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    Video caption: Force's first black officer 'wanted to make a difference'

    South Wales Police's first black police officer was "a strong person", his widow says.

  2. Marital bliss brings election success

    Debbie Harvey and Tim Harvey
    Image caption: Debbie Harvey and Tim Harvey

    Married for 37 years, Debbie and Tim Harvey have been elected to represent Alway in Newport.

    Debbie, 58, has already served three terms in Newport, but this is Tim’s first time standing.

    Debbie said their cooperation would not be a strain.

    “It’s going to be fine, we know each other inside out and we can bounce ideas off each other.”

    The Harveys are not the only married couple standing for election.

    In Flintshire, Gladys and David Healey, representing Hope and Caergwrle respectively, have just been re-elected for Labour.

    The party has also gained the Broncoed ward in Mold, but an independent candidate has taken Treuddyn.

  3. Turnout lower than 2017 so far

    James Williams

    BBC Wales Political Correspondent

    It's very, very early days but turnout in some areas is lower than the worst figures of 2017.

    Merthyr Tydfil has recorded a turnout of 34%, down from 37.7% five years ago.

    Turnout in Blaenau Gwent was 32.49% - a drop from 40% in 2017.

    Both of these figures are lower than the worst 2017 turnout figures of 36.3% in Caerphilly and Newport.

    However, Denbighshire has announced a turnout 38.6%, up from 35% in 2017.

  4. Will new voters improve turnout?

    Low voter turnout is always a headache but it’s a particular problem in Newport.

    During the last council elections in 2017, Newport, together with Caerphilly, had the joint lowest turnout in Wales - just 36.3%

    That was only a slight increase from 2012 when Newport saw the lowest turnout - 33.9%

    Will the 16 and 17-year-olds, eligible to vote for the first time in local elections in Wales, make a difference?

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    Video caption: Miss Wales hopeful wants to see more diverse finalists

    In the 70 years of the beauty pageant, there have only every been white winners.