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Lincolnshire's voting tally: A 2017-19 comparison


Here are Lincolnshire's General Election 2019 vote totals compared to those from 2017:

  • The Conservative vote in Lincolnshire is up by 47,127 on 2017 (23.5% rise)
  • Labour's vote is down 28,594 (37.3% drop)
  • Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats' vote is up 13,439 (89.9% rise)

There are seven constituencies in the Lincolnshire County Council area.

General election 2019: What questions do you have?

Westminster graphic

The election results are in but what else do you want to know?

Do you still have questions about the general election?

It could be a query over what happens next or an issue close to your heart.

You can find out the results for your area by using our constituency pages and catch up on the night's key points here.

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Corbyn must go - Lincolnshire Labour MEP

Lincolnshire Labour MEP Rory Palmer says party leader Jeremy Corbyn must go immediately after his historic defeat.


Jeremy Corbyn (pictured) has said he will not lead Labour into the next election, following a "very disappointing night" for his party.

Mr Corbyn said he would stay on as leader during a "process of reflection" on the result, which a BBC forecast says will be its worst since 1935.

Never mind leading us into the next election, he shouldn't lead the Labour party into this weekend."

Rory PalmerLincolnshire Labour MEP

Analysis: 'Lincolnshire is a sea of blue'

Tim Iredale

Political Editor, BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

The political map of Lincolnshire from the Humber to the Wash is now a sea of blue.

Celebrations in Grimsby

Conservative gains in Great Grimsby and Scunthorpe were predicted by some opinion polls over the course of the campaign.

But as Labour’s “red wall” began to crumble during the night, it soon became clear history was in the making.

Labour’s dominance in Grimsby began 74 years ago when Clement Attlee was Prime Minister.

And although a previous version of the Scunthorpe constituency had been held by the Tories in the Thatcher era - the steel town felt like safe Labour territory in recent years.

The newly-elected Conservative MPs know their first priority will be to deliver Brexit.

In the leave-voting towns of Northern Lincolnshire, failure is not an option.

General election: National picture

Across the country a short time ago the results were as follows:

  • Exit Polls predict a Conservative majority
  • 200 of 650 seats have been declared
  • Conservatives have taken 93 seats - up 17
  • Labour have taken 79 seats - down 21
  • The SNP have taken 16 seats - up five
  • The Lib Dems have taken three seats - down one

General election 2019: The national picture

We've been focusing on the local picture so far, but here's a quick look at what's been happening nationally.

A polling station in Sheffield
PA Media

A short time ago:

  • Exit polls suggest the Conservatives will win an overall majority of 86
  • 11 seats have been declared so far - nine Labour and two Conservative

First results in

The first results of the night are in nationally.

People at the count in Sunderland
PA Media

Newcastle Central was the first to declare at 23.27 with Houghton and Sunderland Central two minutes later at 23.29. Both constituencies were held by Labour.

The first Conservative gain of the night came three minutes later in Blyth Valley, with Tory candidate Ian Levy taking the seat by 712.

Like father like daughter

Richard Madden

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Former Preston North MP Sir Robert Atkins is at the count in Louth to support his daughter Victoria who is looking to retain her seat.

The conservative candidate for Louth & Horncastle is already sitting on a 19,641 majority from 2017 and will be further buoyed by the exit polls:

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Lincolnshire's weather forecast

It will be a wet afternoon across Lincolnshire.

Here's the latest forecast:


Consent campaign launched

As the Christmas party season starts, Lincolnshire Police are reminding people about the dangers of too much alcohol and the importance of sexual consent.

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

Officers says at this time of year, people drink more and lines become blurred.

They say no one should feel bullied or pressured into having sex.

New chief exec at Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council has a new chief executive.

The appointment of Debbie Barnes, the former director of children's services and interim head of paid service, was approved at a meeting of the full council:

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General election 2019: Polling stations open

The polls have opened across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for the 2019 general election.

Polling station sign

Voting is under way in 61 constituencies across the region.

At the last election, the people of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire voted for 38 Labour MPs and 23 Conservative MPs in these seats.

However, of these MPs, two have since become independents and one has joined the Liberal Democrats.

Polling stations opened at 07:00 and will close at 22:00, with results expected to be declared on Friday.

The BBC, like other broadcasters, is not allowed to report details of campaigning while the polls are open. More details around electoral law and our BBC code of practice is explained here.

Police appeal garners new leads in Alan Wood murder case

Detectives investigating the death of a man who was brutally murdered 10 years ago say they have received new information following a recent appeal.

Alan Wood
Lincolnshire Police

Alan Wood, 50, was bound and tortured before he was killed in his home in Lound, near Bourne, in October 2009.

Following an appeal on the 10th anniversary of his murder, Senior Investigating Officer, Martin Holvey, said: "A number of people have contacted us with information including people who didn't speak with us in 2009.

"We continue to work on information provided to us and we've been able to eliminate some names from the investigation where members of the public had suspicions about particular individuals."

Lincolnshire Police

He said they're also in the process of reviewing CCTV from 2009, showing a suspect using cash-points in Bourne and Stamford.

A reward of £50,000 has been offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

Watch: Wednesday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It's going to be a bright and breezy day today with sunshine for many of us but there could be a few showers in western parts.

Temperatures today will be around the 7C mark.

Overnight it'll stay largely clear but there may still be a few showers in the west:

Fake games consoles 'could cause fires' - Warning

People in Lincolnshire who are on the lookout for a new games console for Christmas are being warned about potentially dangerous fakes which are on sale in the county.

fake console
Lincs Trading Standards

Lincolnshire Trading Standards officers have seized a number of fake Nintendo consoles being sold at £20, a quarter of their recommended price of £80.

But the low price is, according to experts, an indicator of how badly made the copies are.

Officers are warning that if it looks too good to be true, it could be dangerous:

We have had test reports where some of these consoles have been found to have problems with insulation of some of the electrical components. That means there's a potential the products could overheat and even cause a fire."

Chad SaratoonLincolnshire Trading Standards

Fox rescue sparks RSPCA criticism over snare use

The RSPCA has criticised the use of snares after rescuing a fox from a trap in Lincolnshire.

fox trap

The charity has criticised the traps "because of the suffering they cause, not only to animals like foxes that are often the target of such traps, but also to other animals like badgers and even domestic animals like cats".

RSPCA officers freed the fox from a field in North Scarle, on the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire border after a member of the public contacted them.

The trap hadn't caused any significant damage to the animal, according to the RSPCA.

The National Farmers Union (NF) says it's "crucial that farmers can control certain species for the benefit of agricultural production, animal husbandry, game management and the conservation of wildlife".

The NFU has a code of practice about the humane use of snares.

Red Arrows take lead role in Armed Forces Day event

Local Democracy Reporting Service

The Lincolnshire-based Red Arrows aerial display team is to be part of major national Armed Forces Day celebrations in Scarborough next year, it's been revealed.

Red Arrows
AFP/Getty Images

The Armed Forces Day National Event will also include a parade of more than 1,000 active and retired service personnel.

The event, on 27 June, will be the first time the national celebration has been held in Yorkshire.

A Scarborough Borough Council report's laid out the first details of the event honouring of the country’s military, with more than 100,000 people expected to visit the area on 27 June.

The authority estimates the cost of hosting the event, usually attended by members of the Royal family and the Prime Minister, will be more than £500,000 - a cost which the council hopes to offset through sponsorship.

No-go for glitter in post-Christmas recycling

Glitter-covered Christmas cards and other glittery items should not be put in the recycling bin once the festive season is over, a council is warning.

glitter campaing

Lincolnshire County Council says the sparkly addition to cards and gift wrap makes the recycling of paper products impossible.

The county's waste and recycling service is also urging people to avoid leaving grub and grease in recycling to avoid contaminating the rest of the bin's contents.

Pain sufferers urged to 'look to more than just tablets'

Chronic pain sufferers in Lincolnshire are being urged to consider using new approaches to help deal with their conditions.


The East Lincolnshire area has the highest level of opioid prescribing in the whole country and is now being targeted by a new NHS health awareness campaign.

The campaign aims to promote alternative approaches such as talking therapies and lifestyle changes.

Richard Pell, a member of the team delivering the NHS community Pain Management service for Lincolnshire, says there has been an over-reliance on painkillers.

He says: "We need to look to more than just tablets, medicines, injections and surgery. A more up-to-date understanding of pain really acknowledges it's about more than just biology.

"It's about the psychological and social components of living with long-term pain or conditions."

Big fall in child arrests in Lincolnshire

The number of children arrested by Lincolnshire Police has fallen by 61% in the last seven years, the force has revealed.

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

The figures have been released by the Howard League for Penal Reform and show the force made 745 arrests of children aged 17 and under last year - down from 1,911 in 2011.

Assistant Ch Con Kerrin Wilson said: “This is good news. It shows our effective work with partners is making real positive change for the children we deal with and, ultimately, giving them a chance for the future.

"We have a chance to engage young minds and offer people an alternative, which will hopefully lead them towards making good choices rather than entering the system and committing more and more crimes of escalating severity."

Watch: Monday's forecast for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Lisa Gallagher

Weather presenter, BBC Look North

It's a windy start to the day with a Met Office weather warning in place for coastal areas.

That's likely to bring a number of heavy showers with hail, though they will drift out into the North Sea as the day goes on.

Elsewhere we will see plenty of sunshine with temperatures of about 7C or 8C:

County Council appoints new chief executive

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Lincolnshire County Council has selected a new chief executive following the resignation of Keith Ireland.

council logo
Lincolnshire County Council

Mr Ireland left in November 2018 after a "difference of opinion" with council leader Martin Hill.

Debbie Barnes, the executive director of children’s services, was chosen as his successor yesterday.

The recommendation will go to full council for a final decision on Wednesday.

A council spokesman said a recruitment process to fill Mrs Barnes existing post will start once she is confirmed by members.

Work begins to repair flood-damaged riverbanks

Repairs to riverbanks in Lincolnshire which burst three and a half weeks ago are now under way.

flooding at short ferry
Kerry Hotchin

The Barlings Eau burst its banks after heavy rainfall in the first weekend of November.

About 1,500 acres of farmland were flooded as a result, forcing farmers to use boats to reach their cut-off homes (pictured).

The Environment Agency (EA) says engineers are installing pilings to plug the breach in the river, then water will be pumped off the land before the bank is rebuilt using clay and soil.

Meanwhile, repairs are also under way at the Timberland Delph, another waterway which broke its banks in a village near Woodhall Spa after heavy rain.

The agency also say it's been inspecting flood defences across the county and making repairs to anything which felt the strain of excessive rain.

The EA says this autumn's rainfall was double the usual average and set record water levels on the Rivers Witham and Ancholme.

Despite the extreme rainfall that pushed our rivers to their limits – and the fact that a third of Lincolnshire is below sea level – the vast majority of homes, businesses and land has remained safe from flooding. In fact, less than 1% of the county’s agricultural land has been affected."

Norm RobinsonArea director, Environment Agency

Sprout crop survives stormy weather in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire's sprout crop has been unaffected by this year's heavy rain in the county, according to one of the county's food producers.

Staff at TH Clements near Boston, who harvest the sprout crop, say they were worried heavy rain this summer may have affected the crop.

Heavy rainfall caused flooding in nearby Wainfleet in June.

But staff say conditions since then have been perfect sprout growing weather and are in action ahead of the Christmas rush right now:

Lots come from Lincolnshire. In the run-up to Christmas, we'll do about 2,000 tonnes of sprouts in about 10 days.

Andy BlaireHarvest manager, TH Clements

Region's transport funding under scrutiny

Funding for transport in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands is lower than anywhere else in the UK, a new report suggests.

Spending graphic

Centre-left think tank IPPR North has analysed HM Treasury figures for 2018-19.

Treasury data shows that in 2018-19, £903 was spent in the capital for every resident, while the figure for the East Midlands was £268 and £276 in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The data included all public spending and was based on the number of residents in each region.

IPPR North's interim director Arianna Giovannini said: "Sometimes there is an argument that goes along the lines of, 'There are more people in London and there are a lot of people travelling in London and commuting in London', but our point is not that London should get less, it's not an 'either or' argument."

The government said its spending decisions were "rigorous and fair" and said the figures did not include money for future projects like HS2.

The Department for Transport pointed to explanations about the Treasury's figures, indicating London's higher spending included capital investment from Transport for London, and did not account for commuters and visitors from outside the city.

New Lincs and Notts air ambulance HQ approved

Plans for Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance's new HQ have been given the go-ahead by councillors.

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

The charity currently operates from two sites: one at RAF Waddington where its helicopters are based and another for the charity's staff.

The new HQ, at RAF Waddington, will join the two teams together at the same site for the first time.

A £1.8m grant from the government has been given to help in its construction.

Work building the new HQ should be completed by the end of next year.

Our new base will give us security of tenure, as well as the space and facility to further develop our life-saving service. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, it’s fitting we are laying the foundations for the next 25 years to ensure we can continue to provide pre-hospital critical care to our patients."

Karen JoblingChief executive, Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance

Nearly 80 people from Lincolnshire on organ donor list

A total of 78 people in Lincolnshire are currently awaiting an organ transplant.

organ donors
Getty Images

Currently, people have to opt in to become an organ donor, but from next spring everyone will be considered unless they've opted out.

The NHS Blood and Transplant service is urging families to discuss it and make their wishes known.

At the moment more than 6,000 people in the UK as a whole are hoping for a donor, including 185 children.

Police anti-knife campaign leads to over 100 arrests

Over 100 arrests have been made since Lincolnshire Police launched a new anti-knife crime campaign, it's been revealed

knives recovered by police
Lincs Police

A total of 122 weapons have been recovered as a result of the campaign, according to the force, with 77 being seized by officers and 45 voluntarily handed in to the police.

The figures for what's known as Operation Raptor have been released just days after three knife crimes in 24 hours in Boston.

Supt Lee Pache said: "Operation Raptor has made a real impact so far and the numbers of arrests and weapons seized demonstrate this is a top priority for us."

People can still hand in weapons at any of the four main stations in the county: Lincoln, Grantham, Boston and Skegness.

McFly to play at Market Rasen racecourse

Boyband McFly will take to the stage in Lincolnshire next summer, it's been announced.


Staff at the racecourse at Market Rasen say they are incredibly excited to welcome Tom, Dougie, Danny and Harry on 15 August 2020.

The four first got together in 2003 and reached number one with songs like 5 Colours In Her Hair and Obviously.

Their first album, Room on the 3rd Floor - named after the hotel room where most of the songs were written - went double platinum.

It meant the group beat the Beatles to become the youngest band to have a number one debut album.

They went on to release four more albums between 2005 and 2010, and the 2005 Comic Relief single It's All About You.

Drink and drug-driving campaign launched in Lincolnshire

The risks of drink and drug-driving are being highlighted by Lincolnshire Police as the festive season gets properly under way.

Staged scene of crashed car

Officers say they will be focusing their efforts on stopping vehicles and talking to drivers over the Christmas period.

Last year more than 1,100 people were tested in the county, with a total of 67 being arrested for refusing or failing a breath test.

I can’t believe people still take the risk of killing or hurting others by driving while impaired, along with losing their licence and maybe going to prison."

Insp Marc GeeLincolnshire Roads Policing

Wet weather sparks delays to Lincoln bypass work

Work on a major junction on the Lincoln bypass which was due to start today has been delayed until at least mid-January, it's been confirmed.

Building partially submerged in water
Lincolnshire County Council

Due to recent heavy rain, work has been delayed and construction of the Hawthorn Road junction won't now start until early next year.

The delays also mean:

  • Greetwell Road will now re-open this coming Wednesday instead of last Friday
  • Heighington Road will re-open at the end of January instead of Friday 20 December
  • Washingborough Road will close in early February instead of early January

The Lincoln Eastern Bypass project aims to improve Lincoln’s infrastructure, encourage growth and minimise traffic congestion.

Once complete, there will be less traffic congestion in and around Lincoln, along with more opportunities for boosting the county’s economy.

Karen CassarAssistant director of highways, Lincolnshire County Council

Older LGBTQ+ people in Lincolnshire to get more support

Older LGBTQ+ people living in East Lindsey are to be offered more support thanks to a national charity.

An LGBTQ+ supporter
Think 2 Speak

Think 2 Speak, which promotes social inclusion, has teamed up with Community Lincs to help people access services and get support.

Project coordinator Rebecca Kerry said there can be a "stigma" among the over 50s in acknowledging the LGBTQ+ community.

"People are reluctant to answer questions about sexuality and gender orientation. We think because there is that reluctance and there is a low level of services offering support, we don't see those people."

Ms Kerry said Community Lincs had connected with an existing LGBTQ+ support group in Skegness which said 75% of its members were over 50.

She said it would be working with the group to feed back information to Think 2 Speak about the way it works to help develop and train people involved in the project.

Ambulances queue as hospitals face 'unprecedented demand'

A Lincolnshire hospital trust is continuing to ask patients to use pharmacy or GP services if possible to alleviate pressure on A&E departments.


Patients with serious conditions have reported waiting over 12 hours at Lincoln's accident and emergency department due to a shortage of beds.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said Lincoln A&E was experiencing long delays while "very poorly" patients waited to be admitted.

Ambulances also had to queue outside the building on Thursday.

A hospital spokesperson said: "We are continuing to see increasing numbers of patients attending our A&E, many of whom are very poorly and need to be admitted to one of our wards.

"As a result of this unprecedented demand, our wards are extremely busy and patients are facing waits to be admitted, causing delays in our A&E."

Flood warnings and alerts in place for Lincolnshire

Three flood warnings remain in place for Lincolnshire this morning.

Flood sign
Rui Vera/PA Wire

An Environment Agency (EA) flood warning means "flooding is expected and immediate action is required".

The warnings are for:

  • Groundwater flooding for Barrow upon Humber in North Lincolnshire. The EA says: "Although groundwater levels are very slowly receeding, any further rainfall could lead to ongoing property flooding in the Barrow upon Humber area. Properties on Westoby Lane, Park View and Orchard Close areas are most likely to be affected through the rest of this week.
  • Low Barlings and the Short Ferry Area. The EA says: "The breach near Short Ferry remains, and Short Ferry Road is flooded and impassable along with large areas of farmland. The risk to low lying properties in this area remains."

A total of 13 flood alerts also remain in place for Lincolnshire. Alerts mean "flooding is possible, be prepared".

There are currently no weather warnings for Lincolnshire issued by the Met Office.

Man jailed for abusive messages sent to Chief Fire Officer

A telecoms engineer who sent abusive messages to Lincolnshire's Chief Fire Officer in response to the service axing Fireman Sam from its promotional material was today jailed at Lincoln Magistrates' Court.

Lincoln Magistrates Court

Jeremy Flashman, 56, of Kings Road, Southminster, Essex, rang fire officer Les Britzman and swore at him after the officer was interviewed by Piers Morgan on breakfast television.

Although Mr Britzman hung up he later received an abusive email and a voicemail message in which Flashman was abusive about the fire chief's mother, his partner and the officer himself.

Flashman, admitted three charges of sending an offensive, indecent or obscene message to Mr Britzman on 11 September this year.

He was jailed for 10 weeks and ordered to pay a £121 surcharge.

Lincolnshire hospitals 'incredibly busy'

Officials at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust say their hospitals are currently "incredibly busy."

Lincolnshire hospitals

They say there have been increasing numbers of patients attending their A&E departments with many needing to be admitted to wards.

The Director of Operations Simon Evans has also urged patients to: "use pharmacy and GP services in the community before coming to one of our A&E departments."

Flooding delays repairs to potholes

Pothole repairs in parts of Lincolnshire have been delayed because of the recent flooding.


People living in North Hykeham, near Lincoln, have made complaints about huge holes on their streets.

Lincolnshire County Council says some of the work has been postponed or cancelled because staff had to be diverted to deal with the damage caused by flooding elsewhere.