Cheshire police forces also saw drops in homicides recorded in 2019 compared to the previous 12 months.

Keep an umbrella handy

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

It's going to be mainly cloudy today with patches of rain and just the rare sunny spell around. High: 11C/52F.

Alex Hamilton

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Your weather forecast: Clear spells overnight

BBC Weather

There will be a few clear spells overnight with winds gradually easing and lows of 9C (48F).

Tomorrow morning will be mainly dry but rain will spread in from the west by the afternoon.

BBC Weather Watchers/Angus and me

Ambulance crews handed A&E rule over care homes

West Midlands Ambulance Service has directed its staff not to take patients living in nursing and care homes to A&E without first seeking the approval of the control room - unless the patient's condition is life-threatening.

The service is trying to reduce A&E waits and has a department within the control room dedicated to finding alternatives to emergency transfers.


In Shropshire, the number of ambulances kept waiting outside an A&E for more than three hours rose from 34 in 2018 to 152 last year.

Your weather forecast: A colder night in store

BBC Weather

It will turn dry tonight with clear periods and winds easing, with lows of 2C (36F).

Tomorrow morning will see bright spells giving way to cloud and patchy rain.

You can find a detailed weather forecast for your area on the BBC Weather site.

BBC Weather Watchers / Mrs Baggins

Man falls 32ft down well

Allen Cook

BBC News

Crews have been working to rescue a man who fell about 10m (32ft) down a well.

Firefighters around the well
Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service

Emergency services were called to Knighton-on-Teme, between Kidderminster and Leominster, just before 09:00.

A firefighter was winched down to the man's location in what the fire service called a "delicate" operation, fearing the area around the well could collapse.

The man was pulled up about two hours later, having suffered minor injuries.

Dry weather to start weekend

BBC Weather

Dry tonight with some long, clear spells mixed with some patches of cloud. Low: 3C (37F).

Les at Large

Then the weekend starts cold and clear before Saturday will be mainly fine with sunny spells and scattered cloud. High: 9C (48F).

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Hereford bypass review decision expected this month

Local Democracy Reporting Service

A decision on the future of a long-planned bypass is expected later this month.

Aerial view of Hereford with proposed routes
Herefordshire Council

The route of the £150m Hereford bypass and southern link road, to connect Rotherwas with the A49 north of the city, was given the green light in 2018.

But, after a change in administration at Herefordshire Council in last year's elections, the new leaders paused all work in August and agreed to commission a review.

Transport cabinet member John Harrington is expected to announce on 16 January which parts of the schemes will be examined and outline a timescale for the review.

Rain expected in next few hours

BBC Weather

Cloudy this evening with the odd bit of drizzle around before more rain's expected to spread in through the night. Low: 7C (45F).

Laura and Glenn

Then starting damp tomorrow before the cloud and rain clears by the afternoon to leave some sunny spells. High: 8C (46F).

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Herefordshire could have 1,000 new council homes

BBC Hereford and Worcester

One thousand new council homes could be built in Herefordshire as part of plans to create "affordable" and "sustainable" homes in the county's bigger villages and market towns.

Homes - generic
Getty Images

The council says up to £100m could be spent on the scheme - the first such large-scale project in the county in more than 50 years.

Finance and Corporate Services cabinet member Liz Harvey says some of the £38m which came from the controversial selling-off of council farms in 2017 will be used to fund the plans.

Herefordshire Council sold its farm holdings, so that's been a major capital receipt to the council and I'd like to see that money converted into a different sort of capital asset that is meaningful to local people."

Liz HarveyCouncillor

Weather: A cold but dry start to the new year

Rebecca Wood

BBC Midlands Today

Going out to see in the new year? The good news is it should be a mainly dry night.

Here's your weather forecast:

Weather forecast for the West Midlands

Ambulance service expecting a busy New Year's Eve

West Midlands Ambulance Service is drafting in extra staff to deal with an expected increase in call-outs tonight.

The main spike is usually seen withing 15 minutes of the New Year - and most incidents are alcohol related.


Last year, WMAS received 2,140 calls between 19:00 on New Year’s Eve and 06:00 on New Year’s Day.

Weather: A dry end to the year

Kate Forster, BBC Weather

We're expecting a dry evening for New Year's Eve celebrations and it should remain dry tomorrow too.

Here's your forecast:

Weather forecast for the West Midlands

Weather forecast for tonight and New Year's Eve

BBC Weather

It is set to stay dry to start tonight, with clear spells, although it's expected to start clouding over from the early hours tomorrow. Low: 6C/43F.


New Year's Eve's set to be mainly dry and cloudy with the odd bright spell. High 8C/46F.

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Warning of fog affecting travel this evening

The Met Office is warning that fog could be a danger in parts of Herefordshire and Worcestershire this evening.

It says visibility could be down to about 100m from 17:00 and it is likely to mean some travel disruption.

Weather warning
Met Office

The good news is the fog is expected to lift by tomorrow morning.

A sunny and clear day

Kaye Forster

Weather Presenter

Any early mist and fog should lift to leave a mainly fine day with sunny spells. High: 10C/50F.

Kaye Forster

Then staying dry this evening with clear spells before turning more cloudy through the night. Low: 5C/41F.

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Cloudy and mainly dry for next 24 hours

BBC Weather

Tonight's set to stay cloudy and dry with some mist in places. Low: 6C/43F.

Sheep in Longnor, Shropshire
STFC Goose

The weekend's then expected to start grey and misty with some drizzle around before turning generally dry and cloudy. High 10C/50F.

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Mayor's ultimatum 'still in place' despite ticket offer

Allen Cook

BBC News

The West Midlands mayor says his ultimatum to West Midlands Trains remains in place despite the firm offering discounts to season ticket holders.


The operator's made the move after months of disruption following the introduction of a new timetable in May, which the firm's claimed is too complex.

Earlier this week, mayor Andy Street said he expected a reliable service from 31 January or he'd ask the government to remove the franchise from the company.

He's now welcomed the discount move but said his ultimatum was still in place.

Passengers offered season ticket discount over disruption

Season ticket holders on services run by West Midlands Trains will be offered discounts from January after months of disruption.

Passengers at a railway station

Passengers on both West Midlands Railway and London Northwestern Railway have seen delays, cancellations and overcrowding over the past few months.

The operator blamed a new timetable introduced in May, which it claims is too complex.

Passengers using weekly, monthly and annual season tickets will be offered a 3% cut in the cost, which the firm claims will offset the annual 2.8% rise in national fares from 2 January.

West Midlands Trains says the timetable will also be simplified in May and it'll offer other passengers a summer ticket promotion.

Earlier this week, West Midlands mayor Andy Street said he'd ask the government to strip the operator of the franchise if it didn't restore a reliable service by 31 January.